“The Blessed Girl” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Blessed Girl” is a new Chinese fantasy drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the girl Huotu Linglong who visits flame palace which is the place her mom passed away. But she turns into an alien. People fear her and think she is a monster. The boy Yuan Yi shows up and tells people to worship Huo Lu Linglong because she is their God.

Zhao Jinmai and Lin Li are the lead actors.

Zhao Jinmai starred Chinese school romance drama “A Little Thing Called First Love” in 2019. She played an ugly girl who becomes the beauty after she studied hard. Zhao Jinmai will star “Growing Pain 2” in 2021.

Lin Li starred Chinese school romance dramaPut Your Head on My Shoulder” in 2019. He played a math genius who fell for a normal girl. Lin Yi will star “Love Scenery” in 2021.

The Blessed Girl (2021)

The Blessed Girl


Title: The Blessed Girl

Director: Xu Yiming

Writer: Yu Xiuting

Network: Penguin Film

Runtime: From Jan. 28

Episodes: 40

Language: Chinese


The mission of Flame Clan is to extinguish the earth flame of Flame Palace. The girl Huotu Linglong passes the trial and wants to go to Flame Wall to see her mom. But she’s told that she’s unqualified. So she goes to Flame Palace alone, and turns into a monster after she was in the flame.

Yuan Yi shows up and casts his blood into Huotu Linglong’s head. He tells her that she is the God Master, and gets her to cure her father Huotu Xin. Yuan Yi brings Huotu Linglong to Zhao Capital, and tells people that the girl is God Master. But nobody believes in what he said because he’s the emperor who doesn’t own any power.

Huotu Linglong believes in Yuan Yi, and wants to prove she’s the God Master. But Fei Tian tells her that she will be killed if she’s not the God Master. The minister tells Huotu Linglong that her ancestors brought the Earth Flame, and her clansman just makes up the sin.


Zhao Jinmai as Huotu Minglong

She is the girl who has been treated as monster since she was born. But Yuan Yi believes that she’s the God Master who can save his fate.

Lin Yi as Yuan Yi

He is the emperor of Su Chuan. But the ministers don’t think he’s suitable for his position, and want to replace him. He realizes that he needs to find God Master who can help him rule the national. He sees Huotu Linglong lighting up the Life Pillar, and believes she is the one he looks for.

Yuan Hong as Huotu Xin

He is Huotu Linglong’s father. He took his wife to break through flame wall, and sees her turning into the monster. He worries that HuoTu Linglong will be a monster like his wife. So he concealed the truth.

Cai Wenjing as Yin Zhuang

She is the daughter of Yin Clan. She wants to get back the glory of Yin Clan, so she marries the richest man in Su Chuan even if what she loves is Huotu Xin. She turns evil from an innocence girl.

Chen Zisi as Wu Yuan

She is asked to catch Huotu Xin. But she falls for him and saves him.

Zeng Li as Fei Tian

She is the chief of Yueling Clan. She owns a pair of white wings. She abandoned his husband for keeping her position. But she always takes Yuan Yi’s side. Because she knows the mission of Yueling Clan is to protect emperor. She doesn’t believe God so that she dislikes Huotu Linglong when Yuan Yi takes the girl back.

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