Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 26 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 26. Ling Buyi takes the wine from the table. He tells the people to come to him and Cheng Shaoshang’s wedding. He drinks up the wine, asking the ladies if they have any question about him and Cheng Shaoshang’s engagement.

Why Doesn’t Ling Buyi Give Wedding Gifts to Cheng Family?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 26.

The ladies deny it. He tells them not to give Cheng Shaoshang hard time. The ladies think Cheng Shaoshang is match for Ling Buyi. He walks away. Wan Qiqi wonders why Cheng Shaoshang didn’t say anything. She thinks Cheng Shaoshang should feel happy because Ling Buyi took revenge her.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Wan Qiqi that she cannot be happy. The ladies smile at her. Cheng Shaoshang stays in the carriage with Cheng Shaoshang. He wonders why she didn’t say anything. She thinks what she says isn’t important. So she doesn’t want to speak.

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Cheng Shaoshang tells Ling Buyi that she saw the looks of power. She mentions the ladies didn’t want to forgive her when Wan Qiqi tried to protect her. She adds that the ladies were silent when he came. Ling Buyi wonders if Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t like power.

Cheng Shaoshang points out that the power belongs to Ling Buyi. She thinks she can use his power because she’s going to marry him and give births for him. She tells him that she has to live under his rules if she marries him. She thinks she won’t be Cheng Shaoshang anymore.

Cheng Shaoshang takes out the pie to eat. Ling Buyi stops her because he worries that she will lose her fight will if she eats too much. She tells him that she doesn’t wish him to manage her. She tells him to stand it if he wants to get her.

Ling Buyi grabs Cheng Shaoshang’s hand. He asks her for the reason why she has to eat the snack. She tells him that not all of things have a reason. She mentions he asked her to marry him without a reason. Liang Qiuqi tells Ling Buyi that he wants to report something to him.

Ling Buyi gets off the carriage. He tells Liang Qiufei to take Cheng Shaoshang home. Liang Qiuqi mentions Han Wu didn’t return after three days. He worries that the guy was killed. Ling Buyi decides to go to West Village. Liang Qiuqi reminds Ling Buyi that he needs to give wedding gifts to Cheng family.

Old Madam Cheng tells the maids to empty the front yard. Xiao Yuanyi shows up. She asks Old Madam Cheng what she wants to do. Old Madam Cheng laughs because she thinks Cheng Shaoshang is a lucky girl. She mentions Ling family wants to marry Cheng Shaoshang after Lou family broke off the marriage.

Old Madam Cheng tells Xiao Yuanyi that she looked into Ling Buyi. She adds that the guy was raised by Emperor Wen. She thinks Cheng Shaoshang will be princess if she marries Ling Buyi. Xiao Yuanyi tells Old Madam Cheng not to be aloud. She worries that she will bring trouble to Cheng family.

Old Madam Cheng thinks the wedding gifts of Cheng family will be full of the yard. Xiao Yuanyi points out that Ling family didn’t send people to exchange the wedding invitation. Old Madam Cheng wants to go to ask Ling family for the wedding invitation.

Qing Cong reports to Old Madam Cheng that Cheng family cannot give the wedding gifts because Madam Ling is sick. Old Madam Cheng wants to go to see Madam Ling with some medicine. But Qing Cong tells Old Madam Cheng that Ling families don’t wish them to visit them. Old Madam Cheng cries after she realized that Cheng Shaoshang’s wedding is going to be over.

Madam Ling coughs. She thinks she isn’t sick in the right time. Princess Ruyang thinks Madam Ling is sick because of Cheng Shaoshang. She complains that there won’t be any family who dares to marry Cheng Shaoshang. Madam Ling agrees to what Princess Ruyang said. She wants to get a daughter-in-law like Princess Yuchang.

Princess Yuchang thinks Madam Ling cannot reject it because the marriage was decided by Emperor Wen. She complains that she and Madam Ling have bad luck. Princess Ruyang comforts Princess Yuchang that the marriage won’t be done when Cheng family doesn’t receive the wedding gifts. She wants to ask Emperor Wen to break off the marriage.

The maid reports to Princess Ruyang that Ling Buyi asked Emperor Wen to hold the wedding. She adds that Emperor Wen agreed to it. He asked Prince Ruyang to give the wedding gifts to Cheng family. Princess Yuchang cries. Princess Ruyang comforts Princess Yuchang that her grandpa will listen to them.

Princess Ruyang cries. She thinks Prince Ruyang wants to kill her and Princess Yuchang. Princess Yuchang tells Princess Ruyang not to give Prince Ruyang a hard time. She thinks Prince Yuchang cannot be against Emperor Wen. She wants to serve the God.

Princess Ruyang beats Prince Ruyang. She tells her husband that she will take her life. He stops the two women. He tells them that he will mess up Ling Buyi’s marriage. Prince Yuchang wants to see Prince Ruyang’s method. He realizes that he was tricked.

Does Prince Ruyang Mess Up Ling Buyi’s Marriage?

Lian Fang reports to Cheng Shaoshang that Ling Buyi didn’t come. She comforts her that Prince Ruyang. She adds that people are envy of her. Cheng Shaoshang complains that people are envy of her that she cannot decide her wedding. Lian Fan leaves.

Prince Ruyang shows up when Cheng Shaosang is hitting the bench. He stops her and wonders if the bench offended her. She complains that she’s like the bench that anyone can bully her. He laughs and asks her where Cheng Shaoshang is. He complains that Cheng Shaoshang robbed her granddaughter’s husband. He wants asks Cheng Shaoshang why she wants to marry Ling Buyi.

