Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 9. Grand Prince Yangmyung walks to Ha Ram and tries to wake him up. But Ha Ram blows Grand Prince Yangmyung away. Grand Prince Yangmyung passes out. Mi-Soo spots it through Dae-Yu’s eyes.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 9 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 9.

Cheon-Ki tries to wake Grand Prince Yangmyung. But Lovers of the Red Sky grabs her neck and wants to kill her. She sheds the tear to Ha Ram’s hand. Tiger God appears on the rooftop. Tiger God seals Demon King with the statues on the rooftop. She disappears.

Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Cheon-Ki if she was hurt. She’s scared to look at Ha Ram. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes Ha Ram home. He tells Man Soo that the doctor saw his master. Man Soo kowtows to Grand Prince Yangmyung. Grand Prince Yangmyung thinks Ha Ram is related to the death of the bodyguards in the mountain.

Cheon-Ki sees Grand Prince Yangmyung off. He tells her that he plans to check Ha Ram’s body like he did to the dead bodies. Lovers of the Red Sky tries to stop Grand Prince Yangmyung. But the prince insists on doing it. Cheon-Ki stays to look after Ha Ram. She spots the wound on his neck. He takes out a handkerchief to bind up the wound.

Cheon-Ki falls asleep. God Samshin shows up. She gives the amulet to Ha Ram. Ho Ryeong gets off the painting. She asks God Samshin why he did that. God Samshin reveals she needs Cheon-Ki to seal Demon King. She cures the two’s wounds.

Cheon-Ki wakes up. She finds out that Ha Ram’s missing. So she looks for him. He walks to her. But it startles her. Lovers of the Red Sky reminds Cheon-Ki that the guy is actually Ha Ram. He asks her to tell him what happened at the royal temple. She tells him that he turned into a scary demon. But he doesn’t believe what she said, asking her for telling him the truth.

Cheon-Ki tells Ha Ram that she starves. So Lovers of the Red Sky prepares a meal for her. Cheon-Ki notes that the handkerchief around Ha Ram’s neck. She’s surprised that the wound got cured. He shows the handkerchief to her, and thanks her for her kindness.

Moo Young reports to Ha Ram that Demon King was sealed by King Yeongjong’s portrait. Ha Ram wants to see Grand Prince Juhyang. Mi-Soo reports to Grand Prince Juhyang that the stuff in king’s palace sealed Demon King. Young-Hwe has a fight with Mi-Soo when they talk about how to deal with Demon King. Grand Prince Juhyang stops the two. He reveals he wants to see the master of Wolseongdang.

Grand Prince Yangmyung meets with Ha Ram, telling him that he attacked Cheon-Ki at the royal temple. He suggests him not to be close to the girl. Cheon-Ki takes a look at the painting. She spots a tiger in the painting. The tiger turns into a human and runs around the room. Cheon-Ki asks Ho Ryeong who she is. Lovers of the Red Sky realizes that Cheon-Ki can see Ho Ryeong.

Ho Ryeong pinches Cheon-Ki’s ear. She finds out that she has a pair of holy eyes. Ho Ryeong forces Cheon-Ki to get her a cup of tea. She tells her to stay away from Demon King. Cheon-Ki scolds Ho Ryeong for saying such words to her. Jubu Jang shows up. He asks Cheon-Ki who she’s talking to. She turns around and finds out that Ho Ryeong disappeared.

Jubu Jang thinks Cheon-Ki talked to a demon. He’s scared to flee. Grand Prince Yangmyung returns the royal temple. He takes a look at the broken painting. Lovers of the Red Sky leaves a lot of questions to Grand Prince Yangmyung. So he visits King Seongjo to get the answers.

King Seongjo confesses to Grand Prince Yangmyung that there was a demon inside King Yeongjong’s body. He begins to vomit blood. King Seongjo tells Grand Prince Yangmyung to take the duty to seal Demon King. Grand Prince Yangmyung accepts the task. He goes to see Cheon-Ki.

Cheon-Ki cannot master the painting skills even if Grand Prince Yangmyung and Ahn Gyeon tried their best to teach her. She walks at the street and spots the stars. She draws the stars with her finger. She returns home and runs into Won-Ho. Won-Ho tells Cheon-Ki that the medicine Lovers of the Red Sky gave her worked for Eun-O. Cheon-Ki is happy to walk into the room to see Eun-O.

Cheon-Ki tells Eun-O that she’s fixing King Yeongjong’s portrait. He’s scared to tell her not to do the job. Ha Ram notes that Cheon-Ki’s throat isn’t well. So he invites her to drink tea with him. She reveals she’s drawing the painting of King Yeongjong. She complains that she couldn’t draw human well.

Lovers of the Red Sky takes Cheon-Ki to see the artist Chang-Hyun. Chang-Hyun gives some tips to Cheon-Ki. Cheon-Ki scolds the follower of Chang-Hyun when the guy bullies the kid. It makes the follower angry. He tries to give her a slap. Ha Ram beats the follower with his walking stick.

Cheon-Ki walks Ha Ram. She tells him that she couldn’t stand it when the guy bullied the blind kid. He tells her to protect herself. She smiles when she sees the kites in the sky. He brags that he was good at playing kite, taking her to play kite.

But Ha Ram fails to untangle the string. Lovers of the Red Sky helps him do the job. Ha Ram smiles when Cheon-Ki runs to play the kite. She gets back and hands over the string to him. He tells her that he decides to get physical examination. She worries about it. He tells her that he does so for protecting her.

Ha Ram hands over the ring to Cheon-Ki. He confesses his feelings to her when she stares at his eyes. Cheon-Ki goes to see Grand Prince Yangmyung. He tells her that she’s a chosen painter. She’s confused. He takes her to outside. Grand Prince Juhyang meets with Ha Ram. Ha Ram shows the chessboard to Grand Prince Juhyang.

Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Cheon-Ki that she’s like Eun-O who has holy power. Ha Ram tells Grand Prince Juhyang to kill Grand Prince Yangmyung when he plays chess with him. Grand Prince Juhyang laughs. He tells Ha Ram that he will answer any question for him. Ha Ram asks Grand Prince Juhyang about Demon King. Grand Prince Juhyang’s smile is frozen. He tells Ha Ram that Demon King is in his body.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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