Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 36 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 36. Cheng Shaoshang hands over the menu to Empress Xuan. She asks her if she wants to add any dish. Empress Xuan takes a look at the menu. She thinks what she does isn’t right. She worries that she will ruin the effort of Emperor Wen’s thrifty.

Who Pushes Cheng Shaoshang Into Water?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 36.

Empress Xuan intends to go to persuade Emperor Wen. Cheng Shaoshang stops Empress Xuan. She tells her to ask Emperor Wen to throw a birthday party himself before he throws a birthday party for her. She adds that she should be gentle and soft when she speaks.

Empress Xuan thinks Ling Buyi obeys Cheng Shaoshang because of her methods. She asks her if she wants to build a yard in the palace. Cheng Shaoshang asks Empress Xuan to let her prepare for her birthday party. She tells her that she wants to return home early.

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Cheng Shaoshang complains that the stuff Ling Buyi brought made her miss home more. Empress Xuan refuses to help Cheng Shaoshang. She points out that Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t want to be managed in the palace. Cheng Shaoshang smiles to beg Empress Xuan to help her. Empress Xuan rejects it again.

Fifth Princess shows up. Cheng Shaoshang and Empress Xuan’s smiles are frozen. Cheng Shaoshang walks aside. Fifth Princess has a seat in front of Empress Xuan. She tells her that she thinks what she said is right that she used her parent’s powers. She reveals she invited the dancers to practice dance. She asks her to cheer when she watches the show.

Empress Xuan asks Fifth Princess if it’s true that she built a manor. Fifth Princess explains that she built the manor because she wanted Empress Xuan to see her talent. But Empress Xuan scolds Fifth Princess. She tells her to leave.

Fifth Princess complains to Empress Xuan that she trusts Cheng Shaoshang more than her. She mentions she supported Cheng Shaoshang to grow vegetables. Empress Xuan points out that Cheng Shaoshang wasn’t selfish to waste anything. She tells Fifth Princess to leave her room.

Empress Xuan tells Cheng Shaoshang that she doesn’t like the maids who were given by Fifth Princess. She asks her to take the maids to Consort Yue’s palace with Luo Jitong. Cheng Shaoshang walks Fifth Princess. She tells her she will arrange them to live in Consort Yue’s palace.

Fifth Princess reminds Cheng Shaoshang that the palace she lives belonged to her. Cheng Shaoshang tells Fifth Princess that she can help her live in Autumn Palace. Fifth Princess rejects it. She reveals she worries that she will be scolded by Empress Xuan again. She wants to live in Happiness Palace because she didn’t live in the palace before.

Fifth Princess takes a look at the maid. The maid smiles to push Cheng Shaoshang into water. Fifth Princess asks the maids to save Cheng Shaoshang. But they throw stones to Cheng Shaoshang. Fifth Princess mentions Empress Xuan praised Cheng Shaoshang. She wonders why she fell into water.

The maid agrees to what Fifth Princess said. She thinks Cheng Shaoshang is like a duck. Luo Jitong reminds Fifth Princess that Cheng Shaoshang will be killed if the maids keep on doing it. Fifth Princess tells Luo Jitong to go to save Cheng Shaoshang.

Ms. Zuo reminds Fifth Princess that Cheng Shaoshang is going to go ashore. Fifth Princess wonders if there’re snakes in the lake. She lets the maid to throw the snakes into the lake. Cheng Shaoshang is bitten by a snake when she swims.

Fifth Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that she intended to do it to her when she climbs ashore. Cheng Shaoshang walks away. Ms. Zuo worries that Cheng Shaoshang will go to report them. Fifth Princess points out that they can deny it when they’re questioned.

Fifth Princess asks Luo Jitong if she saw something. She tells her to reply her before she thinks about it. She reminds her that she’s going to get married. She asks her what her in-laws will do to her if they know she offends her.

Luo Jitong’s maid tells Fifth Princess that they saw nothing. Fifth Princess notes that someone made the sound. She asks the person to come out. Fifth Prince shows up. He greets the ladies. He tries to leave. Fifth Princess stops her brother. She asks him which girl he saw. She tells him not to let anyone know that he came out. She threatens him that their father will be disappointed with him.

