Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Ning Meng goes to the RV Camp. Manager Zhang picks Ning Meng up. He takes her to get in the RV. Ms. Feng does the presentation. She thinks they should pay attention to the environmental protection companies.

What is Ning Meng’s First Project?

Master of My Own

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

But Lu Jiming tells the employees to focus on those small companies. Xu Sitian applauds. She tells the employees to applaud like her. She tells Yang Xiaoyang to sort out Lu Jiming’s recording. Xu Sitian tries to buy Lu Jiming snacks. But he stops her and tells her not to focus on him.

But Xu Sitian points out that it’s her job because she’s his secretary. She goes to cook coffee for him. He finds out that the TV is playing his footage. He tells Yang Xiaoyang to turn it off. She leaks that Ning Meng went to look into Xu Sitian’s RV Camp project.

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Ning Meng returns to the company. Yang Xiaoyang cries to tell Ning Meng that she became Xu Sitian’s follower. She asks her about the RV Camp. Xu Sitian hears it. She learns that Ning Meng looked into the RV Camp. Xu Sitian is furious to break into Qiu Junlin’s office.

Xu Sitian asks Qiu Junlin why he gave her project to Ning Meng. She thinks he looked down on her. He explains that he thought Ning Meng is very outstanding because he had followed Lu Jiming for many years. Xu Sitian points out that Ning Meng doesn’t have the talent.

Qiu Junlin summons Ning Meng to his office. She tells Xu Sitian that she will give her a perfect report. Xu Sitian is furious to leave Qiu Junlin’s office. She goes to see Lu Jiming. She tells him that she worries about the project. But he points out that she didn’t see the report.

Lu Jimeng tells Xu Sitian that they will see the result after the project meeting. She refuses to make coffee for him. Ms. Feng fins Ning Meng in the restroom. She hands over the tissue to her because she mistakes that she just cried.

Ning Meng denies it. Ms. Feng explains to Ning Meng that she didn’t tell her that the project belongs to Xu Sitian because most of the project Xu Sitian gave to them were not good. She adds that she worried that she would be bias if she knew the project belongs to Xu Sitian.

Ms. Feng tells Ning Meng that she needs to do the presentation in the project meeting. She tells her to catch the chance. Ning Meng prepares the presentation. She doesn’t forget the hit Lu Jiming’s photo. Yang Xiaoyang calls Ning Meng and wakes her up. She reminds her that she’s late.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Ning Meng finds the old projects. She smiles. She runs into Lu Jiming in front of the elevator. He finds out that she’s reading the old projects. He asks her why she does that. She thinks she can find the chance from the old projects. She thanks him for reminding her.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 4 stars Tan Songyun and Lin Gengxin.

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