Lost Track of Time: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Lost Track of Time: Episode 1. Lu Anran wears wedding dress to walk in the room. She thinks imperial power and wealth are bubble. She tells Mu Ze that he hurt many people for the throne. She throws away the wine bottle. The room is on fire. Lu Anran thinks she wouldn’t be Mu Ze’s accomplice if he didn’t take the path. She cries.

Does Mu Ze Save Lu Anran’s Life?

Lost Track of Time

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Lost Track of Time: Episode 1.

The water mine explodes in front of the ship. Lu Anran shows up from the ship. The servant asks her if they made it. She agrees to what he said. She thinks the shell of the water mine won’t leak if it’s made by cow urine bubble. The maid praises Lu Anran. She thinks they don’t have to fear river bandits because they own water mine.

Lu Anran claims that she’s not the easy one who can be bullied. She names the water mine river dragon. The servants flatter her. Helmsman reports to Lu Anran that the river bandits are robbing a ship. The maid tells Lu Anran to run away because they’re lack of men.

Lu Anran rejects it because she wants to test her water mine. She throws the water mine to the ship. The river bandits run away. Lu Anran asks Mu Ze if he’s fine. But she gets attacked and she falls. He catches her and puts her down.

Lu Anran tells Mu Ze that she doesn’t expect that the river bandit is so sharp. She thinks he almost reaches the master of martial arts school. She asks Mu Ze if he was hurt. He denies it. She tells him that she intended to save him. But she almost got killed by river bandit. She thanks him for saving her.

The maid shows up with the servants. She cares for Lu Anran. Lu Anran explains to Lu Ze and his friend that her maid just worried about her. She asks them if they lost anything. The guy denies it. He thanks Lu Anran for saving him.

Lu Anran tells the guy that she just threw some river dragons. She lets Shan Yue to give two river dragons to the guy. She asks Mu Ze where he learned the martial arts. She explains that she wants to master to teach her followers.

Mu Ze tells Lu Anran that his master passed away. She tells him to work for her. She persuades him that the salary is very good. Mu Ze’s follower points out that they need to go somewhere. Lu Anran doesn’t want to force Mu Ze. She tells him to think about her proposal if they have a chance to meet. She leaves with her followers.

Mu Ze sees Lu Anran off. He asks Mr. Cai if he sees which family Lu Anran came from. Mr. Cai thinks the girl belongs to Lu family according to the design on the sail. Mu Ze thinks the girl is Lu Anran. Lu Anran returns home. She tries to leave. But her mom Shen Lanxi pinches her ear from her back.

Does Lu Anran Take Over Lu Family?

Lu Anran tells Shen Lanxi that they can reduce the spending if they can open the water path of the canyon. Shen Lanxi thinks Lu Anran only knows money in her eyes. She tells her that her father has prepared the ceremony for her since last month. She tells her to get changed.

Lu Anran agrees to Shen Lanxi’s plan. But she sees her younger brother Lu Yun. She takes off his hand and sees the wound on his face. He smiles to tell her that he was hurt. Shen Lanxi asks Lu Yun who he fought with. He reveals the person was Master Sun’s grandson. He adds that he beat the guy after he thought Lu family doesn’t have power.

Shen Lanxi smiles. She tells Lu Yun not to put the guy’s words in his mind. But Lu Anran is against it. She mentions what she told Lu Yun to take revenge if he gets attacked. She gives him a high five. Shen Lanxi tells Lu Anran not to teach her young brother in such a way. She reminds her that Lu Yun is the only man in their family.

But Lu Anran thinks the boy can only grow up when he gets beaten. She worries that he will be bad young master who bullies people. Lu Yun nods. He runs away after he saw his mom Liu Mingyu. Liu Mingyu thinks Lu Ming won’t be outstanding because he only knows to go to martial arts school.

Lu Anran comforts Liu Mingyu that Lu Yun has a dream to be a big general. She thinks they shouldn’t conceal his talent. Shen Lanxi coughs. Liu Mingyu asks Shan Lanxi if she doesn’t recover. Shen Lanxi reveals she caught a cold. Liu Mingyu decides to help Shen Lanxi return to her room to take a break.

