Jiang Xin Drops Ordinary Person Character Teaser with Lin Yongjian

Chinese drama ‘Ordinary Person Character‘ starring by Jiang Xin, Lin Yongjian and Tong Lei. The drama talks about outstanding producer Zhan Dapeng breaks up with his wife and coworker Fang Xinran, he suffers career failure at the same time.

Fortunately, rookie employee Chang Ge worships and follows him. He restarts his business again and achieves success ultimately. Chang Ge also becomes successful MC in Zhan Dapeng’s help.

Jiang Xin reveals the role Chang Ge in ‘Ordinary Person Character’ is similar to me, but the role Fan Shengmei in ‘Ode to Joy‘ isn’t similar to me at all.

Enjoy teaser below:

Jiang Xin

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