Cheng Shaoshang throws a fit to Prince Ruyang that she doesn’t need the marriage because it’s not equality. She wonders if he came to mess up the marriage. He laughs to deny it because he’s Emperor Wen’s uncle. She’s not happy because she thought he came to save her.

Prince Ruyang thinks Cheng Shaoshang had guts to offend him. She tells him that she’s the girl who knows nothing about etiquette. She asks him to help her break off the marriage. He wonders why she doesn’t want to marry Ling Buyi.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Prince Ruyang that she and Ling Buyi weren’t equal from the beginning. He tells her that the equal doesn’t exist in the marriage. He mentions he and his wife look down on each other. He adds that he chose to bear because he followed the no fight path.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Prince Ruyang to follow his heart if he wants to be an immortal. She thinks the couple don’t part because they worry that they will take duty. She believes that Prince Ruyang fears his wife. He asks her why she doesn’t dare to reject the marriage since she thinks she and Ling Buyi are from different worlds.

Cheng Shaoshang admits that she fears power as well. She tells Prince Ruyang to take away the wedding gifts since he wants to take revenge his granddaughter. She thinks it’s good for them. He learns that she wishes the marriage to be ruined. He tells her that he won’t be fooled by her.

Prince Ruyang tells Cheng Shaoshang that he wishes the marriage to run well because he has seen Ling Buyi’s growing up. He tells her that he’s not a fool. He thinks he needs to returns to the palace since he has given the wedding gifts to Cheng family. He tells her that he won’t help her get what she wants.

Princess Ruyang scolds his husband after knowing he didn’t mess up the marriage. He points out that he couldn’t do it because it was decided by Emperor Wen. Princess Yuchang offers to ask Emperor Wen to let Ling Buyi marry her and Cheng Shaoshang. She adds that she wants to share the man with Cheng Shaoshang.

Prince Ruyang blames Princess Yuchang for lower herself. She cries and intends to kill herself. He tells her that she will be enemies with Ling Buyi if she marries him because he doesn’t like her at all. He mentions him and Princess Ruyang’s marriage that they fight with each other each day. He tells her not to take his path.

Princess Ruyang tells Prince Ruyang that he will make Emperor Wen feel shame if he divorces her. He asks her if she thought about his pride when she asked him to give Cheng Shaoshang a hard time. He decides to live for himself. So he divorces her.

Princess Yuchang claims that she wants to let Emperor Wen make a choice between her and Cheng Shaoshang. Prince Ruyang slaps Princess Yuchang. He tells her that nobody will look up to her if she wants to kill herself when there’s an argument.

Prince Ruyang tells Princess Yuchang that her future husband won’t respect her is she doesn’t respect herself. He tells her to choose someone else as her husband because he thinks she cannot defeat Cheng Shaoshang. Princess Ruyang beats Prince Ruyang. She blames him for touching her treasure. She intends to ask Emperor Wen about the food which she gave to him.

Prince Ruyang points out that what Princess Ruyang gave Emperor Wen was a bowl of rancid rice. He tells Princess Yuchang to be a nun if she doesn’t want to marry someone else. He leaves the temple. Ling Buyi doesn’t find any trace from the place. He thinks those people came from army.

Ling Buyi thinks Han Wu left clues. He tells the bodyguards to dig the ground. Liang Qiufei hands over the branches to Ling Buyi. Ling Buyi takes a look at the branches. He thinks Han Wu is fine. He tells the bodyguards to return to capital with him.

Ling Buyi reveals he wants to apologize to Cheng family. But Liang Qiuqi thinks Ling Buyi goes to ask about the sin according to his looks. Ling Buyi asks Liang Qiufei if he looks scary. Liang Qiufei denies it. He tells Ling Buyi to smile. Ling Buyi asks Liang Qiufei if he can tell jokes.

Cheng Shaoshang eats with her families. Cheng Song tells Cheng Shaoshang that he’s envy of her because she doesn’t need to be managed by her parents. Cheng Shaoshang thinks Xiao Yuanyi doesn’t care for her because she didn’t talk about breaking off the marriage.

Cheng Shaogong points out that Cheng Shaoshang agreed to the marriage when Xiao Yuanyi was against it. Cheng Shaoshang complains that she was forced to do that. She thinks her brothers know nothing about power. Cheng Yang tells Cheng Shaoshang not to make Xiao Yuanyi get angry. She reveals Xiao Yuanyi didn’t eat and sleep well.

Cheng Shaogong thinks Ling Buyi hurt his sister on the wedding gifts. He swears not to forgive Ling Buyi. Cheng Song agrees to what Cheng Shaogong said. He wants to give Ling Buyi a lesson. Ling Buyi shows up with his bodyguards. He explains to Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi that he had an important task so that he didn’t give wedding gifts on time.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 26 Ending

Old Madam Cheng shows up. She’s happy to see Ling Buyi. She thinks he’s handsome like her husband. She thinks Ling Buyi is destined to be Cheng Shaoshang’s husband. He thinks she’s very smart. She laughs but she asks him what it means.

Cheng Shi returns home with Cheng Shaoshang after they bought the gifts. But they’re stopped by the guards. The guard tells Cheng Shi that he wants to take a look at his packages. Ling Buyi shows up. He tells Cheng Shi that he wants to protect them.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 26 stars Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei.

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