Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 35 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 35. Yuan Shen thinks Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Buyi’s wedding is barely a happy event. Cheng Shaoshang shows up behind Yuan Shen. She asks him if he can have a good talk.

Why Emperor Orders to Kill Madam Wenxiu?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 35.

Yuan Shen mentions Cheng Shaoshang brought trouble in her wedding. He asks him if she regrets for flirting with Ling Buyi. She yells at him and denies it. She thinks it’s not his business. He thinks she doesn’t know his kindness. He mentions he’s her teacher. He asks her if he did anything wrong to care for her.

Yuan Shen thinks Cheng Shaoshang isn’t good at choosing husband. She asks him if he’s jealous of her. He laughs and thinks she’s not worth of it. She mentions he couldn’t find wife. She intends to help him find a wife from the ladies. He thinks she’s vulgar. He walks away.

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Wan Songbai walks into the palace. He greets Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen lets Wan Songbai have a seat. He tells him that he feels happy for his win. Wan Songbai laughs. He thinks the bandits aren’t worth of mentioning. He brags that he defeated the bandits and saved Wang Long with a little finger.

Wan Songbai mentions what Wang Long said that he left his workplace because he got an order from Wang Chun. Marquis Yue tells Emperor Wen to punish Wang Chun and Wang Long. Crown Prince is against it. He tells Emperor Wen to look into it before he makes the decision.

Chancellor volunteers to look into it. He introduces Yuan Shen to Emperor Wen. Yuan Shen pays his respect to Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen remembers Huangfu Yi recommended Yuan Shen to him. He mentions Huangfu Yi thought Yuan Shen is a genius.

Yuan Shen tells Emperor Wen that he wants to work for him. Emperor Wen decides to give Wang Long’s case to Yuan Shen. Ling Buyi stops Emperor Wen. He reveals he has looked into Wang Long. He adds that the order was written by Madam Wenxiu.

Ling Buyi tells Emperor Wen that Madam Wenxiu did it for money. He adds that Wen Xiu wants to support her brother. He shows the evidence to Emperor Wen. Eunuch hands over the evidence to Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen holds the evidence. He’s furious to complain that Madam Wenxiu persuaded Little Qianan Prince to make coins.

Emperor Wen mentions he only disallowed Madam Wenxiu to leave her room because he thought out Qianan Prince’s credits. He decides to grant Madam Wenxiu’s wish since she wants to be killed. He orders to give white cloth to her.

Ling Buyi tells Emperor Wen not to let Wang Chun stay in the palace because he allowed his wife to make the order. Crown Prince explains that Wang Chun just failed to notice it. Yuan Shen thinks the one who didn’t manage his family well cannot manage army. He believes that Wang Chun couldn’t guard it even if the order was hidden under the pillow.

Yuan Shen wonders how Wang Chun will guard the city. Third Prince agrees to what Yuan Shen said. He tells Emperor to punish Wang Chun and his son. Emperor Wen mentions he gave Wang Chun the chance. He mentions that Wang Chun made the mistake again.

Emperor Wen thinks Wang Chun shouldn’t be the carriage general. He orders to let Wang Chun and his son be ordinary people. Chancellor thinks someone didn’t manage Wang Chun and Madam Wenxiu well. Emperor Wen asks Crown Prince if he wants to say something.

Crown Prince looks around the people in the palace. He tries to explain it for Wang Chun and Madam Wenxiu. Emperor Wen stops Crown Prince. He tells him that he doesn’t want to talk about it with him. He tells the chancellors to leave.

Master Lou walks Wan Songbai out of the palace. He thinks the clansmen of Xuan Clan should thank him. Wan Songcai disagrees to what Master Lou said. He claims that he just listened to Emperor Wen’s order. He walks away. Eunuch brings the soup to Ling Buyi. He reveals that the soup was cooked by Cheng Shaoshang. He mentions what Cheng Shaoshang said that she wished Ling Buyi to drink the soup after he’s off duty.

Chancellor laughs to walk to Ling Buyi. He thinks Cheng Shaoshang cares for Ling Buyi very much. He tells him that he’s envy of him. Ling Buyi walks away. Chancellor Ji walks to Yuan Shen. He wonders why he doesn’t get married. Yuan Shen claims that he doesn’t want a wife to tangle him. Chancellor Ji laughs to walk away.

Why Wang Ling Cries In Front of Empress Xuan’s Palace? Who Convinces Emperor Wen to Forgive Madam Wenxiu?

