My Name: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 6. Mu-Jin is bleeding in the car. Tae-Ju drives to the tunnel. He parks the car. Mu-Jin gets off the car. Tae-Ju leaves after he gave the phone to Mu-Jin. Ji-Woo is nervous to sit on the bench. She remembers she killed Gang-Jae.

My Name: Episode 6 Recap

My Name

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 6.

Mu-Jin climbs the snow mountain. He doesn’t want to give up the climbing even if he tripped many times. Pil-Do stares at the gun. He remembers he saw Gang-Jae’s death with Ji-Woo. Monk notes that someone visits his temple. He opens the door, and sees Mu-Jin collapsing. He carries him to his house, and gives him the treatment.

Ji-Woo takes a shower. She tries to wash off the blood on her face. But the blood keeps appearing. She returns to the gym, and hits the iron wire net. Because she wants to go out. Gang-Jae shows up from outside. It makes her startled. She steps back. But he catches the chance to grab her neck behind her.

Ji-Woo tries to take off Gang-Jae. But it doesn’t work. She wakes up from the nightmare and goes to wash face. Someone visits her. She goes to take a look who is the guy. She finds out that the person is Pil-Do. She opens the door and walks to him. He shows the drinks to her, and notes that it snows.

Pil-Do walks into Ji-Woo and tries to take a look at the foods in her fridge. But she stops him. So he walks around the house and sees the ashes pot. She shows up in front of him to block his sight. He drops the drinks and opens the shutter.

The two sit on the floor and watch the snow through the shutter. Pil-Do tells Ji-Woo to get herself some hobbies. She reveals she likes beach. So he tells her that he intends to go to the beach with her. She knows that he wants her to be happy. She tells him that she’s fine.

But Pil-Do doesn’t believe it. He thinks Ji-Woo and Gang-Jae knew each other. Because he heard the guy mentioned her name. Ji-Woo reveals the jerk tried to sleep with her, and shows the scar on her arm to Pil-Do. He learns that she wanted to take revenge for Gang-Jae.

Ji-Woo falls asleep on the floor. Pil-Do wears the blanket on her. He leaves her house. She goes to close the shutter. Mu-Jin wakes up. He climbs to the door. He opens the door and sees Monk. He tells him that he found someone he can trust. Monk tells Mu-Jin to go to sleep. Gi-Ho tells the police to go to find Mu-Jin.

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Someone rings the bell. Ji-Woo opens the door and sees the letter. She opens the letter and finds a group photo inside. She finds out that her father Dong-Hoon is a police officer, knowing his name Joon-Su. She gets a message from Mu-Jin who asks for a meeting up.

Ji-Woo arrives at the temple. Mu-Jin is waiting for her. She hands over the photo Gang-Jae sent to her. She asks him if her dad was a police officer. He admits it but he tells her that Dong-Hoon betrayed the police. He takes her to the room. She pays her respect to her father.

Ji-Woo has a seat on the floor. She says that she can understand her father now. Mu-Jin thinks Ji-Woo does the thing Dong-Hoon did. He reveals he tail Dong-Hoon, finding out that he went to see her. He reminds her that her father was a gangster. Ji-Woo is in tears. She asks Mu-Jin why he didn’t tell it to her. He tells her that he wanted her to find the truth herself.

Pil-Do visits Monk and shows Mu-Jin’s photo to him. Monk tells Monk that the person isn’t at the temple. Pil-Do doesn’t believe it, and tries to look for Mu-Jin. He gets a call from someone. He leaves the temple. Ji-Woo gets in her car. She remembers Mu-Jin told her that Gi-Ho took her dad’s life.

Chief Police tells Gi-Ho not to look for Mu-Jin. Gi-Ho isn’t happy. He goes to the restaurant, and tries to drink. Pil-Do shows up. He joins Gi-Ho. Gi-Ho asks Pil-Do what he will do if he finds the murderer but he’s lack of evidence. Pil-Do cheers Gi-Ho up and tells him that he will catch Mu-Jin. Gi-Ho thumbs up. Pil-Do smiles. He drinks with Gi-Ho.

Mu-Jin calls Tae-Ju and tells him to help Ji-Woo kill Gi-Ho. Mu-Jin burns up the note which contains Dong-Hoon’s name. Ji-Woo parks her car and gets off her car. She wears a black cap. Pil-Do helps the drunk Gi-Ho get off the cab. He carries him to his house. He leaves after he got into his house.

Gi-Ho throws away his glasses and lies on the couch. He sees someone and tries to pull out his gun. But the man in black stabs him. But he gets hurt as well. The man in black opens the door and runs away from Gi-Ho’s house. He hides himself after seeing Ji-Woo. She tries to visit Gi-Ho. But she sees the blood on the lock.

Ji-Woo opens the door. She takes the knife to sneak into the house. But she gets shot.

My Name: Episode 6 stars Han So-Hee, Park Hee-Soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun.

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