My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Xiao Qi ties up Fang Leng with her belt, and asks for the signal. She says that it’s shining chip, but he thinks she wants to be close to him with the way. She regrets for saving him from the traffic accident and thinks he is a ungrateful person.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi to say human words, and she says that the system is using program in Chinese. She catches the chance to pinch his chest muscle, and he asks her where Fang Lie is. She gives him the business card with the restaurant Fang Lie stays, and he wears his clothes to leave. Xiao Qi gets her consciousness back and runs out to chase Fang Leng. But he drove away. She complains that he took away her signal and wants to rob her man.

Xiao Qi arrives at the restaurant with her alien skill and tells Fang Lie that Fang Leng will catch him soon. He comforts her that nobody will find the place, except she told it to Fang Leng. She says that she didn’t want to betray him, and he says that he will know it when Fang Leng arrives. The waiter and waitress get dishes for Xiao Qi, and Fang Lie says that he prepared the performing for Xiao Qi. He reveals he ordered the foods many time but they treated him as jerk.

Fang Lie thinks he is still in the little dark room if it wasn’t Xiao Qi, and claims his style is to pay back kindness once he gets it. She asks him if the paying back method of earth people is to eat. He says that the grace will turn into friendship after the meal, and she asks him about the grace of saving life. He thinks she needs to pay with her body, and she remembers Fang Leng. She doesn’t want him to pay her with his body.

Fang Lie asks Xiao Qi who she saved except him, but she denies. She thinks nobody is good looking like him, so he asks her where she comes from. She says that she comes from a place, which is far away from stars. He guesses out that she is an alien. She wonders how he knew it, and asks him not to tell other people. He shares that he is an alien as well, and she is excited that he won’t be normal people since he is so handsome.

Xiao Qi tells Fang Lie that she comes from Cape Town planet, and he says that he comes from 625th planet. She wonders why she didn’t detect it and asks where the planet is. He explains that his planet is too small and holds out his index finger. She holds out her index finger as well, but he notes that she wears gloves. She explains that the her skin structure is different from the people of other planets, so she cannot touch them directly, otherwise it will happen extraordinary thing.

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Fang Lie wonders what the extraordinary thing is, and Fang Leng shows up. Xiao Qi leans on Fang Leng’s chest and tries to smell him. But he lets her head go, and tells Fang Lie to go home if he plays enough. Fang Lie explains that he just looked for inspiration, but Fang Leng tells his men to take away Fang Lie. Fang Lie thinks Fang Leng restricts his personal freedom, but Fang Leng reminds his brother that he can only get his freedom in jail according to the contract.

Xiao Qi stops Fang Leng taking away Fang Lie, and looks for signal from his body. Fang Leng pushes her over, and asks Fang Lie about Xiao Qi. Fang Lie claims that Xiao Qi is his friend, and Fang Leng intends to lock up Fang Lie in the family. Xiao Qi thinks the signal is in Fang Leng’s house, and hugs his thigh. She tells him to take her away if he wants to take Fang Lie away. Fang Lie goes to hug Fang Leng’s another thigh, and threatens him that he has one hundred ways not to draw if he doesn’t take Xiao Qi home.

Fang Leng takes the two home, and Xiao Qi thinks the house is interesting. But Fang Lie thinks people turn into machine if they make contact with machine. Fang Leng tells Fang Lie and Xiao Qi to part to sleep, but she hugs Fang Lie and wants to sleep with her prince. Fang Lie takes her to guest room. Assistant Han calls Fang Leng and worries about Xiao Qi. But Fang Leng thinks she is just a mad woman and lets her live for one day.

Xiao Qi rolls in the bed and thinks earth people know how to enjoy. She reminds herself that she came with a task, and tries to sense the signal. But she fails and goes to search the rooms. She notes that there is a place leaking, and sees Fang Leng taking a shower. She steps on the book while enjoy his body, and he notes it. Xiao Qi thinks the signal is in Fang Leng’s room, and sneaks into it. She tries to search the signal on his body, but he wakes up and rides on her.

Fang Leng grabs Xiao Qi’s hand and asks her what she stole, and she explains that she just went to look for her signal. He wonders why her stuff is in his place, and she has to take off her clothes. He avoids her and thinks she doesn’t know what shame is. He wonders why his younger brother fell for her, and she wonders why Fang Lie has the terrible older brother as well. She wants to flee with her alien skill, but it doesn’t work when he holds her head.

Fang Leng calls security department, and the two security guards try to take Xiao Qi out. She reminds them that they cannot explain it to Fang Lie because she is his friend, but Fang Leng points out that he cannot explain it to Fang Lie if he keeps her as she is the woman sneaked into strange man’s room in the evening. The security guards ask for Xiao Qi’s family address so that they can send her home. But she says that she can go home herself and disappears with her alien skill.

The next day, Fang Lie joins Fang Leng and thinks Xiao Qi doesn’t get up the bed. But Fang Leng tells Fang Lie that Xiao Qi returned home. Fang Lie thinks it isn’t possible because he doesn’t return home, but he is surprised that the cover isn’t opened. He blames Fang Leng for driving Xiao Qi away in the evening, but Fang Leng tells Fang Lie not to stay with the dissolute woman. But Fang Lie thinks everybody can say that except Fang Leng, and mentions their parents won’t let the forced marriage go.

Fang Leng reminds Fang Lie to prepare exhibition, and thinks he cannot talk about freedom with him when he doesn’t have the ability. Fang Lie asks Fang Leng how he dealt with Xiao Qi, but Fang Leng thinks Fang Lie doesn’t want to know what happened on Fang Leng and Xiao Qi. The woman complains to her brother that Fang Leng got Fang Lie to prepare exhibition when she wants her son Fang Lie to join the company. She worries that her husband Shi Da and Fang Leng control the company. His brother claims that he won’t let it happen, and reveals Fang Leng has illness of memory loss. She asks him if he has the evidence. He says that he doesn’t have, but thinks the evidence will come out when the woman appears.

