Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 4. Cheon-Ki tells her name to Ha Ram, and reveals her dad is a painter. He realizes that she was the girl he carried. She tries to help him walk into the house. Grand Prince Juhyang spots Ha Ram and tells Mi-Soo about Ha Ram’s identity.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 4 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 4.

Mi-Soo remembers Water Demon got into Ha Ram’s body. She stops Grand Prince Juhyang when he wants to be close to Ha Ram. Cheon-Ki goes out of house after he helped Ha Ram have a seat. Grand Prince Yangmyung spots Cheon-Ki and stares at her.

Cheon-Ki asks Grand Prince Yangmyung why he came to the place. He asks her if she saw Ha Ram. She denies and smiles at him. He avoids her smiling and tries to walk into the house. But she stops him and thinks he’s very rude. He tells her about his identity. It makes her laugh. She tries to driver him away.

Ha Ram stops Cheon-Ki when he walks out of the house. Grand Prince Yangmyung rushes to join Ha Ram. Cheon-Ki lifts the axe because she worries that Grand Prince Yangmyung will hurt Ha Ram. She drops the weapon after finding out that the two are friends. She runs away.

Man Soo shows up. He begins to wear shoes for Ha Ram. Grand Prince Yangmyung tries to take Ha Ram away. He asks about Cheon-Ki. Ha Ram tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that the girl helped him a lot. He leaves a note to her. Man Soo puts a pumpkin on the note.

Mi-Soo thinks Ha Ram is the murderer. She wants to look into him. She leaves with Grand Prince Juhyang. Cheon-Ki shows up after all of the people left. She holds the note. Grand Prince Juhyang walks out of the pool after he took a bath. The follower wears the clothes for Grand Prince Juhyang.

Grand Prince Juhyang feels painful because of the scar on his belly. He remembers Water Demon got into his body and left the scar. He looks at himself from the mirror, and swears to find Water Demon. Grand Prince Yangmyung meets up with King Seongjo. He reports to him that the murderer isn’t a human.

King Seongjo remembers Water Demon. He tries to give a task to Grand Prince Yangmyung. But the follower reports to King Seongjo that Ha Ram visited him. King Seongjo goes to see Ha Ram. He asks him to explain why the owls cried. Ha Ram comforts King Seongjo that the owl’s crying will bring a good luck to him.

King Seongjo laughs. He tells Ha Ram to choose a day for him because he wants to give his throne to Grand Prince Juhyang. Ha Ram is against it. He tells King Seongjo that people like Grand Prince Yangmyung more than Grand Prince Juhyang. But King Seongjo insists on making Grand Prince Juhyang to be the next king.

Cheon-Ki has breakfast. She thinks she should forget Ha Ram because he’s not the one she can date. Young-Wook takes Cheon-Ki to take a look at the paper of Grand Prince Yangmyung. She learns that Grand Prince Yangmyung wants to hire a painter. She remembers she was arrogant to Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Choi Jung shows up behind Cheon-Ki. He startles her. Chun-Bok tells Cheon-Ki that Won-Ho wants to see her. Cheon-Ki goes to see Won-Ho. He tells her that she can only take part in the painting gathering after she completes the task he gave to her. She promises to complete the task. She’s furious to leave the room.

Won-Ho asks people to take a look at the list of the players. Cheon-Ki finds out that she’s not on the list, and blames Won-Ho for doing that. He points out that she didn’t complete the task he gave her. She’s furious to walk away.

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Cheon-Ki takes away the list from Chun-Bok. She writes her name to the list, and tries to return the list to Chun-Bok. He flees because he worries that he will take the duty. Cheon-Ki is upset after she realizes that she will see Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Cheon-Ki walks into the prince palace. She spots Ha Ram who is standing at the pavilion. He recognizes her after he heard her voice. He walks to her and asks her if she likes Grand Prince Yangmyung. She explains that she yelled at Grand Prince Yangmyung. It makes him laugh.

Ha Ram tells Cheon-Ki that he will hand over the list to Grand Prince Yangmyung for her since she doesn’t want to see the guy. She feels happy and tries to give the list to him. But Grand Prince Yangmyung shows up. Cheon-Ki has to hide herself under the clothes.

Cheon-Ki drops her clothes and runs away when Grand Prince Yangmyung tries to take a look at her. He recognizes her and chases her. Grand Prince Yangmyung catches Cheon-Ki when he holds her hand. She gives him a slap when he tries to take a look at her face. He’s furious to scold her.

Grand Prince Yangmyung picks up the book Cheon-Ki dropped. He takes a look at the book and thinks she’s the student of Won-Ho. He tries to take away the list but tears it up and makes Cheon-Ki fall. Ha Ram catches the chance to hug Cheon-Ki. The two have an eye contact.

Cheon-Ki is upset after she found out that the list was ruined by Grand Prince Yangmyung. Ha Ram smiles and takes Cheon-Ki and Grand Prince Yangmyung to the pavilion. Cheon-Ki tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that she worried that he will give her a lesson if he knows that she’s the player of the gathering.

Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Cheon-Ki that he’s not such a mean prince. Ha Ram hints Cheon-Ki to apologize to Grand Prince Yangmyung. She gets on knees to Grand Prince Yangmyung. He tells her that he won’t punish her because he wants her to be his princess.

Ha Ram catches the chance to pour the tea to the table. It wets Grand Prince Yangmyung’s clothes. Cheon-Ki walks away. Grand Prince Yangmyung invites Ha Ram to attend the painting gathering.

Eun-O paints the painting. He passes out. Cheon-Ki finds him and takes him to see a doctor. The doctor tells Cheon-Ki that Eun-O will pass away. She gets on knees to him and asks him for helping Eun-O. He tells her that there is a medicine which can save her dad. But it’s in the palace.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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