Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 33 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 33. Chang Heng sits on the grassland with Dongfang Qingcang. He tells him that Orchid’s soul will pass away if they make a mistake. He tells him to hang in there.

Is Orchid Resurrected?

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 33.

Dongfang Qingcang thinks the pain is nothing comparing to the pain Orchid suffered for him. Chang Heng takes out Orchid’s soul from Dongfang Qingcang’s body. They stare at the soul. The soul lands Dongfang Qingcang’s hand. It turns into a orchid seed.

Chang Heng tells Dongfang Qingcang that he needs to return to Immortal Realm. He asks him to stay in Xi Mountain to take care of Orchid. Dongfang Qingcang promises to guard Orchid with his life. Chang Heng walks away. Dongfang Qingcang plants the orchid seed in a pot. He gathers the morning dew.

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Dongfang Qingcang smiles when the orchid sprouts. He’s careful to hold the pot to walk. He blocks the wind with his clothes so that the wind doesn’t hurt the orchid. Dongfang Qingcang tells Orchid that he saw her master. He promises to take her to see Si Ming after she grows up. He reveals Si Ming was angry after she knew he hurt Orchid.

Dongfang Qingcang thinks Orchid isn’t like Si Ming who has bad temper. He wakes up from the nightmare. He goes to see Orchid. He finds out that she’s fine. He waters her, asking her if she’s still in anger. He asks her why she only got six leaves after he had taken care of her so long. He begs her to come back.

Dongfang Qingcang thinks Orchid is going to get her ninth leaf. He walks away. Orchid lights. Orchid wakes up from the realm. Turtle Yuan shows up. He thinks Orchid has found her destiny. She thanks him for guiding her. She tells her that she has prepared for it.

Turtle Yuan tells Orchid that she will lose the memories of orchid if she wakes up with the identity of Goddess. He asks her if she wants to give up the sadness and the happiness. She mentions he guided her about the mission of Goddess. She adds that she couldn’t understand it because she was ignorance.

Orchid thinks she saw what she should see and she lost what she’s destined to lose. She understands what are love and pain. She thinks she should step in the sadness and happiness of herself. She promises to protect three realms. Turtle Yuan mentions what he said that Orchid isn’t ordinary than other goddesses.

Orchid tells Turtle Yuan that she hasn’t understood what he said. He tells her that the goddesses didn’t see people because they guarded Xi Mountain. He mentions she traveled three realms. He thinks she has true love to people. He believes that she will open a new world like first goddess.

The petals gather to the orchid. Dongfang Qingcang sees the flying petals. He puts down the pot and runs to Orchid. The petals turn into Goddess. She looks around Xilan Realm. She remembers his clansmen sealed her for protecting her.

Why Orchid Doesn’t Recognize Dongfang Qingcang?

Dongfang Qingcang shows up. He calls Goddess Orchid. She turns around. He’s happy to run to her. But she blows him away with her magic. She asks him who he is. He thinks she’s still in anger. But she tells him that she doesn’t understand what he said. She walks away. He chases her.

Goddess arrives at the pavilion. She makes a air wall to block Dongfang Qingcang. She thinks he’s very rude. He tells her not to ignore him. She claims that she’s Goddess Xi Yun. Dongfang Qingcang takes Goddess to return to Siming Palace. She walks around and tells him that she likes the place very much.

Dongfang Qingcang tells Goddess to live in Siming Palace. He wants to be her servant. He introduces himself as a little immortal of Immortal Realm to her. But she thinks he lied to her because she knows he’s not the immortal of Immortal Realm. It makes him believe that she saw him somewhere.

Goddess tells Dongfang Qingcang that she knew he’s not the clansman of Immortal Clan because he doesn’t have immortal breath. She keeps him since he wants to serve her. He’s happy to thank her. Dongfang Qingcang brings the flower porridge to Goddess. He thinks it will be good for her health. He tells her that he added some honey into the porridge.

But Goddess tells Dongfang Qingcang that she doesn’t like the sweet food. She tells him to take the porridge away. He’s unhappy to walk away. He hands over the porridge to Shang Que. He tells him to drink it. But Shang Que doesn’t dare to drink it because he knows the food is for Orchid.

Dongfang Qingcang reveals Orchid rejected the food. Shang Que drinks the porridge. Dongfang Qingcang thinks the ordinary food cannot move Orchid because she’s goddess. He thinks he should find another way. He tells Shang Que to think about how he moved Orchid.

Dongfang Qingcang goes to see Goddess. He remembers what Shang Que told him that Orchid was very happy when he accompanied her. He joins her and tells her that he came to accompany her because he worried that she will feel lonely.

Goddess tells Dongfang Qingcang that she never felt lonely when she stayed alone. She tells him to leave. But he sits with her. He tells her that he needs to meditate. He promises not to trouble her. She disappears. Dongfang Qingcang waters Goddess when she waters flowers. She asks him what he wants to do. He tells her that he had feelings for her when he saw her.

Goddess tries to leave. Dongfang Qingcang stops her. He tells her that she’s very special to him. But she thinks she’s not special at all when she walks. She tells him not to tangle her. He realizes that he doesn’t watch sunrise with Goddess.

Shang Que calls Dongfang Qingcang. It makes Dongfang Qingcang believe that Shang Que has an idea. But Shang Que tells Dongfang Qingcang that Goddess isn’t Orchid anymore. But Dongfang Qingcang disagrees to what Shang Que said. He thinks Goddess must be Orchid because he saw her turning into Goddess.

Dongfang Qingcang knocks at the door of Goddess. He realizes that she’s sleeping. He tries to get into her room. But she stops him when she shows up behind him. He greets her. She blames him for peeking at her outside. He explains that he wanted to invite her to go to Light Peak to watch sunrise.

But Goddess tells Dongfang Qingcang that she just returned from Light Peak. She thinks he’s very lazy. She walks into her room and closes the door. Shang Que brings the food to Dongfang Qingcang. He tells him to eat it. Dongfang Qingcang tells Shang Que that he thinks Goddess isn’t Orchid. He complains that what he did were useless.

Dongfang Qingcang mentions Orchid told him to smile. She thought he won’t be sad if he smiles. Dongfang Qingcang disagrees to what Goddess said. Chang Heng shows up. He tells Dongfang Qingcang to leave Xi Mountain since Orchid resurrected.

Chang Heng wonders why Dongfang Qingcang tangles Orchid since she doesn’t want to see him. Dongfang Qingcang tells Chang Heng that Orchid isn’t orchid anymore. Chang Heng is shocked. He goes to see Goddess. She tells him to decide the wedding since she has resurrected.

Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 33 Ending

Episode 33 of Love Between Fairy and Devil ends with Goddess reminding Chang Heng that protecting three realms is the mission they should avoid after they get married. He tries to leave. Dongfang Qingcang asks Chang Heng if he’s very happy. Chang Heng stops. He denies it. Dongfang Qingcang mentions Orchid forgot him. He adds that she only remembered the marriage of her and Chang Heng.

Dongfang Qingcang thinks Chang Heng is going to achieve his goal. Chang Heng turns around. He walks to Dongfang Qingcang. He tells him that he’s not happy as well. Because he likes Orchid. Dongfang Qingcang points out that Chang Heng can stay with Orchid.

Chang Heng mentions he gave up Orchid in Blue Salt Sea. He asks Dongfang Qingcang if he took care of Orchid well. He tells him that he wishes Orchid to come back. Dan Yin visits Chidi Woman. She tells her that she worships her. But Chidi Woman takes out her sword. She kills Dan Yin.

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