“Love Unexpected” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Love Unexpected” is a new Chinese romantic comedy drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the girl Ke Siyi who wants to save his father’s boxing club. She chooses to be the bodyguard of the president Xu Nuo because he’s the only person who can decides the fate of the boxing club.

Qi Yandi and Fan Shiqi are the lead actors.

Qi Yandi starred Chinese romantic comedy drama “Love The Way You Are” in 2019. She played a model who will gain weight after she eats something. She will star “Stop! Miss Hua” in 2022.

Fan Shqi starred Chinese school romance dramaMy Supernatural Power” in 2020.

Love Unexpected (2021)

Love Unexpected


Title: Love Unexpected

Director: Hu Hanqing

Writer: Qin Qin

Network: Mangguo TV

Runtime: From Feb. 7

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Ke Siyi sees the news and knows that their club is going to be taken down if his father cannot be the coach in three days according to the contract. But her father gives up the contract because he thinks he didn’t repay anything to the previous president.

Ke Siyi knows that Xu Luo is going to hire a personal bodyguard. She wants to get the position for saving her family club. Xu Nuo asks Ke Siyi to take down the killer in three minutes. She achieves the goal so that he hires her as his bodyguard. But he reminds her not to touch his body.

Xu Luo has a mood illness which makes him not smile. He has gotten the treatment from the girl. He decides to give up to get the treatment because he still cannot smile. The girl feels sad and tells him how to smile. Xu Luo runs into Ke Siyi. He feels the pain when she is hit by the pillar.

Ke Siyi practices boxing because she knows that she cannot protect Xu Nuo if she’s not good enough. But Xu Nuo gets beaten when he stays at home. He finds out that he will get hurt when she’s injured. He tells her to take care of herself. But she mistakes that he fell for her.


Qi Yandi as Ke Siyi

She is a very nice girl who likes to save people. But she wants to save her family boxing club after knowing Xu Nuo is going to take it down and build a mall. She tries to persuade him because she saved him three times. But he rejects it. So she becomes his bodyguard, and wants to move him.

Fan Shiqi as Xu Nuo

He is a heartless president who doesn’t care for anyone. He saw his mom dying in front of him. The little girl encouraged him to continue to live when he wanted to give up his life. He cannot feel any mood until Ke Siyi transferred her pain into his body.

Wang Xudong as Zhou Yanxin

He’s Xu Nuo’s lawyer. He tells Xu Nuo to keep Crazy Tiger Boxing Club because he likes to watch the boxing game when the players are beauties.

Zhang Chuxuan as Li Yunzhu

She is Ke Siyi’s sister. She is also the successor of Crazy Tiger Boxing Club. She just got the championship which makes Xu Nuo change his mind. Because he thinks she has a value.

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