Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 15. Ha Ram asks King Seongjo why he wanted to see him. He thinks he’s known his identity. Grand Prince Yangmyung shows up behind Ha Ram. He tells him that the one who did it was him. He greets King Seongjo.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 15 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 15.

King Seongjo tells Ha Ram that he didn’t know what King Yeongjong did to Sung-Jin. He adds that the one took his father’s life was Demon King. Ha Ram is shocked after knowing what he did to Sung-Jin. He cries to get on knees to King Seongjo.

King Seongjo holds Ha Ram’s hand. He tells him that he won’t hurt him. Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Ha Ram not to feel guilty for the death of his dad. Grand Prince Juhyang tells the killer to do the death penalty because Cheon-Ki doesn’t come. Won-Ho is startled when the killer waves the blade behind him.

Cheon-Ki shows up when the killer lifts the blade. She rushes to push him away, and gets on knees to Grand Prince Juhyang. She asks him for his mercy. But he doesn’t intend to do that. So she blames him for taking her dad’s life. He tells her that her father’s death was because of her.

Grand Prince Juhyang raises his hand so that the killer lifts his blade. Cheon-Ki yells and tries to be close to him. But she’s stopped by his bodyguard. She asks Grand Prince Juhyang that he will be punished by God. But he tells her that he’s God. He puts down his hand.

The killer tries to take Won-Ho. But King Seongjo stops the killer. Grand Prince Juhyang greets King Seongjo when he walks to him. King Seongjo scolds Grand Prince Juhyang, and tells the follower to release all of people in the painting academy.

Cheon-Ki tears up. She takes a look at Ha Ram. King Seongjo leaves. Grand Prince Juhyang follows his father. Cheon-Ki walks to Ms. Gyeonju after the lady got released. They ask each other if they got hurt when they cry. Choi Jung thinks Cheon-Ki shouldn’t come to save them. But Young-Wook disagrees. He praises Cheon-Ki.

Ha Ram walks to Cheon-Ki. Everybody in the painting academy bows to him. Cheon-Ki wants to thank Ha Ram like other people. But he praises her. Mae Hyang stares at the two when she wears veil. Won-Ho asks Cheon-Ki about her father. Ha Ram reveals the old man was killed by Grand Prince Juhyang. Won-Ho cries. Mae Hyang leaves.

Cheon-Ki sits on the bench in the yard. Ha Ram joins her. She thinks her father’s death was because of her. He tells her that he took his father’s life when he was a child. She grabs his hand to comfort him. She tells him not to blame himself. He grabs her hand back, and tells her not to restrain her feelings.

Cheon-Ki cries and thinks she gave Eun-O a hard time. Ha Ram catches the chance to hug Cheon-Ki. He offers to bury Eun-O. She agrees to it. Grand Prince Juhyang gets on knees to King Seongjo in the palace. King Seongjo is furious to tell his son that he’s going to punish him for what he did to the innocent people.

Grand Prince Juhyang shows the scar to King Seongjo. He tells him that he will die if he cannot get Demon King. He thinks he only cares for the portrait. Grand Prince Juhyang tells King Seongjo that the one who made him be like that was him.

King Seongjo tears up. He thinks what Grand Prince Juhyang said was right. Grand Prince Juhyang yells at his father. He asks him why he gave the title “crown prince” to Grand Prince Yangmyung. King Seongjo tells Grand Prince Juhyang that he did it because he’s not a good prince. He tells the bodyguards to take away his son.

Grand Prince Juhyang laughs to tell King Seongjo that he will remember the moment. He runs into Grand Prince Yangmyung. He thinks he got the position from pretending to be a good person. Grand Prince Yangmyung thinks his brother wouldn’t to be like that if he didn’t take him to the royal temple. He tells Grand Prince Juhyang to make an apology to their father.

But Grand Prince Juhyang rejects it. So Grand Prince Yangmyung tells the bodyguards to take away his brother. Wol Seon visits Mi-Soo in the jail. She tells her to replace her holding the sealing ceremony before the red sky appears. Mi-Soo is confused. Wol Seon tells Mi-Soo that she cannot hold the sealing ceremony because she doesn’t have any magic. She walks away.

Ha Ram takes Cheon-Ki to the mountain which is surrounded by oceans. She’s surprised that he buried his father there. He tells her that all of his families have water power.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 15 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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