Liu Mingyu tells Lu Anran to take a bath. Lu Anran returns to her room with the maid. The maid sees the dress Liu Mingyu prepared for Lu Anran. She thinks she will be beautiful. Lu Anran puts her hand on the dress. She wishes her mom to attend her birthday ceremony. She wonders why her mom coughed again.

The maid reminds Lu Anran that his mom won’t recover in a short period of time. She mentions what the doctor said that Shen Lanxi should stay in the house. Mr. Cai gets in the carriage. He reports to Mu Ze that Lu Qingzhou is interested in his river map. But Lu Qingzhou thought neighboring country’s river map is better. He mentions Lu Anran said that the path she takes is better than the map which’s drawn by someone else.

Mu Ze thinks Lu Anran has vision. He decides to meet with her. Lu Anran shows up at the ceremony. Lu Qingzhou asks her why she’s late. She explains that she went to see her mom. He gives Mr. Cai a toast, taking out the Double Fish Badge.

Lu Qingzhou gives the birthday present Double Fish Badge to Lu Anran. He tells her that she won’t get looked down with the support of Lu family even if she gets married. He lets the servants hold the flags. The servants wish Lu Anran a happy birthday.

Lu Qingzhou tells Lu Anran that the flags were brought by thirty-six directors. He tells her that all of the ships of thirty-six ports belong to her. He adds that he gives Lu family to her. She takes over Double Fish Badge from him.

The second master of Lu family Lu Yan shows up. He thinks Lu Qingzhou is biased. He mentions Lu Yun is the only male younger master of Lu family. He asks him why he let a girl take over Lu family. Lu Yun points out that Lu Anran gave a lot to Lu family. He tells people that he supports his father to give the family to Lu Anran. He raises his hand.

Liu Mingyu thinks Lu Yan is just righteous. She gives him a toast. She mentions Lu Yun was raised by Shen Lanxi. She thinks Lu Anran won’t bully them. Lu Anran agrees to what Lu Yan said that Lu family doesn’t only belong to her. But she thinks he belittled the love of their siblings.

Lu Anran tells people that she goal is to make more people get rich. She tells them that the family belongs to them as well. The directors cheer. Lu Anran drinks the wine. Liu Mingyu asks Lu Anran what happened to her neck. Lu Anran walks away.

Lu Anran thinks the rash appeared in the right time. Mu Ze joins her. He tells her that he doesn’t expect that she doesn’t leave since the party ended. She asks him why he came. He explains that he accompanied his master to wish her a happy birthday.

Mu Ze tells Lu Anran that he didn’t expect that she’s Lady Lu. She thinks his master came for Lu family. She mentions Prince Qing came after Prince Yu left. She wonders why the princes don’t have time to resolve flooding since they had time to fight.

Mu Ze points out that it’s natural disaster. Lu Anran mentions the officials deducted the food. She thinks it’s human disaster. He laughs and thinks the best way to deal with natural disaster is prevention. He adds that giving food cannot resolve the problem.

Lu Anran wants to listen to Mu Ze’s plan. He tells her that the best way to prevent the flood is to build irrigation. He mentions she took over thirty-six ports, thinking she has the intention. He tells her to work with court to deal with flood.

But Lu Anran tells Mu Ze that she only believes herself. She thinks he won’t be used by someone else since he knows so many things. He admits that he won’t work under someone else. She smiles and thinks he’s a man. He hands over the birthday gift to her. He tells her not to dislike the flower box when she opens the box and sees the flowers.

Lu Anran tells Mu Ze that it’s the best present she got. She scratches her hand. He tells her not to scratch it. He applies the cream on her hand. He tries to leave because the party ended. She stops him and asks him if he doesn’t want to be her bodyguard. He tells her that he’s very expensive. She claims that she can afford it.

Lost Track of Time: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Lost Track of Time ends with Lu Anran getting on knees to Shen Lanxi after Shen Lanxi passed away. She kowtows to her. She walks out of Lu family. Someone helps her wear the wedding veil. Mu Chuan is surprised to stare at Lu Anran. She asks him if Ninth Prince. He asks her if she’s fine. She denies when she’s in tears. She walks away.

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