Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 1. Deok-Sim prays to the god and wishes her husband to be fine. The wolves are close to her when she’s going to give birth. She passes out after seeing the wolves. God Samshin shows up and picks up the baby Cheon-Ki. She drives wolves away with just one step.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 1 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 1.

Eun-O completes the portrait of King Yeongjong. The bodyguards carry the portrait to outside. Eun-O and his colleague’s hands begin to shake. Eun-O passes out. Sung-Jin takes out a sword and makes Demon King leave King Yeongjong’s body.

Demon King tries to hurt King Seongjo but the light on his clothes protects him. Demon King attacks Sung-Jin. God Samshin stops Demon King with her magic. Sung-Jin seals Demon King in God Samshin’s help. But Demon King leaves the curse before he gets into the painting. God Samshin takes a look at Cheon-Ki who is blinded by Demon King. She tells her that she will get someone to help her.

A meteor falls from the sky. The baby Ha Ram is born. The bodyguards put the painting into the cabinet. They lock it up. King Seongjo worries about the curse of Demon King. He leaves King Yeongjong. Gok-Rae takes the bodyguards to surround Sung-Jin. Mi-Soo tells Sung-Jin that King Yeongjong doesn’t want him to be alive. Gok-Rae chases Sung-Jin to the cliff and cuts him. Sung-Jin falls from the cliff.

The people are tortured by the droughts. They wish to get rain. Mi-Soo walks in the woods. She spots the boy Ha Ram helping people find the water. She tails him and finds out that he’s Sung-Jin’s son. Mi-Soo visits Sung-Jin. She tells him that she needs Ha Ram’s power. Sung-Jin is furious to attack Mi-Soo. But he gets defeated.

Eun-O is drawing the portrait for Cheon-Ki. The kid thinks Cheon-Ki is a monster. He takes away the painting. Eun-O is nervous to ask the kid to return the painting to Cheon-Ki. The kid is scared to run away. Ha Ram passes by. He takes a look at Cheon-Ki.

Sung-Jin beats Eun-O with his stick when he’s close to him. Cheon-Ki begs Sung-Jin for forgiving her dad, and reveals he’s a lunatic. Eun-O hugs Cheon-Ki and cries. Sung-Jin recognizes Eun-O and takes him to his house. The two learn that their children were born when they sealed Demon King.

Ha Ram follows Cheon-Ki to walk into the classroom when Won-Ho is taking class. Cheon-Ki gets Ha Ram to close his eyes. She tells him that she can see the world when she does so. Cheon-Ki goes to see Won-Ho and startles him when he has a date with Ms. Gyeonju.

Ha Ram holds Cheon-Ki’s hand when she draws a star on the ground. God Samshin gives a butterfly badge to Ha Ram when he passes by. He’s surprised that the butterfly disappears from his hand. God Samshin smiles when she sees the two kids off.

Mi-Soo reports to King Seongjo that Sung-Jin’s son will bring rain to the nation. King Seongjo feels happy after knowing Sung-Jin isn’t dead. King Seongjo feels guilty for killing another human. Mi-Soo tells him that there won’t be any rain if he doesn’t kill the kid.

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Cheon-Ki gets Ha Ram to climb to the peach tree to steal the peach. He wants to give up the plan after knowing the peach tree owner Ms. Anseong has a terrible temper. He picks the peach for Cheon-Ki after she sighed that she’s a blind woman.

Cheon-Ki smiles after she smelled the peach. But Ha Ram falls from the tree and lies on Cheon-Ki. He takes a look at her and has some feelings for her. Ms. Anseong wakes up and spots the two kids. She begins to chase them. Cheon-Ki’s leg is hurt when she runs away.

Ha Ram blames Cheon-Ki for make him be a thief. She tells him that she dislikes him, and tries to leave alone. He holds her clothes to stop her. She cries and tells him that she wanted to eat the peach with him. He tells her not to feel guilty for the bad luck of her parents.

Ha Ram notes that Cheon-Ki’s leg is injured when he eats peach with her. He binds up her leg with his handkerchief, and carries her. He tells her that there’re many stars in the sky. He drops her after he arrived at the house. She tries to return the handkerchief to him. He rejects it and binds up her leg with his handkerchief again. Cheon-Ki touches Ha Ram’s face and kisses him. He panics to step back, and promises to pick peaches with her next day.

King Seongjo visits Ha Ram when the maids are wearing clothes for him. He grabs his hands and tells him that he’s very important to him. Eun-O mistakes the customer as Demon King. He’s scared to hug the bamboo. Cheon-Ki decides to look for medicine for Eun-O.

Grand Prince Juhyang is bullied by Crown Prince. Grand Prince Juhyang gets angry. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes Grand Prince Juhyang to visit the ancestral temple for making his brother happy. They spot the portrait of King Yeongjong there.

Grand Prince Juhyang burns up the portrait by mistake. Demon King gets released. He spots Ha Ram and flies to him. He gets into his body. Mi-Soo summons the thunder and makes Ha Ram and Cheon-Ki fall into the water. The bodyguards take Grand Prince Juhyang away when he’s staring at the burning portrait.

Demon King wakes up from Ha Ram’s body. He spots a butterfly. The butterfly takes the eyes away from him, and gives the eyes to Cheon-Ki when she passes out in the water. Cheon-Ki opens her eyes and sees the fishes. Ha Ram is lifted from the water. Sung-Jin rushes to his son and tries to wake him up.

Cheon-Ki lies at the place where her mom gave birth to her. Mi-Soo gets caught. Ha Ram opens his eyes and tells Sung-Jin that he’s blind. Cheon-Ki smiles when she sees the rain.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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