Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 25 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 25. Huo Junhua gets on knees to Huo Chong. She wonders if he will help her if she tells the truth. Ling Buyi wears the shawl for her. He tells her that he found the truth. He thinks their enemies will get punished.

Why Ling Yi Wishes Ling Buyi to Marry Princess Yuchang?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 25.

Episode 25 of Love Like the Galaxy begins with Ling Buyi telling Huo Junhua that he’s going to get married. Ling Yi thinks Ling Buyi still hates him because he was the last one who knew it. Ling Buyi walks out of the room. He sees Ling Yi.

Liang Qiufei explains to Ling Buyi that he didn’t stop Ling Yi because he told him that he has an important business. Ling Yi tells Ling Buyi not to scold Liang Qiufei. He leaks that his mom told him that he made a proposal to Cheng Shaoshang.

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Ling Buyi thinks his mom couldn’t tell it to Ling Yi. He asks him which mom he meant. Ling Yi reminds Ling Buyi that he won’t get any benefit if he gets married with Cheng Shaoshang. He tells him that Princess Yuchang is better than Cheng Shaoshang.

Ling Buyi knows Ling Yi wants to get promoted through his marriage. He tells him to leave if he feels guilty. He mentions what his mom said that she doesn’t want to see Ling Yi. Huo Junhua shows up. She beats Ling Yi. Ling Buyi stops his mom. He tells Ling Yi to get treated.

Ling Buyi takes Han Wu to see the memorial tablet of Huo Chong. Han Wu gets on knees to Huo Chong. He cries and feels guilty for his late. Ling Buyi reminds Han Wu that Huo Chong won’t blame him if he can find the truth. Han Wu tells Ling Buyi that he knows the doctor who knows the truth lives in West Village. He wants to look into it in person.

Ling Buyi confesses to Han Wu that he wants to find the truth of Gu City because he has someone he loves. Han Wu thinks Huo Chong will feel happy if he knows it. He feels regret that Huo Chong cannot attend Ling Buyi’s wedding. He wonders what kind of girl Cheng Shaoshang is.

Cheng Shaoshang goes to the balcony. She takes out a flute to play. Xiao Yuanyi hears the flute song. She tells Cheng Shi that she didn’t expect that she’s worse than Ling Buyi in Cheng Shaoshang’s mind. Shi Shi comforts Xiao Yuanyi that Cheng Shaoshang is too young so that she doesn’t know her good intention.

Xiao Yuanyi mentions they gave up Cheng Shaoshang. She thinks her daughter sacrificed her marriage for revenge. Cheng Shi thinks Cheng Shaoshang is like Xiao Yuanyi who always hurts people with her mouth. Xiao Yuanyi wishes Cheng Shaoshang to have a good marriage.

Does He Zhaojun Feel Guilty for Making Cheng Shaoshang Break off her Marriage?

Yuan Shen asks Madam Yuan if she will attend Lou Yao’s wedding with him. She rejects it because it’s not her business. He asks her to take a look at the portraits. He wants her to choose a daughter-in-law from the portraits. But she tells him to inform it to his father if he has feelings for a girl.

Yuan Shen wonders why Madam Yuan doesn’t care for his marriage. He asks her if his marriage isn’t important to her. She thinks he will understand her feelings after he grows up. He takes the box to walk away. He runs into the maid who asks him if Madam Yuan chose the lady for him.

Yuan Shen returns the box to the maid. He tells her that his mom let him decide it on his own. She thinks his mom is just confident of him. He mentions someone’s mom cares for her marriage very much. The maid asks Yuan Shen about the person. But he refuses to leak it.

Lian Fang wakes Cheng Shaoshang up. She tells her that Ling Buyi came. Cheng Shaoshang wonders why Ling Buyi came. Lian Fang leaks that Ling Buyi wants to take Cheng Shaoshang to attend Lou Yao’s wedding. Ling Buyi takes Cheng Shaoshang to attend the wedding.

Cheng Shaoshang wishes Lou Yao to have a good marriage with He Zhaojun. He wishes her to have a good marriage with Ling Buyi as well. Yuan Shen sneers at Cheng Shaoshang that she changed her fiance. He thinks she gave in under the power.

