Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 5. Cheon-Ki tries to get into the painting gathering. But she’s caught by Shwen-Nae. Go-Pil doesn’t allow Cheon-Ki to attend the painting gathering because she’s a female.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 5 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 5.

Ha Ram shows up. He parts Shwen-Nae and Cheon-Ki with his cane. He hugs Cheon-Ki to protect her. Shwen-Nae tries to attack Ha Ram. But he gets defeated. Go-Pil drives Shwen-Nae and his followers away. Go-Pil invites Ha Ram to get into the painting gathering. But Ha Ram wants to take Cheon-Ki. Go-Pil is speechless.

Cheon-Ki is excited when she sees the painters. She volunteers to guide Ha Ram after knowing he got invited by Grand Prince Yangmyung. She gets him to have a seat, and runs into Young-Wook and Choi Jung. She tells the two that she had a fight with Shwen-Nae.

Ha Ram walks in Man Soo’s help. He greets Grand Prince Yangmyung. Grand Prince Juhyang’s smiling is frozen when he spots Ha Ram. He wonders why he attended the gathering. Ha Ram greets Grand Prince Juhyang and flatters him. Grand Prince Juhyang laughs when Ha Ram is trying to walk away. Ha Ram hears Grand Prince Juhyang’s laughing. He remembers what he did to him. He glares at him.

Young-Wook thinks Cheon-Ki isn’t going to get the first place because there’re so many talented painters. But she still doesn’t want to lose the hope. Young-Wook thinks Cheon-Ki doesn’t know what is fear because she’s a little girl.

Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Ahn Gyeon to announce the topic. He hands over the note to him. Ahn Gyeon takes a look at the note and finds out that it’s a poem. He recites the poem. Grand Prince Yangmyung smiles at Ahn Gyeon and asks him if he likes his plan to catch the imitation painter. Ahn Gyeon praises Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Grand Prince Yangmyung shows his handwriting. People spot it and think he’s doing the good job. The follower worries that Grand Prince Juhyang will put what people said into his mind. Grand Prince Juhyang denies. He says that he feels happy for Grand Prince Yangmyung like other people. But the follower reminds Grand Prince Juhyang that his brother’s intention isn’t simple. Ha Ram smiles after hearing what the two said.

Cheon-Ki doesn’t understand the meaning of the poem. Choi Jung explains it to her. She begins to paint, and remembers the painting skill her dad taught her. She paints a butterfly on the painting. Ha Ram drinks the tea. He tells himself to restrain his feelings to Cheon-Ki. Because he knows it will ruin his plan.

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The judges see Cheon-Ki’s painting. They think she did a great job. So they give her some passes. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes a look at Cheon-Ki’s painting. He sees the butterfly and gives her a fail. She’s furious to stand up. She asks him for a talk. He tells her to come to him.

Cheon-Ki walks to Grand Prince Yangmyung. She gets on knees to him and asks him why he did that to her. He tells her the reason why he rejected her. Young-Wook remembers Cheon-Ki painted the butterfly on the painting, and realizes that it was because of the butterfly. The judges who praised Cheon-Ki’s painting change their mind after they were affected by Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Cheon-Ki has no way but to leave the place. But Ahn Gyeon stops her, and tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that Cheon-Ki is a holy painter. Two butterflies fly to the painting and stick to it. Ahn Gyeon spots it and remembers Won-Ho asked him to stop Cheon-Ki because she’s the daughter of Eun-O. He gives his all-pass tile to the girl.

Grand Prince Yangmyung announces Cheon-Ki’s victory. She tears up and gets back to her seat. Choi Jung tells Cheon-Ki that Grand Prince Yangmyung rejected her because he bought the painting which was sold by Wolseongdang. But she doesn’t believe it. The two painters badmouth Ha Ram and Cheon-Ki. They think Ha Ram used magic to help Cheon-Ki. Cheon-Ki is furious to pour water to them.

Cheon-Ki goes to see Choi Jung. She asks him about Ha Ram. He thinks she has feelings for the guy, and reveals Ha Ram got red eyes when Mi-Soo summoned rain. Cheon-Ki realizes that Ha Ram is her childhood friend.

The second round begins. Cheon-Ki doesn’t know what to do because she needs to paint on the oil paper with a huge brush. Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Ha Ram to give topic to the painters this time. Ha Ram walks to the stage and recites a poem about peach. Cheon-Ki stares at him when he gets back to his seat. She’s sure that the man was the one who picked up peach for her.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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