My Lethal Man: Episodes 1-2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for My Lethal Man: Episodes 1-2. Shen Manning falls into the water. Yan Xingcheng jumps into the water to save her. He shakes her and tries to wake her up. But she loses consciousness. He kisses her and wishes not to encounter her.

My Lethal Man: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

My Lethal Man

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Lethal Man: Episodes 1-2.

Yan Xingcheng drives and walks in the rain with an umbrella. He gets a call from someone who promises to give him compensation if he can take his money back. Yan Xingcheng comforts the guy that he will complete the task. He goes to see the president. He shows his photo to him when he introduces himself as an investment advisor.

Yan Xingcheng’s assistant catches the chance to steal the president’s money. Yan Xingcheng tries to leave since he has reached his goal. But the follower reports to the president that his money was stolen. The president lets his bodyguards catch Yan Xingcheng. But Yan Xingcheng beats the bodyguards. He smiles.

Yan Xingcheng walks out of the hotel. His friends are waiting for him. He gets in the car and goes to the beach. The assistant gets off the car. He reports to Yan Xingcheng that Walter family has gotten all of their money back. He adds that Mr. Walter insisted on giving the compensation to Yan Xingcheng.

Yan Xingcheng laughs. He asks the assistant to tell Mr. Walter to look for Zhuang Xinyan. The assistant reveals something bad happened to Zhuang family. He adds that Zhuang family gave them the photo of Zhuang Xinyan. Yan Xingcheng takes a look at Zhuang Xinyan’s photo.

Shen Maning smiles when she paints the roses. The girl carries a box to run to Shen Manning. She asks her to thank her. Shen Manning mistakes that the box was sent by her father. But the girl tells Shen Manning that the box was sent by her mother. She complains to her that her mother kept sending presents to Shen Manning. She’s not sure who is her mother’s daughter.

Shen Manning tells the girl that her father and her mother are families. She opens the box and sees the photo. She learns that her father wishes her to come home. The girl sees the twins roses the Professor asked Shen Manning to paint. She thinks Shen Manning can go home if she completes the painting.

Shen Manning admits it. Nana is surprised that Shen Manning wishes to graduate in advance. Shen Manning tells Nana that she wishes to go home early to accompany her father. Nana agrees to it. She forgives Shen Manning. She asks her if she heard the tale of the twins roses.

Nana tells Shen Manning that one of the rose will pass away if they have a glance. She believes that she will be dead if she encounters her twin rose. Shen Manning tells Nana not to read the manga. But Nana tells Shen Manning that it’s real.

My Lethal Man: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

Shen Manning is in the car with Yan Xingcheng. She remembers the guy told her to take back the shares of South Sea Star and become the real heir.

It flashes back. Yan Xingcheng throws the papers to Shen Manning. He tells her to put all of Zhuang Xinyan’s personal information into her mind. Shen Manning is against it. She thinks she cannot be Zhuang Xinyan in a short period of time. But he forces her to do it. He reminds her that there’re many people watching her. He tells her that they will be killed if someone finds out her identity. She asks him about his goal. He refuses to leak it. He tells her not to ask the things she shouldn’t know.

Yan Xingcheng takes away the note from Shen Manning. He asks her if she wants to tell people that she’s not Zhuang Xinyan. He burns the note and and tells her that she’s Zhuang Xinyan. The assistant watches the news. He learns that Zhuang Jiakai is going to be the president of South Sea Star. He worries about it. Yan Xingcheng smiles. He tells the driver to go to South Sea Star.

Zhuang Jiakai is waiting for the shareholders to sign the contract. But the shareholder refuses to sign it because he doesn’t see the chairman. Zhuang Jiakai tells the shareholders that nobody can take over South Sea Star except him. But the shareholder points out that Zhuang Xinyan can do it.

Zhuang Jiakai is furious to tell the shareholders to leave South Sea Star if they refuse to sign the contract. The assistant breaks into the meeting room. He tells the shareholders not to sign the contract. He reminds Zhuang Jiakai that he’s not the largest shareholder.

Zhuang Jiakai tells his bodyguards to catch the assistant. He tells the people that nobody is qualified to take over South Sea Star. Yan Xingcheng shows up with Shen Manning. He introduces her as Zhuang Xinyan to the shareholders. The shareholder believes that Zhuang Xinyan is qualified if she actually returns to South Sea Star.

Zhuang Jiakai is furious to walk to Shen Manning. He doesn’t believe that Zhuang Xinyan came back. It startles Shen Manning. Yan Xingcheng holds Shen Manning’s back. He asks Zhuang Jiakai why he’s sure that Zhuang Xinyan wouldn’t come back. He tells him that he doesn’t have the right to take away South Sea Star when Zhuang Xinyan stands there. Shen Manning tells the shareholders that she disagrees the appointment of president.

Shen Manning walks out of the building. She trips. Yan Xingcheng hugs her. He tells the assistant to take them to return to Zhuang family. The follower reports to his boss that he thought Zhuang Xinyan passed away because the car crashed. The boss is furious to throw the photos to the desk. He thinks his follower is a trash. The follower intends to go to Zhuang family to kill Zhuang Xinyan.

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