He Zhaojun walks Cheng Shaoshang. She tells her that she didn’t expect that she would come. She thinks she doesn’t have to marry Ling Buyi if it didn’t because of her. Cheng Shaoshang tells He Zhaojun that she thought she would say that she picked up a treasure.

He Zhaojun tells Cheng Shaoshang that she doesn’t think she picked up a treasure because Ling Buyi is a heartless man. She reveals she saw Ling Buyi interrogating Prince Yong. She adds that she was scared when she thought about Ling Buyi did.

He Zhaojun wonders why Ling Buyi has evil soul since Emperor Wen let him do anything he wants to do. She thinks he has a deep revenge. Cheng Shaoshang points out that it’s killing soul. She explains that he had to do it because he’s a general.

He Zhaojun thinks Cheng Shaoshang has feelings for Ling Buyi after she took his side. She confesses that she didn’t know how to see men when she was young. She thinks the looks of men isn’t important. She tells Cheng Shaoshang that she thinks she’s a good person.

Cheng Shaoshang tells He Zhaojun that she broke off the marriage for Lou Yao’s future. She tells her that she treats Lou Yao as her brother. She adds that she won’t let anyone bully her family. He Zhaojun tells Cheng Shaoshang that Lou Yao is her family except her brother.

He Zhaojun claims that her love to Lou Yao isn’t less than Cheng Shaoshang. She wishes Cheng Shaoshang to be happiness with Ling Buyi. Cheng Shaoshang tells He Zhaojun to go to the banquet with her. He Zhaojun rejects it. He explains that she cannot see the guests because her families just passed away.

Yuan Shen walks Ling Buyi. He doesn’t expect that Cheng Shaoshang is going to get married with Ling Buyi. Ling Buyi tells Yuan Shen that he doesn’t need to care for Cheng Shaoshang’s homework. He tells him that he can help him be an official if he’s free at home.

Yuan Shen rejects it. He reveals that his master Huangfu Yi recommended him to be an official. He tells Ling Buyi that he will bother him if he’s free. Ling Buyi tells Yuan Shen that he will invite him to him and Cheng Shaoshang’s wedding.

Yuan Shen mentions he thought he would drink the wedding wine of Lou Yao and Cheng Shaoshang. He thinks the marriage can only be done after the wedding. Ling Buyi tells Yuan Shen that he would think he has feelings for his fiancee if he doesn’t know he has high standards to his future wife.

Yuan Shen claims that he doesn’t like Cheng Shaoshang at all. He tells Ling Buyi that he wants to see his future because he was hit by a bad woman. Ling Buyi tells Yuan Sheng that he will be happiness with Cheng Shaoshang. He thinks he won’t see it because he thinks he won’t live long. Yuan Shen laughs. He points out that he will live longer than Ling Buyi because he’s a civilian official.

Cheng Shaoshang shows up at the banquet. Wan Qiqi lets Cheng Shaoshang join her. Lou Li yells at Cheng Shaoshang that she let Lou Yao down. Cheng Shaoshang explains that she couldn’t reject it because Emperor Wen asked her for the marriage.

Cheng Shaoshang feels regret that she didn’t let Lou Li reject Emperor Wen. Lou Li thinks Cheng Shaoshang shouldn’t accept it so fast. She tells her to go to countryside. Cheng Shaoshang tells Lou Li that Cheng family doesn’t owe anything to Lou family.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Lou Yao to repeat what she said to Madam Lou. Madam Lou tries to stand up. Xiao Yuanyi stops Madam Lou. She tells her that it’s just the joke of girls. Madam Lou agrees to what Cheng Shaoshang said that Lou Yao married He Zhaojun for the will of hero.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 25 Ending

Episode 25 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Wang Ling thinking Ling Buyi was bewitched by Cheng Shaoshang. Wan Qiqi is furious to stand up. She tries to fight with Wang Ling. But she’s stopped by Cheng Shaoshang. Ling Buyi takes the bodyguards to break into the room.

The girls are scared to step back. Master Lou tells Ling Buyi that it’s the wedding of Lou family. He asks him what he meant. Ling Buyi explains that his bodyguards always follow him. Wang Ling thinks it’s unseemly. He breaks the screen and tells her that he wants to tell her what’s etiquette.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 25 stars Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei.

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