Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 8. Cheon-Ki gets off Grand Prince Yangmyung’s back and tries to walk to Ha Ram. Grand Prince Yangmyung stops Cheon-Ki from holding her hand. He scolds Ha Ram for making the beauty walk in the rain, trying to take her away.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 8 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 8.

Cheon-Ki refuses to leave with Grand Prince Yangmyung in Lovers of the Red Sky episode 8. She explains that Ha Ram is blind, returning the clothes to Grand Prince Yangmyung. Grand Prince Yangmyung accepts the clothes when Go-Pil runs to him holding the umbrella for him.

Grand Prince Yangmyung leaves with Go-Pil. But he turns around and sees Cheon-Ki walking away with Ha Ram. Cheon-Ki arrives at the pavilion. She asks him why he looked for her in the rain. He admits that he was the boy she knew, asking her to pretend to not know him.

Lovers of the Red Sky stuns Cheon-Ki and makes her tear up. She tells Ha Ram not to feel guilty for his parent’s death. She walks away. King Seongjo reads the letter that the bodyguard wrote to him. He knows what Grand Prince Juhyang did.

King Seongjo vomits blood to the handkerchief. He realizes that he’s going to pass away. He sends the letters to the two princes, asking Ahn Gyeon to get Cheon-Ki to complete the painting within one month. Grand Prince Yangmyung thinks of Cheon-Ki in the palace. Lovers of the Red Sky startles him when Go-Pil informs his master that someone visited him.

Grand Prince Juhyang takes a bath. Lovers of the Red Sky gives him the pain. He swears to find the demon king. He mentions Eun-O, and tells Mi-Soo that Cheon-Ki is the painter’s daughter. She wonders how the girl got her eyes, and thinks Cheon-Ki will complete the painting. She tells Grand Prince Juhyang that she needs Ha Ram’s blood to confirm if he’s demon king or not.

Mi-Soo visits Ha Ram after she cast the spell to the door. Moo Young tries to hand over the tiger painting to Ha Ram. But it hurts his master’s hand. Cheon-Ki keeps thinking of Grand Prince Yangmyung and Ha Ram when she paints. Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Cheon-Ki with a box of medicines. Lovers of the Red Sky makes her happy.

Cheon-Ki tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that she prepares a gift for him. He doesn’t want to accept the gift because he thinks she’s broke. So she tells him that she painted a painting for him. He feels happy after seeing the painting.

Grand Prince Yangmyung brings up the thing that she was cold to him. He realizes that she likes Ha Ram after she refused to tell the truth of her and Ha Ram. He leaves her house. Ha Ram visits Grand Prince Juhyang. Mi-Soo introduces herself to Ha Ram. He remembers that she was the one who took away his eyes. But he pretends to see her the first time.

Mi-Soo asks Ha Ram about the spirit who lifted him from the water. But he says that he doesn’t remember anything. Lovers of the Red Sky reminds Ha Ram that he encountered Cheon-Ki when he lost his memories. Grand Prince Juhyang is furious after Ha Ram told him he doesn’t know demon king at all. He makes him bleed with his sword.

Cheon-Ki gets changed to walk out of the room. She intends to leave with other painters. Ms. Gyeonju gives the foods to Cheon-Ki. Cheon-Ki feels disappointed because Won-Ho doesn’t come to see her off. He shows up and tells her to work for him after she completes the painting.

Cheon-Ki goes the the painting department. She runs into Dae-Yu. He tells her that he decides to stay in the palace. The chief painter takes Cheon-Ki to the painting room. He introduces her to the painters. Choi Jung hears the women badmouthing Cheon-Ki. He scolds them.

Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Ha Ram. He asks him about him and Cheon-Ki’s relationship. Ha Ram reveals he has known the girl for a long time. He admits that he likes Cheon-Ki. Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Ha Ram not to make the girl walk in the rain if he loves her. Lovers of the Red Sky reminds Grand Prince Yangmyung that he shouldn’t ask Ha Ram if he actually loves Cheon-Ki or not. Because he’s a prince.

Grand Prince Yangmyung swears to make Cheon-Ki fall for him when he walks. Chief Painter takes Cheon-Ki to see Ahn Gyeon. Ahn Gyeon asks Cheon-Ki for working with him in the evening. He tells her that the Chief Painter will tell her how to do it.

Lovers of the Red Sky takes Cheon-Ki to see Jubu Jang. But the guy isn’t there. Cheon-Ki walks around and runs into Ha Ram. She wants to leave. But he keeps her when he holds her arm. He puts his fingers on her wrist to check her pulse. It makes her blush. He mistakes that she’s sick. She denies.

Ha Ram takes Cheon-Ki to the astrology tower. Cheon-Ki recognizes the star big dipper. Lovers of the Red Sky reveals the fate of Cheon-Ki. Ahn Gyeon tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that King Seongjo wants Cheon-Ki to fix the painting soon. Because he’s sick.

Ha Ram tells Cheon-Ki that he will help her fix the painting. He leaves the room with her because she wants to go to somewhere. Ho Ryeong shows up. She sees the two off. She thinks God Samshin did a good job. She returns to the tiger painting.

Ha Ram takes Cheon-Ki to see Ahn Gyeon. He leaves. Ahn Gyeon takes Cheon-Ki to see the broken portrait. Lovers of the Red Sky startles her when she stares at the portrait. Ahn Gyeon helps Cheon-Ki leave the room. He takes her to the painting room. She’s surprised to see Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Cheon-Ki that he can help her paint the portrait because he remembers King Yeongjong’s looks. Lovers of the Red Sky reminds Cheon-Ki that she dropped something when she looked at the broken portrait. So she returns to look for it.

But the guard doesn’t allow Cheon-Ki to get into the royal temple. Ha Ram shows up. Cheon-Ki tells him about her trouble. He explains it to the guard for her. The guard lets the two in. Ha Ram follows Cheon-Ki to get into the room. He sees the broken portrait when she’s look for her stuff.

Lovers of the Red Sky makes Ha Ram feel uncomfortable. Young-Hwe reports to Grand Prince Juhyang that it was confirmed that Ha Ram is the demon king. He adds that Mi-Soo is going to summon the monster. Grand Prince Juhyang smiles.

Cheon-Ki finds her stuff in the end. But she finds out that Ha Ram doesn’t feel well. She takes him to walk out of the room, trying to wake him up. But Lovers of the Red Sky controls the guards. Ha Ram pushes Cheon-Ki away when Grand Prince Yangmyung shows up. Grand Prince Yangmyung is shocked to see Ha Ram when his eyes turn red.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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