The old maid tells Wang Ling not to bring trouble to Empress Xuan when Wang Ling cries. She asks her if she doesn’t want Empress Xuan to be healthy. Luo Jitong thinks Wang Ling will be embarrassed if she lets the guards drag her away.

Wang Ling throws a fit to the old maid and Luo Jitong. She thinks they want to step on her when her family is in trouble. She tells them that they’re bad persons. Cheng Shaoshang shows up. She thinks the maids of Empress Xuan don’t have to flatter anyone. She tells Wang Ling that she’s very bossy.

Wang Ling tells Cheng Shaoshang that she knew she’s sly early. She asks her if she’s watching the good drama. She cries to ask Empress Xuan if she wants to see her family being ruined. She reminds her that her mom and her are relatives.

Cheng Shaoshang points out that Empress Xuan and Madam Xuan don’t belong to same clan. It makes Wang Ling cry more. Fifth Princess shows up. Cheng Shaoshang walks aside. Fifth Princess mentions Madam Wenxiu didn’t respect her mom. She thinks Wang Ling is shameless to ask a favor.

Wang Ling reminds Fifth Princess that they’re best friends. She asks her to save her family when she holds her clothes. Fifth Princess takes off Wang Ling’s hand. She tells her that she will call the guard to beat her. Cheng Shaoshang tells Fifth Princess not to do that to Wang Ling. She promises to take Wang Ling away.

Fifth Princess agrees to Cheng Shaoshang’s plan. She wants to visit Empress Xuan after a few days later. She walks away. Wang Ling cries to ask Empress Xuan to save her. Cheng Shaoshang tells Wang Ling to shut up if he doesn’t want to be killed.

Cheng Shaoshang brings the foods to Emperor Wen. He mentions she delivered the foods and soup to Ling Buyi. He thinks her cooking skills are improved. He complains that Ling Buyi didn’t share the foods with him. He thinks she’s better than Ling Buyi.

Emperor Wen tastes the food. He tells Cheng Shaoshang that he hasn’t taste the flavor for ten years. He laughs to leak that he tasted the tofu because his uncle liked to eat the food. Cheng Shaoshang reminds Emperor Wen that the tofu which comes from Shouchun is the best. She asks him to taste the meat soup.

Emperor Wen wonders why the dishes are Shouchun style. Cheng Shaoshang reveals the ingredients were given by Wang Ling. She thinks Wang Ling will eat the dishes since she’s going to marry to Shouchun. She thinks they won’t eat the dishes if Madam Wenxiu is killed.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Emperor Wen that Wang Ling taught her how to cook the dishes because of it. She mentions what Wang Ling said that she will cook it for Empress Xuan if Empress Xuan wants to eat it. Emperor Wen thinks Wang Ling is a good kid. He adds that she has a bad mom.

Emperor Wen wonders why Cheng Shaoshang helped Wang Ling since Wang Ling bullied her. Cheng Shaoshang reveals she wants Wang Ling to get a better life. Emperor Wen thinks Cheng Shaoshang is a good person. He offers to give Wang Ling a wedding gift.

Emperor Wen mentions Peng Kun saved Qianan Prince even if Wang Ling’s marriage was decided by Madam Wenxiu. He believes that Wang Ling will have a good life if she marries Peng Kun. Cheng Shaoshang thanks Emperor Wen for Wang Ling and Empress Xuan.

Emperor Wen is surprised that it’s related to Empress Xuan. Cheng Shaoshang mentions Qianan Prince raised Empress Xuan. She adds that Empress Xuan endured it when Madam Wenxiu bullied her. She thinks Empress Xuan did it for Qianan Prince.

Cheng Shaoshang reveals Empress Xuan is sick again after knowing Madam Wenxiu is going to be killed. She thinks she will be sad for some days. Emperor Wen tells Cheng Shaoshang that Ling Buyi said the same words to him. He mentions Ling Buyi told him that Madam Wenxiu is the only bloodline Qianan Prince left.

Emperor Wen decides to forgive Madam Wenxiu. Cheng Shaoshang bows to him and thanks him for the grace. She believes that Empress Xuan will recover if he tells the good news to Empress Xuan. He smiles to ask her to go to see Empress Xuan with him. Wang Ling walks into the room. She gets on knees to Madam Wenxiu.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 35 Ending

Episode 35 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Ling Buyi walking into the hall when Cheng families are eating. Cheng Shi asks Ling Buyi about Cheng Shaoshang. Ling Buyi reveals Cheng Shaoshang was kept by Emperor Wen. He adds that Emperor Wen asked Cheng Shaoshang to prepare for Empress Xuan’s birthday party.

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