Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 6. Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Cheon-Ki why she painted the boulder black. He thinks she tried to show off her painting skill. She explains to him that she couldn’t see anything before, and the boulder’s looks was like that when she got the vision.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 6 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 6.

Grand Prince Yangmyung is shocked and gives Cheon-Ki a pass. It makes her feel happy. Ha Ram smiles. Ahn Gyeon visits Grand Prince Yangmyung and tells him that Cheon-Ki is Eun-O’s daughter. He thinks the girl is the one King Seongjo has looked for. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes a look at Cheon-Ki’s painting. He remembers the scene when he ran into her the first time.

Grand Prince Yangmyung shows up at the gathering of the painters. He asks Cheon-Ki if the butterfly is her mark. It makes Young-Wook and Choi Jung upset. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes Cheon-Ki to outside so that he can talk with her alone. He tells her that he knew she imitated the painting of someone else. He thinks she won’t get the first place if she doesn’t put her soul into her painting.

Cheon-Ki tears up when Grand Prince Yangmyung is cold to walk away. Grand Prince Yangmyung joins Grand Prince Juhyang. Young-Hwe brings up that Crown Prince needs a wife. Won-Ho waits for Cheon-Ki. He mentions he told her not to attend the painting gathering. She yells at him that she didn’t do anything wrong because she’s a painter as well.

Won-Ho tells Cheon-Ki that Eun-O wanted to be a top painter like her. He tells her not to attend the painting gathering. But she rejects it. She’s furious to walk away. Cheon-Ki tears up. She remembers all of people told her to give up. But she needs to save her father. She lifts her head and sees the horse.

Grand Prince Juhyang shows his scar on his forehead to Grand Prince Yangmyung. He reveals he got the scar when he fought with the enemies. He thinks he’s the one who helped the nation so much. He tells him to support him to replace Crown Prince because Crown Prince is unhealthy and he cannot become the next king. Grand Prince Yangmyung is furious to hit the table. He’s against to Grand Prince Juhyang’s plan.

Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Grand Prince Juhyang that he will be his enemy if he does so. Grand Prince Juhyang is furious to leave. The bodyguard hears the talk. He tries to end the message to King Seongjo with the homing pigeon. But Moo Young shoots the homing pigeon and gets the note. He hands over the note to Ha Ram, and reports it to him.

Ha Ram wants to take revenge for the bodyguard because he was the one who killed his dad. He tells Moo Young to give the letter to Grand Prince Juhyang. Moo Young sneaks into Grand Prince Juhyang’s palace and stuns the bodyguards. He casts the note to the Grand Prince Juhyang’s room. Grand Prince Juhyang reads the note and grabs it tightly.

Cheon-Ki feeds the horse the grasses. She tells him that she needs to get the first place to save her dad. But Won-Ho and Grand Prince Yangmyung gave her the hard time. Ha Ram shows up. He tells Cheon-Ki to do anything she wants to do.

Cheon-Ki thinks it’s not a easy task. She asks Ha Ram what he will do if the thing happened on him. He tells her not to feel guilty, and takes her to ride through the woods. He helps her get off the horse after they arrived at the lake.

Cheon-Ki reveals there was a boy who took her there before. She’s shocked to look at Ha Ram when he asks her how many stars in the sky. She holds his hand and lets his hand touch her face. He kisses her. But he feels uncomfortable and passes out.

Ha Ram sees a demon in the water. He wakes up from the nightmare and tells Cheon-Ki to forget the boy. He thinks it’s the only way to prevent her from getting hurt. She’s sad to grab her fist. Ha Ram rides the horse with Cheon-Ki to go through the woods. They get back to the palace. He tells her that he will appear at the painting gathering. He walks into the house. She tries to follow him but gives up the mind. She thinks he’s heartless. He hears what she said when he stands at the yard.

Cheon-Ki blows out candle. She’s going to sleep. But she cannot fall asleep because her kiss got stolen. Ha Ram takes a look at the moon. Grand Prince Yangmyung writes something on the paper. Grand Prince Juhyang draws the bow.

The third round test begins. Dae-Yu chooses Cheon-Ki as his rival. Cheon-Ki takes a look at Ha Ram. She tells herself that she cannot forget the guy. Ha Ram tells himself not to have feelings for Cheon-Ki. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes a look at Cheon-Ki. He’s stunned by her painting skill. She receives many passes. She feels happy.

Cheon-Ki gets the first place. She tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that she wants to get the medicine to cure her father’s illness. He realizes that she’s a good daughter who cares for her father. He’s moved and promises to give the medicine to her.

Eun-O shows up at the painting gathering with the brush which contains ink. He spots Grand Prince Juhyang and Ha Ram. He hints Ha Ram to be careful because he knows Grand Prince Juhyang is a demon. He casts the brush to Grand Prince Juhyang. Grand Prince Juhyang catches the brush but his clothes gets stained.

The bodyguard takes down Eun-O. Cheon-Ki recognizes Eun-O. She runs to Eun-O, and gets knees to Grand Prince Juhyang. She asks him for his mercy.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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