Joy of Life: Episode 7 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 7. Fan Jian agrees to release Zi Jing, but he tells Fan Xian to be careful. Fan Xian mentions Fan Jian promised to apologize to Si Zhe. But Fan Jian rages that there isn’t any principle, which father apologizes to son.

Joy of Life: Episode 7 Recap

Joy of Life

Fan Jian agrees to release Zi Jing, but he tells Fan Xian to be careful. Fan Xian mentions Fan Jian promised to apologize to Si Zhe. But Fan Jian rages that there isn’t any principle, which father apologizes to son.

Ru Yu thanks Fan Xian and doesn’t want to be his enemy. Zi Jing tells Fan Xian that the bodyguard couldn’t catch him and he didn’t resist for him. Fan Xian tells Zi Jing that Qi Nian will send the file tomorrow, and Zi Jing wants to kill Ru Yu for Fan Xian.

Fan Xian understands that Zi Jing wants to express thanking, and tells him to change another method. Zi Jing suspects Ru Yu planned the assassination of Dan State, but Fan Xian says that Crown Prince is with suspicion.

Zi Jing thinks assassination of Crown Prince is hard, and they needs to plan it. Fan Xian stops Zi Jing and asks him if he knows Yun Zhang. He says that the fake order was made by Yun Zhang but he died. Fan Xian asks Zi Jing if he knows who was close to Yun Zhang. Zi Jing says that he isn’t close to anyone.

Zi Jing wants to kill a person for Fan Xian, but Fan Xian tells him to keep it. Zi Jing reveals there is a place which they can get the message of Yun Zhang, but he is a dead and cannot ask about message. Fan Xian wants to go, and Zi Jing asks for ruler.

Si Zhe wins Fan Xian in the Pai Gow and asks for money. Ru Yu kicks Si Zhe under the table and thinks he shouldn’t calculate it so clear. Ruo Ruo thinks they’re like family now, but Si Zhe thinks she just tries to pretend to be close. Fan Jian gives the money to Si Zhe.

Zi Jing measures Fan Xian with the ruler, and he leaves. Si Zhe wins again, and Ruo Ruo doesn’t have money. He tells her to borrow the money from him. But Fan Jian reminds Si Zhe that it’s dark, and he leaves. Si Zhe learns that he won all of Fan Jian’s money, and wonders why he didn’t scold him.

Ruo Ruo leaves, and Ru Yu asks Si Zhe what he thinks about Fan Xian. Si Zhe reveals Fan Xian is good at writing book, and they decide to open a book store. Ru Yu learns that Fan Xian can teach Si Zhe, but Si Zhe thought his mom dislikes Fan Xian.

Ru Yu says that Fan Xian would better not be enemy, and Si Zhe agrees to it and takes the money. Ruo Ruo visits Fan Xian when he is making humidifier. She reveals Si Zhe won but Fan Jian didn’t scold him. She thinks they’re like family, and everything is changed when he comes.

But Fan Xian thinks he can change nothing. He reveals that he saw the words Qing Mei left, and she wanted to change the rules and rebuild the world. Ruo Ruo thinks Qing Mei is extraordinary. Fan Xian agrees to it, but he just wants to live. He says that he will live happy when the world is changed to what stele says.

Ruo Ruo thinks everything is fine when Fan Xian likes, and she says that it’s principle that she trusts him. Zi Jing shows up, and Fan Xian tells Zi Jing not to avoid Ruo Ruo on everything. Zi Jing gives the nocturnal clothing to Fan Xian, and asks him to go with him. Ruo Ruo wants to join them, but Zi Jing rejects it.

Ruo Ruo follows the two, and says that she dreamt to be like that. Zi Jing reminds Ruo Ruo that only Fan Xian can get in because he wears nocturnal clothing. Fan Xian asks Zi Jing about the owner of the nocturnal clothing. Zi Jing admits that it’s him, and tells Fan Xian not to be with too much expecting.

Fan Xian gets in the store, and Zi Jin thinks they should observe from the rooftop. Ruo Ruo wants to go, but Zi Jing reminds her that she cannot go to the rooftop. Fan Xian asks the man for the message of Yun Zhang, and the man tells Fan Xian to wait.

The bird flies through the sky, and Ruo Ruo is surprised that the bird appears in the evening. Zi Jing says that it’s owl.

Mr. Hou reports to Emperor Qing that Fan Xian went to message store and asked for the message of Yun Zhang. Emperor Qing asks Mr. Hou to give the message to Fan Xian.

