Joy of Life: Episode 6 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 6. Ling Er tells Wan Er that she saw Ruo Ruo, and she guesses that Fan Xian is in the carriage. Ruo Ruo thinks it’s Wan Er’s carriage when Ling Er likes to ride horse, and she tells Si Zhe not to get Wan Er to find him.

Joy of Life: Episode 6 Recap

Joy of Life

Ling Er tells Wan Er that she saw Ruo Ruo, and she guesses that Fan Xian is in the carriage. Ruo Ruo thinks it’s Wan Er’s carriage when Ling Er likes to ride horse, and she tells Si Zhe not to get Wan Er to find him.

Wan Er wants to get off the carriage to see Fan Xian, but Ling Er stops her as she is sick. She offers to invite Fan Xian for her, and Wan Er nods. Ling Er asks Ruo Ruo if Fan Xian is in the carriage, and she claims that Wan Er wants to see Fan Xian.

Fan Xian takes the sugar fruits to walk in the house of Jiancha institution. Ruo Ruo doesn’t believe Wan Er would see Fan Xian, and Wan Er opens the carriage curtain and claims that she wants to have a talk with Fan Xian.

Ruo Ruo offers to have a talk next time and reveals Fan Xian is sick. So Wan Er talks to the carriage, which Si Zhe stays. Si Zhe tells Wan Er that he is in the carriage with the female singer. Ling Er is furious and wants to give Fan Xian a lesson. But Zu Jing blocks her. Wan Er vomits, and Ling Er leaves with her. Si Zhe laughs, but Ruo Ruo glares at him.

Fan Xian wants to ask something, but the men ignore him. So he takes out the token of Tisi. They check the token and confirm it. The man bows to Fan Xian, and he takes him to take the file.

Wan Er drinks tea, and Ling Er tells her that Fan Xian beat the bodyguard of Bao Kun. Ling Er complains that Fan Xian did so when Ruo Ruo was in the carriage. The maid tells Wan Er not to get angry. Wan Er thinks there will be the man who deserves to entrust, and she would rather not marry if the person isn’t good enough.

Ling Er reveals Jing Prince invited Fan Xian to take part in his poetry meeting.

The man asks for help, and the follower tells Fan Xian that he is just a criminal. The follower tells Fan Xian to ask Qi Nian for the file, and Fan Xian bursts into the room when Qi Nian tries to close the door.

Fan Xian thinks Qi Nian’s position is very high when he manages so many files. But Qian Nian says that he is just a little amanuensis. Fan Xian wonders why Qi Nian has time to sell book when he is busy. He thinks he is good at working because he ran so fast.

Qi Nian wonders how Fan Xian got in the house, and Fan Xian shows the token of Tisi to Qi Nian. Qian Nian is on knees and cries that he earned money for burying his passed away daughter. Fan Xian tells Qi Nian to get up, but the man bursts in and reveals Qi Nian’s wife tells him to only buy vegetables because his daughter get inflamed for eating too many meats.

Qi Nian laughs and thinks he moved heaven so that his wife and daughter are alive.

Qi Nian thinks the sugar fruits are so good to match Fan Xian, and Fan Xian gives it to him. Fan Xian asks Qi Nian why he said his wife and daught are dead for two ounce silver. Qi Nian says that it’s nothing when the two are healthy. Fan Xian reminds Qi Nian his reputation, and Qi Nian says that reputation is dung and earth, and money is more important than life.

Fan Xian tells Qi Nian not to run the business of the book as he will do it on his own. He asks for the file of Zi Jing, and Qi Nian promises it give it to his house tomorrow because there are so many files. Fan Xian asks Qi Nian who wanted to kill him. Qi Nian reveals the person took his life, and Fan Xian asks where the person lived.

But Qian Nian says that the case is done by Ping Ping, and nobody can meddle. Fan Xian just asks for a name, and Qi Nian reveals the person named Xu Yunzhang. Fan Xian wants to take a look at the stele his mom left, and Qi Nian reveals it’s original intention Ping Ping set up Jiancha institution. Fan Xian learns that Qing Mei wanted to change the world, and knows why she died. He won’t inherit her dream as he doesn’t have the courage to be the enemy of the world.

Mr. Hou reports to Emperor Qing that Fan Xian asked for the file of Zi Jing, and he wonders why Fan Xian asked for the file when Zi Jing died. Emperor Qing points out that Zi Jing didn’t die and followed Fan Xian to return to the capital. Mr. Hou thinks Fan Xian tricked Emperor Qing. Emperor Qing says that many people tricked him while shooting the armor, and he thinks it’s nothing for the lie when he can do the job.

Emperor Qing asks Mr. Hou if Fan Xian will take part in the poetry meeting. Mr. Hou says yes, and reveals that Crown Prince told people that Fan Xian beat the bodyguard of Bao Kun. Emperor Qing laughs and thinks Crown Prince has grown up.