Jiang Xue shows up at the airport, and she is picked up by the driver. Ms. Chai tells Xiao Qi that Fang Leng is the president of F Group, and thinks she will pay off the debt soon if she hugs his thigh. But Xiao Qi reveals she did it. Ms. Chai asks Xiao Qi to get Fang Leng to sign the lunch contract, so that she will get more customers of S Group. But Xiao Qi says that she needs to look for her signal, which is the key to go home. Ms. Chai is surprised that Xiao Qi went to Fang Leng’s family, and tells her to visit it again.

Ms. Chai tells Xiao Qi to search Fang Leng’s pocket, shoes and socks. Xiao Qi decides to leave, but Ms. Chai reminds Xiao Qi to take the contract. Fang Leng reminds everybody is frozen when they’re waiting for elevator, and Xiao Qi gets in the elevator. Fang Leng asks the man if he saw the girl getting in the elevator, but the man denies. Xiao Qi sneaks into Fang Leng’s office and looks for her signal. She hides herself when Fang Leng shows up. He notes his books are moved, and asks Xiao Qi to come out.

Xiao Qi ties up Fang Leng with her belt, and asks for the signal. She says that it’s shining chip, but he thinks she wants to be close to him with the way. She regrets for saving him from the traffic accident and thinks he is a ungrateful person. Uncle Kang welcomes Jiang Xue in the office and asks her if her families explained it to her. She thanks to him because the blind date was done by him and Madam.

Xiao Qi tells Fang Leng not to pay back with his body as she has someone she likes. He mentions nobody was in the scene of car accident, and thinks she is a superwoman. She admits it, and he intends to get scientific research department to experiment on her. She has to explains that she is the earth people eating rice, and thinks she needs to conceal her identity. Fang Leng conceals Xiao Qi under the table when Uncle Kang walks in.

Uncle Kang tells Fang Leng that Jiang Xue wants to see him, but Fang Leng rejects it. Xiao Qi is awkward to leave and thinks Fang Leng is a rogue. Uncle Kang tells Jiang Xue that Fang Leng is sick and promised to visit her next time. She smiles and thinks she has her way to see Fang Leng. She breaks Fang Leng’s car window with her shoe. Fang Leng asks the man if the sapphire contains the chip, but the man doesn’t think so. Assistant Han calls Fang Leng and asks him to go to the garage.

Jiang Xue sits on the car and tells him that she broke his car because he is busy. She gives him the check, and he asks her if they met before. She denies and reveals it’s the day their parents arrange them to go on blind date. She says that she just wants to complete the task and takes a group photo with him. He says that he is first time to see the blind date, and she thinks it’s important to leave impression to him, even if it’s a bad one. Fang Leng asks Assistant Han to look into Jiang Xue after she left.

Fang Lie completes his painting and thinks he is close to his freedom. He takes the phone from the bodyguard and sees the message Jiang Xue left. He breaks the painting and beats down the bodyguards, and flees then.

Shi Da complains that Fang Leng didn’t greet him, and Madam Zhou thinks Fang Leng didn’t see him. Fang Leng tells Shi Da that exhibition will be held soon. Shi Da reminds his son that the exhibition is the last wilful chance he gave the two brothers. He tells them to manage the company if they fail. Madam Zhou sneers that Fang Leng doesn’t want Fang Lie to rob power with him, and reveals that Shi Da hasn’t forgiven Fang Leng for killing his mother. She thinks Shi Da prefers to let Fang Lie manage the company.

But Fang Leng points out that Fang Lie cannot threat him, even if he gets into the company. He thinks Madam Zhou cannot replace his mother in Shi Da’s mind forever. Ms. Chai walks to Xiao Qi and asks her to serve guests, but Xiao Qi is upset and wants to take a break. Ms. Chai complains that Xiao Qi promised to get the signing from Fang Leng but she got nothing. Xiao Qi wants to take her life as she didn’t find the signal and her only friend crashed. Ms. Chai tells Xiao Qi to think of happy things, and Xiao Qi remembers Fang Lie and smiles.

Xiao Qi complains that the thing she likes is a phantom, and she cannot touch it. She thinks they live in different worlds, and Ms. Chai thinks the person Xiao Qi likes is a ghost. Fang Lie shows up and thinks he found Xiao Qi on the end. She trips and asks if it’s a dream. Fang Lie drinks the wine for Xiao Qi because she cannot drink. He tells her that drinking only hurt his body not mind. She wonders why she feels sad when he smiles. He is happy to see her eating, and thinks he can only taste the bitter if the thing doesn’t belong to him.

Xiao Qi wakes the drunk Fang Lie, but he mistakes her as Jiang Xue. He tells her that he wants to stay with her forever, and she’s happy to get water for him. He takes off her glove, and she is startled as the frozen system starts. She goes to warehouse and feels cold. Fang Leng finds Xiao Qi’s place through location. Ms. Chai stops Fang Leng walking in the restaurant as there is a guest renting the whole place, but he tells her that the guest is his brother.

Ms. Chai screams while seeing Fang Lie passing out on the floor, and Fang Leng asks her not to tell it to anymore. He calls Assistant Han and asks him to take Fang Lie home. Fang Leng finds out that Xiao Qi is so cold, and wants to take her to hospital. But she hugs him and wonders why his body is so warm. He wonders why his body is so hot, and she kisses him.

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