The man takes off the note from the pigeon, and he gets the order of Emperor Qing. So he gives the file to Fan Xian. Zi Jing takes a look at the file, and Ruo Ruo learns that Yun Zhang is related to Crown Prince. Fan Xian thinks something is wrong, and he returns to the store.

Fan Xian finds out that the people left, and Zi Jing asks Fan Xian if the message is fake. Fan Xian thinks it cannot be faked, and Zi Jing asks Fan Xian why he returned. Fan Xian reveals that the case was done by Ping Ping but he got it so easily. He wonders why there is a message store in the capital when Jiancha institution is so dreadful.

Ruo Ruo thinks the store belongs to Jiancha institution, and Fan Xian thinks the owner of store cannot be managed by Jiancha institution. He thinks there is a huge hand pushing him to the top of the waves.

Mr. Hou reports to Emperor Qing that Fan Xian returned, and he thinks he suspected it. Mr. Hou feels regret for the store, but Emperor Qing thinks it can rebuild when Ping Ping set it up for people with martial arts. Mr. Hou worries that Fan Xian has been startled by the message. But Emperor Qing says that fire sea is the trail he gave him.

In the poetry meeting, Bao Kun wonders why Prince Jing doesn’t arrive. Prince Jing waits for Fan Xian, and Fan Xian prepares persimmon for him. Ruo Ruo thinks Fan Xian’s clothes is too Dan State style. But he points out that the chicken leg girl won’t recognize him if he wears other clothes.

Ruo Ruo goes to another side because women cannot sit with men. Bao Kun walks to Fan Xian and thinks he shouldn’t come. But Fan Xian ignores him and takes a look at the girls. He doesn’t find the chicken leg girl. Zong Wei reminds Fan Xian that he should be manners, but Fan Xian asks if there are other girls. Bao Kun thinks Fan Xian is coarse.

Jing Prince stops them and offers to make friend with poem. Fan Xian asks Jing Prince if he knows a girl who likes to take chicken leg. Jing Prince mistakes that Fan Xian wants to eat chicken leg, and he tells him that he will prepare it in the lunch. Bao Kun agrees to fight with poem, and Fan Xian thinks Bao Kun will lose. Bao Kun offers to recite poems within 10 steps, and Jing Prince agrees to it.

Second Prince reads “Red Tower” and thinks the book is excellent. The servant reports to Second Prince that Fan Xian said he can defeat Bao Kun and Zong Wei with one poem no matter how many poems they make. Fan Xian writes down the poem, and tells Bao Kun to write the poem which is better than his poem.

Fan Xian looks for the restroom, and apologizes to poet-sage for using his poem to give Bao Kun and Zong Wei a lesson. Zong Wei stops Fan Xian and tells him to be meditation. But Fan Xian thinks Zong Wei is shameless. The bodyguard Bi An attacks Fan Xian, and Second Prince tells Bi An to let Fan Xian step in the pavilion.

Second Prince tells Fan Xian that he intends to kill him and gets along with Crown Prince via his body. Fan Xian reminds Second Prince that he will catch him before Bi An’s sword touch him. But Bi An’s sword is on Fan Xian’s neck.

Jing Prince asks if anyone has poem, and Zong Wei thinks Fan Xian’s handwriting is bad. Bao Kun agrees to it. Ruo Ruo tells Bao Kun to write his poem, and mentions Fan Xian only has one poem. He cannot write it, and she asks if he needs her to prepare brush. The follower gives the brush to Bao Kun, but Bao Kun beats the follower.

Fan Xian eats grape and points out that Second Prince won’t kill him because it’s very stupid. Second Prince asks Bi An to take away his sword, and he tells Fan Xian that he wanted to see him as his poem is excellent. But Fan Xian tells Second Prince that he wouldn’t walk there if he knew Second Prince was there. He says that Crown Prince will think he joins Second Prince when he knows that he sees him.

Mr. Hou takes the poem and looks Emperor Qing. He tells him that Fan Xian wrote a unique poem. Emperor Qing listens to the poem while opening the door, and he thinks the poem is depression. Mr. Hou tells Emperor Qing that Fan Xian went to see Second Prince and Crown Prince visits Elder Princess. Emperor Qing tells Mr. Hou to give the poem to Crown Prince and tell him what happened at the Jing Prince house.

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Elder Prince reads the poem and thinks Bao Kun lost miserably. She gives to poem to Crown Prince and tells him that Emperor Qing asked him to read it. Second Prince thinks Fan Xian is very smart, and asks him if he worries about it when Crown Prince will know their meeting one day. But Fan Xian asks Second Prince if he knows the chicken leg girl. He says that he believes falling in love at first sight, and he wants to tell the story about his love to Second Prince.

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