“The Rebel Princess” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Rebel Princess” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the princess Wang Xuan who wants to marry the prince Zi Tan. But her father is against it, and intends to marry her to Xiao Qi. Because Xiao Qi owns the military leadership of the nation.

“The Rebel Princess” is adapted from Mei Yuzhe’s novel “Monarch Industry“.

Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Yiwei are the lead actors.

Zhang Ziyi doesn’t have any experience in drama. She’s known to star Chinese movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in 2000.

Zhou Yiwei starred Chinese historical dramaThe Longest Day in Chang’an” in 2019. He also starred “New Face” in 2020.

The Rebel Princess (2021)

The Rebel Princess


Title: The Rebel Princess (Monarch Industry)

Director: Hou Yong

Writer: Luo Song

Network: Youku

Runtime: From Jan. 9

Episodes: 68

Language: Chinese


Wang Xuan becomes Shangyang Princess. Empress wants Wang Xuan to marry her son. But Wang Xuan rejects it, and intends to tell Emperor the man she loves. Wang Lin stops her because Helan Kingdom is attacking the nation. Emperor sends Xiao Qi to attack Helan troops. Xiao Qi wins. People treat him as a big hero.

Consort Xie is wronged to poison Emperor. Zi Tan gets involved. Empress tells Wang Xuan that she must marry Xiao Qi if she wants to save Zi Tan. Wang Xuan has to accept the marriage. But Xiao Qi runs away from the wedding. She tears up and gets Song Huaien to tell Xiao Qi that he’s a man.

Wang Xuan is kidnapped by Helan Zhen. Xiao Qi shows up and defeats Helan Zhen. But she still doesn’t forgive Xiao Qi. Because he used dirty method to get her. He tells her that everything was done by her father. He reveals he even ran away from the wedding for avoiding Wang Lin. Wang Xuan is moved and accepts the man as her husband.


Zhang Ziyi as Wang Xuan

She’s the girl who lives in the palace. She’s favored by Emperor, and she can anything she can. But her fate is changed when Empress asks her to marry Crown Prince.

Zhou Yiwei as Xiao Qi

He falls for Wang Xuan at the Lantern Festival even if she has a bad impression on him. But he rejects the offer when Wang Lin asks him if he wants to marry his daughter. Because he knows that Wang Xuan loves Zi Tan.

Yu Hewei as Wang Lin

He is the prime minister. He is also Wang Xuan’s father. He thinks his daughter should marry the Big General to own the military. So he’s against it when Wang Xuan wants to marry Zi Tan. He poisons Emperor and wants to replace him for the mission of Wang family. But he’s defeated by Second Prince.

Yang Youning as Zi Tan

He loves Wang Xuan and he can do anything for her. She loves the point because of it. But she realizes that he’s not suitable for her. Because he doesn’t care the nation and the people’s lives.

Zuo Xiaoqing as Xie Wanru

She’s the best friend of Wang Xuan. But she hates her most after Wang Xuan abandoned her younger brother Zi Tan and married Xiao Qi. She feels that she got betrayed, and uses Wang Xuan’s personal maid Su Jiner to hurt her.

Liu Yun as Su Jiner

She’s the person maid of Wang Xuan. Wang Xuan treats her as real sister. But she loves Zi Tan, and she’s in jealousy when Zi Tan only cares for Wang Xuan.

Zhao Yazhi as Elder Princess

She’s Wang Xuan’s mom. She doesn’t want her daughter to marry Xiao Qi for military power. She finds out that her husband wants to replace Emperor, and reports it to Empress.

Hui Yinghong as Consort Xie

She’s Zi Tan’s mom. She knows her son likes Wang Xuan so that she tries her best to be friend of Elder Princess. But she’s wronged to poisoned Emperor. She’s killed for protecting her son.

Yuan Hong as Helan Zhen

He mistakes that Xiao Qi killed his father. He kidnaps Wang Xuan and asks her to be his woman. But he gets rejected.

Pu Bajia as Second Prince

He’s a cowardly prince. But he becomes the devil after knowing Emperor isn’t his real father.


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