Let’s Eat 3 Korean Drama Recap: Episode 3

In the second episode of Let’s Eat 3 Korean Drama Recap, Seo Yeon says that she can persuade Da Young to accept the job, but Woo Sun doesn’t believe her. Ji Woo is nervous when her sister approaches Da Young. Seo Yeon passes out at the door because Woo Sun didn’t give her the lock combination.

Let’s Eat 3 Korean Drama Recap: Episode 3

Let's Eat 3

Note: There are specific plot spoilers for Let’s Eat 3 Korean Drama Episode 3.

Seo Yeon is satisfied with the room after checking it, but Woo Sun tells her not to cross the line. Da Young cannot sleep, and searches Food Creator. Seo Yeon prepares breakfast for Woo Sun, and asks for some money. But he rejects, and thinks she crossed the line. She hears Da Young’s name when he talks with someone on the phone.

Da Yound lost his confidence after Woo Sun took him to the office, and he doesn’t know how to give suggesting when they talk about something he didn’t know. Hence, he rejects to be the the consultant. But he feels well after eating up a bowl of noodles with meat and egg. Seo Yeon asks about Yeon Ah with her friend on the phone, and says she took the money and ran off. She lets the house keeper go home, and claims she is new house keeper. She thinks she will get pay for cleaning his house, and finds Da Young’s resume.

She remembers she ran into Da Young with Ji Woo at the street. He gave Ji Woon the bread she liked, and she was scared when landlord was waiting for them. Da Young offered to keep the landlord occupied while Ji Woo and Seo Yeon sneaked in, but it didn’t work. Seo Yeon cast cans which she prepared to the street, the landlord chased it like a hunter.

Da Young stared at the football, and wants to set up a soccer club. But his friend are against it. Seo Yeon watched TV show while eating snack, Ji Woon cleaned the hair she dropped. Ji Woon blamed about the hair, but Seo Yeon thinks it belongs her. Just then the landlady comes, Ji Woo pushes her sister outside. The landlady suspects Ji Woo doesn’t live alone, and takes the bar which is bigger than Ji Woo’s size. Ji Woo explains that she likes to have big size.

Seo Yeon climbs to Da Young’s room when the boys are handstands. She looks like a ghost, and startles them. The landlady breaks into, Seo Yeon thinks she comes to catch her. But the landlady actually looks for the empty bottles. Jin Seok whispers to Byung Sam, and says he is going to seduce Seo Yeon. He says she is long and curvy just like a symbol. But she scolds him that he is a bull, and treads Byung Sam toe. She thinks he is a mute since he keeps his mouth shut. Ji Woon blames her sister, and uses the sign language to apologize. But Da Young points out that his friend can hear and talk.

Sung Joo asks Ji Woo why they’re sisters since they’re the same age. Da Young explains for her that they’re fraternal twins. She is moved. Da Young offers to set up a soccer club, but nobody will join except only if he finds the female member. He asks Ji Woo to join as the doctor, she accepts it. He helps her set up the vending machine, and mimick Ahn Sung Ki’s voice. Ji Woo takes away the remote control from Seo Yeon, and says that she likes soccer. But Seo Yeon says she knows nothing about soccer, Ji Woo admits she accepted Da Young’s request to be team doctor in the soccer club.

The next day, Ji Woo sees Jin Seok’s car thinking Da Young must be in it. But the one gets off is Seo Yeon, Da Young introduces her as their mascot. Jin Seok invited Seo Yeon to be the mascot of their team, but she rejected until he said that he would run all her errands. But Ji Woo thinks she cannot join since Seo Yeon comes from another school. Jin Seok tells his friend if they don’t let Seo Yeon join in, the other team members will quit. Da Young accepts it, but he thinks Jin Seok is pitiful when he carries bag for Seo Yeon. They lost their first game because Jin Seok got water for Seo Yeon. The men are drunk after the party, Ji Woo carries Da Young home. Seo Yeon thinks Ji Woo likes her, and says she is blushing.

Woo Sun thinks Seo Yeon crossed the line since she comes from from his office. But she says that she can get Da Young for him, but Woo Sun doesn’t believe what she said. Seo Yeon is waiting for Da Young when he returns home. He thinks she is waiting for Ji Woo, and she is shocked when Ji Woo shows up. She greets to her sister, but Ji Woo leaves. So they go to have coffee.

He asks her what happened between she and Ji Woo. She tells him their parents got marry again after her father passed away, and lost touch. He asks her how see know his place, she says that figure it out through his blog Let’s Eat, and asks him to reconsider the job. Ji Woo is curious why her sister showed up, and sees Seo Yeon hugging Da Young. He tells Ji Woo that her sister asked him to reconsider the job. But Ji Woo persuades him not to give up his career.

Seo Yeon tells Woo Sun that she met up with Da Young, and reveals he agreed it. But he doesn’t believe what she said, so she sends a message to Da Young asking if she is free on Tuesday. But Ji Woo sees the message, and introduces him to an insurance applicant on Tuesday. He accepts it, and sees Seo Yeon’s message. Ji Woo is nervous to say that he made the appintment with her first. So he rejects Seo Yeon.

Woo Sun tells Seo Yeon to use restroom outside instead of his bathroom, and doesn’t give her the lock combination. She is in hurry since she has to get back in five minutes. She asks for money for meeting up Da Young, but Woo Sun tells her to get Dae Young to sign first. She gets a call from Jeong Hee who spotted Yeon Ah at the department store. So she goes there to look for her. Yoon Ji thinks Ji Woo grinned up when she talked to Da Young on the phone, and tells her to express her feelings. But Ji Woo claims he has a girlfriend, and asks her friend not to talk weird to him.

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Ji Woo asks Da Young what he looked at, he says he envies she can get personal deliveries from restaurants. Yoon Ji shows up, and says Ji Woo mentioned him many times. He thinks Ji Woo spoke ill of him, and offers to treat them meal. Ji Woon persuades Da Young to accept the job during the meal. Seo Yeon searches Yeon Ah until the department is going to be closed. She runs in the rain, and decides not to buy the umbrella because she doesn’t have too much money. She calls Woo Sun to get the lock combination, but he rejects it because he is working out at gym. Just then he gets a call from Da Young who accepts his offer. Woo Sun thrills, and thinks she didn’t lie to him. But he finds out she passes out at the door later.

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