Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 2. The immortal takes over the belt from Zhi Xi. He asks Zhi Xi and Yan Dan who ruined it. Yan Dan admits that she ruined the belt. He tells her to return to Yuxu Palace with him.

Who Kills Zhan Yi?

Immortal Samsara

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Episode 2 of Immortal Samsara begins with the immortal telling Yan Dan that he cannot conceal it since it’s related to Zhi Xi. Yan Dan asks him not to blame Zhi Xi. But he wants Ying Yuan to decide it. Yan Dan comforts Zhi Xi that she will come back to take the book.

Huo De fights with the demons. The immortal reports to Huo De that the item which was stole Si Xuan was transferred by demons. Huo De asks the immortal to tell Ying Yuan to intercept the item. Zhan Yi tries to flee with the demons. Ying Yuan shows up. He stops Zhan Yi and the demons.

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Ying Yuan tells Zhan Yi that he will keep his dead body if he gives the item to him. Zhan Yi thinks Ying Yuan cannot arrest him because he owns the most powerful item. He tells the demons to kill Ying Yuan with him. He sees the totem of Asura on Ying Yuan’s forehead before Ying Yuan kills him. Ying Yuan takes a look at the totem on his palm.

It flashes back. Heavenly Emperor tells Ying Yuan that his father is the demon king. He adds that his mom chose to die with her lover after she found out that he used her. Heavenly Emperor leaks that Ying Yuan’s mom gave her son to him. He tells Ying Yuan that he couldn’t kill him when he was a child. So he raises him. He reminds him that the immortals will kill him if they know his identity.

Ying Yuan returns to Heavenly Palace after he got the item. Heavenly Emperor asks Ying Yuan if the demon king Xuan Xiang took action. Ying Yuan leaks that Xuan Xiang doesn’t intend to rule the immortal realm. Heavenly Emperor thinks it’s a good news.

Does Ying Yuan Kill Si Xuan?

Ying Yuan worries that Xuan Xiang will get replaced. He tells Heavenly Emperor to prepare for the war. Heavenly Emperor tells Ying Yuan to guard Heavenly Realm. He lets the immortal punish Si Xuan. He tells the immortals that the love punishment won’t end if Si Xuan doesn’t admit her mistake.

Ying Yuan asks Heavenly Emperor to forgive Si Xuan because he thinks she just got fooled. Heavenly Emperor agrees to let Si Xuan be a human if she admits her mistake. Ying Yuan tells Si Xuan to admit her mistake. He leaks that Zhan Yi is dead.

Si Xuan rejects it because her lover is dead. She complains that the heavenly rule is unfair. Heavenly Emperor tells Si Xuan that the heartless of immortals is very important to the peace of six realms. He tells Ying Yuan not to have feelings because it will bring the chaos to six realms.

Heavenly Emperor tells Ying Yuan to kill Si Xuan before he leaves. Si Xuan also wants to get killed. She doesn’t want to stay in Heavenly Realm. Ying Yuan mentions Zhan Yi didn’t ask him about Si Xuan after Si Xuan sacrificed everything for him. He asks Si Xuan if it’s worth of it.

Si Xuan thinks Ying Yuan will know it one day. She tells him that love comes from heart. She asks him if he’s heartless. She tells him that she prefers to be killed with love. He kills her but he keeps her soul. He wishes her to love someone after she becomes a human.

The immortal takes Yan Dan to Yanxu Palace. Yan Dan gets on knees to wait for Ying Yuan. She finds out that he was the immortal who rolled over the turtle. She leaks that she ruined his belt, asking for the punishment. She tells him that it’s not related to Zhi Xi.

Ying Yuan tells Yan Dan that it’s not a big case. He lets her get up. It makes her believe that he’s a good immortal. But he tells her that he wants to punish her. He asks Qing Yun if the side palace is lack of a cleaner. He tells Yan Dan to sew the belt.

Yan Dan walks Bei Ming. She tells him that she will come back to see him. He cries and complains that who is going to help him resolve the Go games. She tells him not to cry. But she realizes that he kept her because he wanted to use her to resolve the Go games.

Yan Dan tells Bei Ming that he broke her heart. He gives a bag of items to her. He asks her to come back to see him. She tells him that she can feel the feelings that he doesn’t want her to leave after she felt the weight of the bag. She decides to resolve the Go game for him before she leaves. She tells him who was the immortal who rolled over the turtle.

Ying Yuan arrives at Bei Ming’s palace. He rolls the turtle again. Yan Dan breaks Ying Yuan’s Go game. She tells Bei Ming how she broke the game. Ying Yuan shows up. He tells Bei Ming that he didn’t expect that Yan Dan doesn’t wish to leave him.

Bei Ming wonders when Ying Yuan came. Ying Yuan reveals he came when Yan Dan badmouthed him. He adds that he didn’t want to disturb them. Yan Dan blames Ying Yuan for eavesdropping. Bei Ming thinks Yan Dan’s Go skills and spell will be improved if Ying Yuan teaches her.

