Squid Game Ending Explained

Squid Game has ended for some days. People still talk about the Netflix drama on Reddit and Youtube. The director and the writer Hwang Dong-Hyuk left many questions to the viewers. But he didn’t answer the questions. So the ending explained is needed since I watched and recapped the TV show.

How to write a good ending explain is what I’m thinking. To cover all of the parts of the last episode, the ending explained of Squid Game includes Front Man, Old Man, red hair, plane and the police.

Squid Game

Front Man

The hero Gi-Hun wins Squid Game after Sang-Woo sacrificed himself. Gi-Hun has a talk with Front Man in the expensive car. Front Man tells Gi-Hun that he treats the players like horses. He appears again after Gi-Hun met with Old Man.

It seems that Front Man was the previous winner of Squid Game. He got invited by Old Man to be the VIP. His goal was to guarantee the equity of the game and make sure Old Man wouldn’t get hurt when he played the game. He continues the Squid Game after Old Man passed away. I believes that the person will appear in Season 2 again.

Old Man

Gi-Hun drinks by the river after his mom passed away. He finds the Squid Game business card from the flowers. It calls him old friend which was only called by Player 001 the Old Man once. He realizes that he was fooled by Old Man. So he goes to the sky building where Old Man stays.

Old Man still asks Gi-Hun to play game with him even if he’s going to die. I wonder how he loved game when he was a kid. Gi-Hun is out of the mind and tries to kill Old Man. But he’s told that he won’t get the answer if he does so. Old Man tells Gi-Hun that he created Squid Game because he wanted to have fun.

Old Man is a lonely man who lost his children and his wife. He had a tumor in his brain. He wanted to take his rest life more meaningful. So he created Squid Game and played it. He actually enjoyed it when he played the game. But what he did killed many people. He didn’t care for it because he knew he was going to die. Because life meant nothing to him.

Gi-Hun doesn’t understand it. What he saw was many people dying in the game. He lost his mom because he played Squid Game. Old Man pretended to be a weak player but he actually is the boss of Squid Game. Gi-Hun cannot stand it.

Red Hair

Gi-Hun leaves the sky building and goes to the hair salon. He tells the hair stylist to dye his hair red. Squid Game doesn’t tell us why the hero did it. I thinks he did it because of Old Man. He wants to change himself but he still doesn’t intend to take revenge for Squid Game.

So he prepares to leave Korea, and tries to reunite with his daughter. But he sees Suit Man tricking people to play Squid Game again.


Gi-Hun knows how Squid Game will hurt people since he and other players has experienced it. He gives up to take the plane even if it will disappoint his daughter. He takes out his phone and calls the number. He tells the person that he will make them repay for what he did. But the guy persuades him to take the plane.


The police Jun-Ho doesn’t appear in the last episode of Squid Game. Because he was killed by his brother the Front Man from the cliff in episode 8. I thinks he doesn’t die. Because he just get shot on the shoulder. He might survive with his swimming skills.

The police will play a important role, though I don’t know how Hwang Dong-Hyuk will arrange the plot. Maybe he will play Squid Game instead of being a guard. He will replace Ali Abdul to work with Gi-Hun as we know Gi-Hun has been killed.

Squid Game season 2 will be released since it’s the top 1 TV show in Netflix. But it will take some time. Because viewers waited many years to watch season 1.

The Squid Game ending I have explained. You can post your comments about the ending if you have any questions. I would like to answer your questions since I’m the K-Drama lover now.

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