Is Nemesis Alive in Rebel Moon Part 2?

Nemesis the assassin of Kora’s team. She’s a powerful lady and she teaches her fighting skills to the farmers of the Veldt. She joins the fight of the longhouse when Noble targets the women and the children in the house. She faces the elite soldiers of empire alone in Rebel Moon Part 2. Does she win? Is she alive? Here is what we know.

Is Nemesis Alive in Rebel Moon Part 2?

Nemesis in Rebel Moon Part 2

Nemesis passes away after she killed the captain of empire. She’s dead in front of the boy she cares. She smiles to comfort him when he feels sad.

Noble finds out that the women and the children are hiding in the longhouse after he watched the map of the village. He sends a fighting team to the house. He plans to kidnap the children and the women to threaten the village.

But he doesn’t know Nemesis is waiting for the team. She waves her light swords to fight with the soldiers. But the soldier catches the chance to cut off her mechanical arm. The captain stabs her belly with his light sword. It seems that the fighting team will make it.

The brave boy fights with the captain for saving Nemesis. But the captain throws him to the wall. Nemesis stabs the captain’s neck with her knife. She kills him and she saves the women and the children in the longhouse. She passes away because she lost a lot of blood.

The people in the village honor Nemesis after they defeated the army of Motherworld. They will remember her forever. Nemesis isn’t a good speaker. But she tries her best to guard the village. Her village was ruined by the empire. She begins her revenge journey after she cut off her arms.

She wore the mechanical arms of her ancestors. She used her blood to wake the fighting skills of her ancestors. Veldt reminds her her hometown. She’s nice to the people of the village, especially the boy who’s close to her. But Noble ruins everything for his ambition.

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Nemesis is dead in the way of revenge. But Kora will inherit her will. She will continue to fight with the troops of Motherworld when she looks for Princess Issa. Nemesis, Please rest in the peace. You have tried your best. I wish you to find your family in the heaven. You suffered a lot after you was born. Let us pay our respect to Nemesis.

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