Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Korean drama Itaewon Class: Episode 5. Yi-Seo tells Sae-Ro-Yi that she wants to work in his pub. But he tells her that he has someone. Geun-Soo walks out of the pub. The two are confused. Sae-Ro-Yi puts his hand on Geun-Soo’s shoulder and tells Yi-Seo that Geun-Soo will work there. She’s shocked.

Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap

Itaewon Class: Episode 5

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Korean drama Itaewon Class: Episode 5.

11 Years Ago

Geun-Won gives Geun-Soo a slap and pushes him down after he was bullied by someone. Dae-Hee takes a look at Geun-Soo’s wound on his face. But he walks away after knowing the brothers had a fight. Mom walks downstairs and finds out that Geun-Soo was hurt. But she tells him to get long with Geun-Won after knowing what happened. She is happy to get in the car, and tells him that she’s going to go shopping. He thinks he’s not loved by anyone.

Dae-Hee learns that Geun-Soo decides to live by himself. He tells him the rule “The strong prey on the weak”, and asks him why he has to leave. Geun-Soo reveals he thinks nobody needs him. Dae-Hee tells Geun-Soo to rely on the strong to survive because he is weak. But Geun-Soo thinks Dae-Hee should keep a dog.

Dae-Hee thinks Geun-Soo is a fool, and tells him that he won’t stop him. Geun-Soo tells Dae-Hee that he won’t feel disappointed if he doesn’t expect something. He takes his suitcase and goes upstairs. He washes the dishes. Geun-Soo meets with Sae-Ro-Yi and tells him that he wants to work there. He says that he needs some money. Sae-Ro-Yi agrees to it.

Seung-Kwon returns to the store and sees the two kids. He is furious to throw away the goods and yell at them. But Sae-Ro-Yi tells Seung-Kwon to greet Geun-Soo, and reveals the kid will work with them. Hyun-Yi thinks hiring a handsome boy is good to their store. But Seung-Kwon tells her not to stare at him, and asks her if he’s ugly. She admits it.

Yi-Seo agrees to what Hyun-Yi said, and wants to be the manager of the pub. It makes Seung-Kwon get angry. Sae-Ro-Yi invites Yi-Seo to his pub, and tells her that he doesn’t need a manager. So she teaches him how to manage the store, and asks him if he still thinks he doesn’t need her. He tells her that he cannot hire her because he cannot fire any of his employee.

Yi-Seo tells Sae-Ro-Yi that she still wants to work for him because she thinks he’s a nice person. So he tells everybody that he hired Yi-Seo. Yi-Seo goes to see Sae-Ro-Yi. She learns that he has worked since last night. She worries that he will pass out. He tells her that he cannot sleep at night. So she wants to help him resolve the problem.

Dae-Hee summons Geun-Won and tells him to go to see the girl he set for him. But Geun-Won rejects it. Dae-Hee forces his son to do so because he doesn’t bring any benefit to the family. Mr. Kim tells Dae-Hee that Geun-Won has feelings for Soo-A.

Geun-Soo follows Yi-Seo. He’s surprised that she wants to come to the office so early. He tells her that her mother will get angry if she knows that she doesn’t study. She tells him that it’s not his business, and asks him why he works for Sae-Ro-Yi. He reveals he doesn’t want to owe Sae-Ro-Yi anything. She asks him if he knows the revenge between Sae-Ro-Yi and Geun-Won. He says that he doesn’t know about it, and asks her if she knows something. She doesn’t intend to tell him about it. You can also check out Itaewon Class: Episode 4.

Seung-Kwon doesn’t understand why Sae-Ro-Yi accepted Yi-Seo. Sae-Ro-Yi reveals he thought Yi-Seo will help him run the business. Yi-Seo shows up and thanks her colleagues for trusting her. Many customers come to the pub after Yi-Seo posted the message on her social media. Sae-Ro-Yi tells Yi-Seo that they earned so much money. But she points out that the customers will leave if they cannot provide good dishes. She stares at Hyun-Yi.

Dae-Hee tastes the dish Soo-A prepared. He thinks she did a great job. She wonders why he came. He wants to have a talk with her, and walks her at the street. Dae-Hee tells Soo-A that he arranged a girlfriend for Geun-Won. But he worries that his son still likes Soo-A. She tells him that she will always take his side. He doesn’t believe it, and tells her to do something to Sae-Ro-Yi’s pub.

Soo-A tells Dae-Hee that Sae-Ro-Yi won’t harm his business. But he thinks she wants to help Sae-Ro-Yi. Sae-Ro-Yi walks Yi-Seo. He sees Soo-A and greets her. He thinks she didn’t reply him because she was busy. But she tells him not to contact her.

Hyun-Yi isn’t at the pub. So Itaewon Class gets Sae-Ro-Yi to cook for the customers. Geun-Soo is surprised that Sae-Ro-Yi’s cooking skill is so good. So Yi-Seo asks Sae-Ro-Yi why he hired Hyun-Yi since he can cook it on his owner. He reveals he decided to hire Hyun-Yi after she cooked the food for him. Seung-Kwon wants to go to the club. But he doesn’t know how to hit on girls in the club. Yi-Seo teaches him the tips.

Seung-Kwon takes Geun-Soo and Yi-Seo to the club. She falls for the girl who’s dancing at the dancing floor. He tries to flirt with her through the tips which Yi-Seo taught him. But Itaewon Class shocks him. The girl is Hyun-Yi. She tells her colleagues that she wants to be a female after she left the dancing floor with Seung-Kwon. She adds that Sae-Ro-Yi knew it as well.

The customer finds the hair from the dish. She reports it to Yi-Seo. Yi-Seo is furious to walk into the kitchen. She thinks Hyun-Yi should leave if she cannot cook the dishes well. Sae-Ro-Yi stops Yi-Seo.

Yi-Seo meets with Sae-Ro-Yi. She thinks Hyun-Yi is the problem, and tells him to fire her if he wants to go on running his business.

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