Bao Kun tells Crown Prince that they cannot give the crime to Fan Xian when he just beat the bodyguard. Crown Prince points out that people will think Fan Xian’s conduct is bad, and Mr. Lin will lose face when he needs to marry Wan Er to Fan Xian. Bao Kun smiles and thinks Crown Prince’s plot is brilliant. But Crown Prince reveals it’s Yun Rui’s method, and he wants to know how Mr. Lin takes action.

Emperor Qing asks Mr. Hou that how Mr. Lin will do with the marriage of Wan Er. Mr. Hou thinks he will ask for cancelling the marriage. Mr. Lin visits Emperor Qing and asks for a cup of tea. Emperor Qing reminds Mr. Hou that the fire will extinguish, and Mr. Hou heats the stove.

Emperor Qing mentions Fan Xian beat the bodyguard of Bao Kun, and asks Mr. Lin what he thinks. Mr. Lin thinks Fan Xian just likes to move, and expects him to show his talent. Emperor Qing is surprised that Mr. Lin is so bullish on Fan Xian, but Mr. Lin points out that he believes Emperor Qing wouldn’t choose wrong person.

Mr. Lin thinks Fan Xian will shock the capital with his literary talent in the poetry meeting. Emperor Qing has some expectance to Fan Xian, and Mr. Lin leaves. Emperor Qing thinks Mr. Lin is an old fox.

Crown Prince tells Bao Kun that the poetry meeting is a good chance to hit Fan Xian when he doesn’t have any poetry. If Fan Xian fails, they will tell people that Fan Xian doesn’t have any talent and virtue. So Mr. Lin won’t marry Wan Er to Fan Xian. Bao Kun flatters Crown Prince, but Crown Prince asks Bao Kun to win Fan Xian. Bao Kun promises to defeat Fan Xian with Zong Wei.

Fan Xian tells Ruo Ruo that he intends to look for the chicken leg girl in the poetry meeting, and he shows the chicken leg which he put in the box. But Ruo Ruo finds out that the chicken leg is stink. She asks him how he fell for the girl when he just returned. He reveals he ran into the girl under the incense table at the temple.

Ruo Ruo asks which family the girl comes from, but Fan Xian says that he forgot to ask. He says that he keeps thinking of the girl, and she wants to find the girl. He wants to look for the girl at the poetry meeting, and Ruo Ruo wants to go with Fan Xian to help him. She thinks there are romantic in the world, but reminds him that Emperor Qing set up marriage for him.

Fan Xian thinks the chicken leg girl is Wan Er, but Ruo Ruo reveals Wan Er is sick and she cannot eat chicken leg. She is envy of them that they can live the life like story. Fan Xian comforts Ruo Ruo that she will meet the person like him, but she thinks his marriage will be decided by Fan Jian. Fan Xian tells Ruo Ruo that her life will end if she chooses the wrong person.

Ruo Ruo points out that women’s wedding are decided by parents, and Fan Xian promises to take the person back when she likes. She smiles and thinks he is nice to her. Fan Xian wonders where Zi Jing went, and Ruo Ruo reveals Zi Jing was arrested by Fan Jian. She adds that Si Zhe is on knees at the door, and Fan Jian suspects that Si Zhe got Fan Xian to be enemy of Crown Prince. Fan Xian doesn’t believe that Si Zhe is so evil, and Ruo Ruo thinks Ru Yu would do that.

Fan Xian tells Si Zhe to get up, but Si Zhe doesn’t dare as Fan Xian asked him to be on knees. The maid asks Ru Yu to help Si Zhe, but Ru Yu thinks only Fan Xian can save Si Zhe.

Fan Xian tells Fan Jian that he saw the stele of his mom. Fan Jian thinks Qing Mei’s dream is huge and she wanted to change the world. Fan Xian reveals the stele is with dusts, and people haven’t seen it for a long time.

Fan Xian asks Fan Jian why Si Zhe is on knees. Ru Yu blocks Si Zhe’s mouth and tells him not to make any voice. Fan Jian thinks Si Zhe set a trap for Fan Xian, but Fan Xian thinks Si Zhe couldn’t come up with the idea. Fan Jian points out that Ru Yu could do that, but Fan Xian thinks she wouldn’t get her son to so that. Because Si Zhe doesn’t have the ability.

Fan Jian tells Fan Xian to let Si Zhe get up since he trusts him, but Fan Xian asks Fan Jian to apologize to Si Zhe. Fan Jian says that Si Zhe disappoints him many times, and Fan Xian reveals Si Zhe took action when Bao Kun didn’t respect Fan Jian. Fan Xian thinks Si Zhe did it for getting the appreciation of Fan Jian, and he thinks Fan Jian should apologize when he wronged Si Zhe.

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Fan Jian goes out and tells Si Zhe to get out. He promises him a demand, and Si Zhe wants to play Pai Gow with Fan Jian. Fan Xian asks Fan Jian to release Zi Jing, and he reveals Zi Jing is his friend. But Fan Jian points out that the word “friend” is luxury in capital.

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