Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 10. King Seongjo shows up when Cheon-Ki’s talking with Grand Prince Yangmyung. He tells her that he wishes her to fix the portrait. She agrees to it. But she asks Grand Prince Yangmyung if she will get hurt when she paints the portrait.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 10 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 10.

Grand Prince Yangmyung doesn’t know about it. But he claims that he will protect Cheon-Ki and Eun-O. He confesses his feelings to her. But Lovers of the Red Sky thinks it’s a joke. The woman who wears a black veil tells Grand Prince Yangmyung not to be close to Cheon-Ki. She introduces herself as Wol Seon.

Cheon-Ki returns home. She’s tired to have a seat. Ha Ram walks out of the house. He takes a look at the sky, remembering what Cheon-Ki told him. He asks Man Soo to tell him the thing which happened at the mountain. Man Soo tells his master that he saw a demon. Ha Ram realizes what Grand Prince Juhyang said was right.

Cheon-Ki decides to visit Ha Ram after she saw his face in the sky. Won-Ho goes out with Ms. Gyeonju because he heard the girl’s voice. The man visits Won-Ho. He tells him that he wants to see Cheon-Ki. Eun-O is startled to look at the man. Lovers of the Red Sky finds out that the man is Yoon-Guk.

Eun-O tells Won-Ho that the demon possessed Yoon-Guk’s body. He flees to his room. Cheon-Ki tries to get into the house. Man Soo startles her when he shows up behind her. She’s embarrassed to see Ha Ram. Yoon-Guk leaves since the painter isn’t there.

Ha Ram tells Cheon-Ki that he thought of her. It makes her happy. But Lovers of the Red Sky brings up Demon King. Ha Ram tells Cheon-Ki to sleep over at his house after knowing her leg was hurt. She sees the painting in his room, asking him to play zither for her.

Wol Seon tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that Cheon-Ki and Ha Ram have a connection. She tells him to give up the girl. But he rejects it. Grand Prince Juhyang visits Mi-Soo. She tells him that she’s going to summon Demon King. She begins the ceremony after he sat in front of her.

Demon King wakes up from Ha Ram’s body. He sneaks into Cheon-Ki because he wants to take back his eyes. He grabs her neck and wakes her up. The ring around her finger stops him when he tries to take away her eyes. Lovers of the Red Sky spots what Mi-Soo did. He hurts the woman.

Mi-Soo vomits the blood to the ground. She passes out. Grand Prince Juhyang has no way but to grab his fist tightly. Cheon-Ki is startled to look at Ha Ram who falls asleep. He wakes up and finds out that she’s in his room. But she tells him that the room belongs to her.

Lovers of the Red Sky reveals Ha Ram sneaked Cheon-Ki’s room last night. The two are startled when Man Soo tries to walk into the room. Cheon-Ki gets Man Soo to leave. She holds Ha Ram when she takes him to flee. His foot is hurt by the rock. Cheon-Ki finds out that Man Soo and Moo Young are staring at them. She panics to run away.

Moo Young visits Ha Ram after he got changed. He reports to him that there was a demon in King Yeongjong’s body. Cheon-Ki returns home. She tells his friends that the king asked her to paint the portrait which may hurt her. Won-Ho hears what she said. He wants to go to beat Ahn Gyeon. But he gets stopped. He tells Cheon-Ki to make an excuse to reject it.

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Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Wol Seon. He asks for the evidence that Ha Ram is an evil spirit. Lovers of the Red Sky conducts the ceremony. Grand Prince Yangmyung sees Demon King hurting Cheon-Ki. Moo Young reports to Ha Ram that all of the painter were mad after they sealed Demon King. Ha Ram worries about Cheon-Ki. He wants to see Mi-Soo because he thinks the woman can help him. But Grand Prince Yangmyung visits him.

Grand Prince Yangmyung admits that Cheon-Ki will be hurt by Demon King. He thinks there won’t be other options. Ha Ram swears to protect his lover. So he visits Cheon-Ki, asking her for drawing a portrait for a person he knows. She agrees to it.

Cheon-Ki tries to wear her most beautiful dress because she thinks it will be a date. But Choi Jung thinks Ha Ram didn’t ask Cheon-Ki out. Lovers of the Red Sky doesn’t agree to it. He mentions the ring. Cheon-Ki is happy to show off the ring. But Choi Jung robs the ring. She tries to take the ring back. Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Cheon-Ki.

Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Cheon-Ki why she didn’t go to the painting room. She explains that she’s sick. He wants to give her more tasks because she lied to him. Cheon-Ki goes to see Ha Ram. He tells her that the one she’s going to draw is him.

Cheon-Ki holds Ha Ram’s hand and teaches him how to draw at a beautiful place. She stares at his eyes. Lovers of the Red Sky remembers Ha Ram kissed Cheon-Ki by the lake. Cheon-Ki completes the drawing. Ha Ram asks her for leaving the nation with Eun-O because Demon King is in his body.

Ha Ram worries that he will hurt Cheon-Ki again. He asks her for keeping away from him. Grand Prince Yangmyung takes his bodyguards to show up. Grand Prince Yangmyung tells the bodyguards to catch Ha Ram because he thinks he killed the bodyguards in the mountain.

Cheon-Ki tries to stop the bodyguard. But the bodyguard pushes her away. Ha Ram beats the bodyguard with his cane for protecting his lover. The other bodyguards pull out their swords.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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