Fifth Prince laughs to tell his sister that he just passed by. He wonders when the ladies came. He walks away. Ms. Zuo worries that Fifth Prince will leak it. Fifth Princess tells Ms. Zuo that Fifth Prince was just given birth by a maid. She thinks the guy is match for Cheng Shaoshang. She laughs to walk away.

Does Cheng Shaoshang Tell Ling Buyi that Fifth Princess Bullied her?

The old maid walks into Cheng Shaoshang’s room. She tells Cheng Shaoshang that she brought the clothes she asked for. She notes that her clothes are wet. She takes away the clothes. Cheng Shaoshang notes that someone is knocking at the door. She opens the door and sees Ling Buyi.

Ling Buyi complains to Cheng Shaoshang that it’s hard to see her even if she moves in the palace. He tells her that he visited her because he thought of her. She smiles and tears up when she turns her back on him. He reveals the people in the palace are envy of him for marrying her.

Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang that Emperor Wen praised her for managing Autumn Palace well. He tells her that Emperor Wen let her prepare for Empress Xuan’s birthday party because he knew she’s the only one who can make Empress Xuan happy.

Ling Buyi walks to Cheng Shaoshang. He mentions what the people said that she’s a bad girl. He thinks they didn’t know the real her. Ling Buyi notes that Cheng Shaoshang is crying. He asks her what happened. She turns around and hugs him.

Cheng Shaoshang lets Ling Buyi hug her tightly. He asks her what happened. She tells him that she just missed her families. She wipes off her tears. He hugs her and teaches her the life point to her. She asks him to teach her other tips. She thinks she can deal with it when someone bullies her.

Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang that nobody dares to bully her when he’s there. He asks her what she wants to learn. She pushes him from his back. He catches the chance to hug her. They have an eye contact. Ling Buyi takes Cheng Shaoshang to the bed. He lets her touch his life point with her hand. He reminds her that he handed over his life to her. She asks him to promise her one thing. He agrees to it. She smiles.

Does Ling Buyi Play Zither for Empress Xuan? Why Cheng Shaoshang Kisses Ling Buyi?

Emperor Wen takes a look at the mountain and the water. He asks Cheng Shaoshang what it means. She tells him that she wishes Empress Xuan to get blessed. Emperor Wen praises Cheng Shaoshang. He lets the guests have seats. Ling Buyi shows up. Emperor Wen is surprised.

Ling Buyi plays the zither. Empress Xuan tries to talk about Ling Buyi’s performance with Emperor Wen. But she finds out that he’s talking with Consort Yue. Crown Prince thinks the only one who can make Ling Buyi play zither is Cheng Shaoshang. Third Prince points out that Cheng Shaoshang made their presents look ordinary.

Ling Buyi ends the performance. Emperor Wen praises him. He thinks the only one who can make him remember how to play zither is Cheng Shaoshang. He laughs. Eunuch reports to Emperor Wen that Third Prince found the mine. He adds that he gave him the mine map.

Emperor Wen feels happy after he heard the good news. Third Prince gets on knees to Emperor Wen. He mentions he found the mine before Empress Xuan’s birthday. He thinks it’s Empress Xuan’s blessing. Emperor Wen thinks it’s his blessing to have the princes and the princess.

Crown Prince and Crown Princess get on knees to Empress Xuan. Crown Prince tells Empress Xuan that he found the double dragon jades for her. He tells her that it means that she will have a long life. Crown Princess agrees to what her husband said. She reveals she spent a lot of money on the double dragon jades. She wishes Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan to love each other until they have full heads of white hair. Emperor Wen is embarrassed to take a look at Empress Xuan.

Cheng Shaoshang joins Crown Prince and Crown Princess. She tells Empress Xuan that the present Crown Prince brought isn’t the only one. She asks Empress Xuan if she thinks the wine she drank is different than before. Empress Xuan thinks the wine is good. She asks Cheng Shaoshang where she found the wine.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Empress Xuan that the wine wasn’t found by her. She reveals she found out that Crown Prince’s fruits are delicious. So she made the wine with the fruits. Emperor Wen tells Empress Xuan and the guests to drink the wine.

