The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

There are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 9. Sang-Su returns home when Mi-Gyeong is cooking. She worries that if his mother arrived in Thailand because she heard the airport is busy. He thanks her for giving some money to his mother.

How Does Mi-Gyeong Find Out that Sang-Su Has Feelings for Su-Yeong

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 9.

Sang-Su walks out of the room after Mi-Gyeong fell asleep. He walks to the window. The Interest of Love lets us see the wedding photo of Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong.

Sang-Su stands in front of the wedding photos. He stares at the photos. Su-Yeong reports to Sang-Su that Seok-Hyeon is missing when the guy needs to take part in the wedding because he’s the groom. Sang-Su and Su-Yeong go to look for Seok-Hyeon. But they don’t find the guy.

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Su-Yeong reminds Sang-Su that there’s a rooftop in the building. He runs to the rooftop. He finds Seok-Hyeon. He walks to him and scolds him. Seok-Hyeon cries to tell Sang-Su that ex-girlfriend asked him to be happy. Seok-Hyeon thinks his girlfriend shouldn’t say so because he betrayed her. He adds that he won’t be happy without her.

Sang-Su reminds Seok-Hyeon that he’s going to get married. But Seok-Hyeon doesn’t want to get married. He gets married in the end. Su-Yeong watches the couple. She smiles to tell Sang-Su that she didn’t expect that Seok-Hyeon would do that. But he tells her that he believed that Seok-Hyeon would go through with it.

Su-Yeong takes a look at Sang-Su. She agrees to what he said. Photographer lets Sang-Su stand with Su-Yeong when he takes photos because Sang-Su is very tall. The director greets Mi-Gyeong. He asks her about her father. Shi-Kyung bows to the director. He takes the director and Mi-Gyeong away.

Du-Sik mentions Sang-Su’s girlfriend knows the director. He thinks he’s a lucky man. Su-Yeong turns around. She sees Jong-Hyeon. She notes that he’s lonely. She walks to him and mentions he didn’t attend the banquet. He thinks he shouldn’t come to the party. But she tells him that Seok-Hyeon will be happy if he sees him. She leaves the party with him because she’s hungry.

Mi-Seon laughs to tell Jung-Im that the mother of Mi-Gyeong’s boyfriend is a single mother. She notes that she’s not happy. So she tells her that she’s a great single mother. Mi-Gyeong gets in Sang-Su’s car. She thinks she should get married because she caught the bouquet. She tells him that she wishes to go to his place to eat noodles.

Su-Yeong eats noodles with Jong-Hyeon at the restaurant. She thinks they should eat something better. But he tells her that he likes the food. She tells him the places she wants to go. He agrees to go to the places. It makes her believe that he’s pleasing her. She tells him to go to study.

Sang-Su makes the noodles for Mi-Gyeong. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to eat the noodles. She tells him that she wants to go home. She rejects it when he wants to give her a ride. Jong-Hyeon brings the wine to Su-Yeong when she’s drinking. He tells her not to giving up going to the places she likes for pleasing him.

Su-Yeong explains to Jong-Hyeon that she stopped going to the places because she liked to stay with him. He gives the money to her. He tells her that he will feel better if she accepts the money. She accepts the money and drinks with him.

Jung-Im calls Sang-Su and visits him. He’s surprised because she never called him when she visited him. She tells him that she knew he stayed with someone. She asks him if he’s seeing Mi-Gyeong. He wonders how did she know it. She reveals Mi-Gyeong and her mother are her clients.

Jung-Im tells Sang-Su that Mi-Gyeong’s family is very rich. She tells him that she will support him. Mi-Gyeong remembers she saw Su-Yeong’s notebook in Sang-Su’s house. She gets a message from Sang-Su who wants to know if she returned home.

Su-Yeong gets a call from Mi-Gyeong who asks for a meeting up. She runs into Jong-Hyeon before she leaves. He finds out that she gave up her plant and her piano for him. He tells her that he cannot stay in her house if she continues to do it.

Su-Yeong asks Jong-Hyeon if he regrets for living with her. She believes he would do it as well if he was in her situation. He refuses to tell her the reason so that she leaves her house. Sang-Su plays hockey with his friend. The friend thinks Sang-Su doesn’t need to worry about money if he marries Mi-Gyeong.

Mi-Gyeong drinks with Su-Yeong at the restaurant. She tells her that she wants to know more about Sang-Su. She thinks she knows Sang-Su more than her because she and Sang-Su has worked for many years. She asks her if Sang-Su liked someone.

Su-Yeong tells Mi-Gyeong that she knows nothing about it. Mi-Gyeong smiles. She reminds Su-Yeong that Sang-Su likes her. Su-Yeong smiles. Mi-Gyeong walks away. Su-Yeong sees the group photo of Mi-Gyeong and Sang-Su in the phone. She turns the phone over.

Su-Yeong lies in the bed. She remembers Mi-Gyeong asked her if Sang-Su liked someone in the bank. Jong-Hyeon walks into Su-Yeong’s room. He admits that he’s a trash. He tells her that he actually likes her. He kisses her. She walks out of her room after he fell asleep. She drinks tea and thinks about something.

Sang-Su opens the window and sees Su-Yeong. She walks into the room. He intends to make her a coffee. She agrees to it. He brings the coffee to her. He notes that she wants to apply for a job transfer. So he gives a book to her. He tells her that the book is very helpful. She tries to reject it. But he mentions she gave the notebook to him.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of The Interest of Love ends with Sang-Su telling Su-Yeong that he regrets for not making himself clear when they’re on the beach. But she tells him that it’s too late. She thanks him for making her laugh when they wait for the train. He asks her if she’s happy. She asks him if she needs to dump Jong-Hyeon when the train comes. She tears up when she looks at him.

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