Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16. Cheon-Ki is painting King Yeongjong’s portrait in Dae-Yu’s help. Choi Jung blames Ha Ram for his leaving. He tells Cheon-Ki that he won’t help her next time if Ha Ram leaves again.

Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16.

Dae-Yu tells Choi Jung not to speak. Cheon-Ki chooses to trust her lover. Because she thinks Ha Ram knows that he will become demon king if he doesn’t come to the sealing ceremony. Ha Ram walks in the woods. He trips. Demon King shows up. He tells Ha Ram that the sealing ceremony won’t work. He laughs because he thinks he’s going to replace him.

Mi-Soo takes a look at the red moon. She tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that they should seal Demon King. She worries that Ha Ram won’t come. But he chooses to trust his best friend, and reveals Ha Ram ruined the holy ring. He walks in the painting room, telling the painters to speed up their work. He leaves the painting room, and asks Mi-Soo for sealing the door.

Mi-Soo does that. Ho Ryeong watches the people with God Samshin. Ho Ryeong worries that the sealing ceremony will fail. She mentions Ha Ram ruined the ring. God Samshin comforts Ho Ryeong that Demon King will come because he needs to take back his eyes. Ho Ryeong agrees to what God Samshin said. She intends to have a fight with Demon King.

But God Samshin tells Ho Ryeong not to do that. Because she wants to give the chance to Cheon-Ki. Ha Ram arrives at the palace. He becomes Demon King in the end. He walks to the painting room. He hits the door with his claws, trying to break into the room. Mi-Soo yells at Demon King. She tells him that she doesn’t allow him to get into it.

Mi-Soo tries to attack Demon King. But she gets defeated. Demon King breaks into the painting room. He stares at Cheon-Ki and takes away her eyes. She notes that she cannot see anything. She cries to grab Ha Ram’s claw, asking him to help her. God Samshin and Ho Ryeong take Demon King out of the painting room. They fight with him so that Cheon-Ki can do her job.

Grand Prince Yangmyung walks into the painting room. Cheon-Ki cries to tell him that she’s blind. Yoon-Guk shows up. He tells Cheon-Ki to continue to paint. Cheon-Ki does it in Grand Prince Yangmyung’s help. Eun-O shows up when Cheon-Ki needs his help. He gets into her body and replaces her to paint. But he leaves the last hit to her.

Cheon-Ki paints King Yeongjong’s eye. The portrait is done. Eun-O praises Cheon-Ki and holds her hand. He tells her that he has to go. She tears up and holds his hand back. He smiles at her and disappears. Yoon-Guk gives his power to the portrait. The portrait becomes a magic portrait.

God Samshin spots the light from the painting room. She’s very happy. Mi-Soo stands up and tries to kill Demon King with her sword. But she gets stunned and passes out. God Samshin takes a look at Ho Ryeong. She turns into a huge butterfly, pushing Demon King into the portrait.

Ho Ryeong tears up because she knows God Samshin passed away. Mi-Soo wakes up. She vomits the blood to the ground. She dies. Wol Seon thinks Mi-Soo tried her best to repay her sin. Cheon-Ki wants to see Ha Ram. Grand Prince Yangmyung supports her to walk because she cannot see anything.

Ha Ram wakes up. He notes that he can see his hands. He tries to look for his lover. Cheon-Ki hears Ha Ram’s voice. She tries to walk to him. But she trips. She feels happy after knowing Ha Ram isn’t blind anymore. She asks him for taking the duty. She puts her head on her shoulder. He promises to look after her. She sheds tears. Cheon-Ki notes that Ha Ram is tearing up. She touches his face to comfort him. He’s moved to kiss her.

Ms. Gyeonju walks out of the house with Won-Ho. She asks him for a kiss. He kisses her forehead. Chun-Bok spots it when he sweeps. He blames the two for doing so in front of him. He reminds them that it’s Cheon-Ki and Ha Ram’s birthday. Ms. Gyeonju goes to make make for the two. She smiles to call Won-Ho after he calls her wife.

Young-Wook leaves the academy with Choi Jung. They intend to visit Cheon-Ki. Dae-Yu waits for them. He hands over the book to Young-Wook. He asks him for giving it to Cheon-Ki. He walks away. Shwen-Nae sees Grand Prince Yangmyung taking the boat to leave. He’s told that the prince went to see Cheon-Ki. He thinks it’s a chance to take revenge.

Grand Prince Juhyang stays in the cell. He feels the pain which comes out from the scar which was given by Demon King. Young-Hwe notes it. He tells Grand Prince Juhyang to be patience because the followers will come to save them.

Jubu Jang tells his colleagues the tale of Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16. Ho Ryeong hears the talk. She thinks the people are fools. She wants to know what the couple are doing when the butterfly stays on the shoe. Cheon-Ki draws the butterfly when Ha Ram hugs her. He takes a look at the butterfly and he has a eye contact with her when she smiles at him.

Ha Ram casts the tile to the water. He makes some ripples. He hands over the stone to her, telling her to try it. She makes some ripples like him. She pours water to him. He pours it back. The two are happy. Cheon-Ki puts her head on Ha Ram’s shoulder when they sit together. Grand Prince Yangmyung spots it. He smiles with Go-Pil.

The kid Ha-Joong rushes to Cheon-Ki, calling her mom. Man Soo follows him and makes sure his younger master doesn’t trip. Ha Ram hugs Ha-Joong and tells him to obey his mom. Grand Prince Yangmyung waves to his friends, walking to them. Cheon-Ki takes Grand Prince Yangmyung to her house. Ha Ram carries Ha-Joong away.

Lovers of the Red Sky Ending: Episode 16 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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