Ying Yuan brings the spell books to Yan Dan. He tells her to transcribe them since she’s full of energy. She tells her to deal with the Go games. She thinks he gets angry because she helped Bei Ming break the Go games. She takes the spell books and tries to leave. He stops her and tells her to fix his belt.

Yan Dan complains to Zhi Xi that Ying Yuan is a bad person even if he pretends to be a gentleman. She thinks he gave the tasks to her for giving her a lesson. Lu Ming laughs after seeing Ying Yuan’s another side. He thinks he’s like a real human being.

Is Zhi Xi Jealous of Yan Dan?

Yan Dan scolds Lu Ming for taking Ying Yuan’s side. Zhi Xi stops Yan Dan. She thinks Ying Yuan is open-minded after Yan Dan badmouthed him. Yan Dan shakes Zhi Xi to wake her up. She thinks she was lost after seeing the looks of Ying Yuan.

Yan Dan tells Zhi Xi that her brain suffered a lot after Ying Yuan asked her to transcribe the books. Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan to cherish the chance to come to Yanxu Palace. Yan Dan barks at Zhi Xi. Ying Deng tells Zhi Xi that she knows she let Yan Dan take the punishment for her.

Ying Deng asks Zhi Xi if she’s jealous of Yan Dan after she got the blessing. She thinks Zhi Xi would get the blessing if she didn’t miss the chance. Zhi Xi points out that the tasks of Yanxu Palace aren’t easy. Ying Deng laughs. She tells Zhi Xi that Yan Dan just showed off what she got.

Ying Deng thinks Zhi Xi is the weak one of the twins lotus. She tells Zhi Xi to think about why Ying Yuan chose Yan Dan. Yan Dan tells Lu Ming that she’s writing the Genesis War drama. He thinks she wants to flatter Ying Yuan. He thinks she’s very smart.

Yan Dan thinks the immortals will know she want to flatter Ying Yuan if she only writes war. She tells Lu Ming that she wants to write the ancient clan Nine Fins. He’s surprised that she chose Nine Fins. She feels regret that the immortals forgot Nine Fins except them. Lu Ming asks Yan Dan if she thought about herself.

How Does Yu Mo Become Yan Dan’s Follower?

Yan Dan sighs. She thinks four leaves lotus at least remained her and her sister. But Nine Fins didn’t leave any bloodline. Lu Ming tells Yan Dan that he heard Nine Fins will be rebirth if he passes the trial. Yu Mo plays the fan after he was rebirth.

Yu Mo avoids the immortal guards. He conceals his horns. He passes by Pixiang Palace. He finds out that the couple is rehearsing the drama about Nine Fins. Feng Yi tells A Chen to be careful because where she’s going to fight is the strategic pass of beast and hell realms. He worries that she will be attacked from front and back.

A Chen promises it. She tells Feng Yi to look for her after he ends the battle. He offers to let the one who ends the battle decide the names of their children. She agrees to it. She wishes them to reunion before the kid is born. Yu Mo is surprised that someone remembered Nine Fins.

Yan Dan stops A Chen and Feng Yi. She parts them. She tells A Chen to be perseverance because she’s a famous general of Nine Fins. She tells Feng Yi not to be sad too much because he won’t lose his lover. She tells him to believe that A Chen will come back after she wins. She tells them to leave because they need to get up early next day.

Yan Dan asks Lu Ming if the chief said something after she accepted the items. He denies it and tells her that the chief was happy to let them use the stage because it hadn’t been used for a long time. Yan Dan is writing the drama. She doesn’t know how to write the four heavenly generals.

Yan Dan notes that someone sneaks into her palace. She mistakes that Lu Ming wants to startle her. She takes the candle to face him. She sees Yu Mo. She’s startled. The candle drops and it burns the papers. Yu Mo puts out the fire.

Yan Dan asks Yu Mo who he is. She intends to call the immortal guards. He stops her and tells her that he’s just a black fish immortal who just became immortal. He tells her that he want to know what will happen after he saw them rehearsing the drama.

Yan Dan learns that Yu Mo could put out the fire because he’s a fish. She asks him if what he said is the reason why he helped her save the screenplay. He admits it. She complains that the black fish she knows has no conscience. She asks him if he followed her because he likes her screenplay.

Yan Dan feels happy after knowing Yu Mo knows Nine Fins. She thought nobody knows Nine Fins except her. She asks about his name. He tells her that he doesn’t have a name. She thinks he’s lowly. She tells him to be her follower. She promises to make him be a happy immortal.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Immortal Samsara ends with Yan Dan intending to take a look at the tree. Lu Ming is against it. He tells Yan Dan that she will lost her power if she gets caught by the tree. She visits the tree with Yu Mo. The immortal asks Yan Dan to save him when he’s tied up by the tree.

The immortal tells Yan Dan that he was tied up by the tree when he touched it. Yu Mo thinks the immortal used the magic on the tree. Yan Dan sees the green light on the tree. She tells Yu Mo not to get fooled by the immortal. She tells the immortal that she knows he hurt the tree.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 2 stars Yang Zi, Cheng Yi and Meng Ziyi.

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