Cheng Shaoshang tells the guests to eat the fruits Crown Prince brought. Emperor Wen praises Crown Prince. He tells him that he’s going to reward him. Crown Prince is moved to thank Emperor Wen. He gets back to his seat. He sees Qu Ling picking the dish for her husband Liang Shang. Qu Ling sees Crown Prince as well.

Crown Princess takes a look at her husband. She finds out that he’s seeing Qu Ling. She tears up. Fifth Princess gets on knees to Empress Xuan. She tells her that she wants to dance for her. The princess joins Fifth Princess. She tells Emperor Wen that she and her husband want to perform the song with Fifth Princess.

Fifth Princess trips when she dances. Emperor Wen comforts her that he will reward her. Cheng Shaoshang reports to Emperor Wen that Ling Buyi wants to give the present to Empress Xuan. Emperor Wen wonders what stuff Ling Buyi brought.

Ling Buyi gets on knees to Emperor Wen. He tells him that he and Cheng Shaoshang found the old stuff of Grandpa Xuan for Empress Xuan. He wishes Grandpa Xuan to bless Empress Xuan. Fifth Princess kicks Fifth Prince when he’s laughing.

Empress Xuan takes out the bamboo slip from the box. She mentions her father liked poetry very much. She adds that there wasn’t any poetry in her family because her father gave all of the poems to his friends. She reveals she thought she cannot see the handwriting of her father.

Emperor Wen mentions the most important part of the present is the heart. He thinks Ling Buyi has heart. Empress Xuan tears up. She thinks Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang actually like her. Emperor Wen agrees to what Empress Xuan said. He tells the guests to drink with him.

Ling Buyi takes a look at Cheng Shaoshang. He drinks the wine. She wipes the wine off his chin. She thinks her wine is very good. He places the bowl on the table. She stares at him. He wonders why she doesn’t drink the wine. She drinks the wine with his bowl. He shares the bowl with her after she told him that it will be better to drink the wine with his bowl. She tells him that the wine and the person are very good. She smiles when she looks at him.

Cheng Shaoshang notes that Ling Buyi’s hand was hurt. She realizes that he hurt his hand when he practiced zither. She kisses his face and walks away. He smiles. Fifth Princess lets the lady tell something to Fifth Prince. He’s happy to walk away. Luo Jitong stares at Ling Buyi. Luo Jitong’s maid walks away.

Fifth Prince is drunk to block Cheng Shaoshang’s way. She asks him to open his eyes to take a look at her. He opens his eyes and learns that she’s Ling Buyi’s wife. He tries to touch her face. She avoids it and tries to walk away. He stops her and tries to touch her face again. She takes his hand and throws him into water.

The maid spots it. She walks away. Fifth Prince blames Cheng Shaoshang for doing it to him. He tells her that he cannot swim. She tries to hand over the bamboo pole to him. But she doesn’t let him catch the bamboo pole. She tells him that she’s tired. She gives up saving him.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 36 Ending – How Does Fifth Prince Become Cheng Shaoshang’s Friend?

Episode 36 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Fifth Prince thinking Cheng Shaoshang is a bad woman. He climbs ashore. She asks him if he’s fine. He thinks she’s a bad person like Ling Buyi. She reminds him that Ling Buyi will hurt him if Ling Buyi sees them getting together. Fifth Prince tells Cheng Shaoshang that he doesn’t fear Ling Buyi at all. He thinks she’s match for Ling Buyi.

Cheng Shaoshang mentions Ling Buyi is the one she wants to protect. She thinks Fifth Prince isn’t justified because he did something bad to her. She claims that she just gave him a lesson. He cries to complain to her that his father is nice to Ling Buyi.

Cheng Shaoshang reminds Fifth Prince that Emperor Wen would treat him in such a way without Ling Buyi. It makes Fifth Prince believe that Ling Buyi said something to Cheng Shaoshang. He complains that Ling Buyi told his flaws to people.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Fifth Prince that he doesn’t have to get praised by people. She thinks he’s like her. It makes him forgive her. So she treats him as her friend. Luo Jitong joins Ling Buyi. She tells him that she wants to drink with him before she leaves. The maid reports to Emperor Wen that Cheng Shaoshang is seeing Fifth Prince.

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