My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 13. Yong-Guk tells Do-Ha that he didn’t kill Eom-Ji. Do-Ha takes a look at Sol-Hee. He learns that Yong-Guk didn’t tell him a lie. But Yong-Guk wished someone to take his daughter’s life. Because he intended to sell Eom-Ji’s organs to settle his debt.

What Happens In My Lovely Liar Episode 13?

My Lovely Liar

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 13.

Yong-Guk mentions he paid the expensive life insurance. But Eom-Ji killed herself. It flashes back. Yong-Guk calls Eom-Ji. He asks her to come home. But she rejects it because she doesn’t have the money he wishes to get. He tells her to come home if she doesn’t want to die. But Eom-Ji tells Yong-Guk that she wishes to die. She just doesn’t wish him to collect the money at her funeral.

Do-Ha wonders why Yong-Guk didn’t tell it to the cops. Yong-Guk points out that he couldn’t get the insurance if he did that. He thinks Do-Ha killed Eom-Ji. But Sol-Hee thinks Do-Ha didn’t do that. Yong-Guk thinks Sol-Hee will be the next victim.

Yong-Guk tries to walk to Sol-Hee. But Doo-Mok kicks Yong-Guk. He grabs his collar and asks him to speak out the real murderer. But Yong-Guk tells Doo-Mok that he doesn’t know it. Doo-Mok tries to beat Yong-Guk. But Yong-Guk sees Jae-Chan.

Yong-Guk tells Do-Ha that Jae-Chan was the stalker who followed Eom-Ji. Jae-Chan runs out of the nightclub. He rides the motorcycle away. Do-Ha drives his car to chase Jae-Chan. But he leaves Sol-Hee. Doo-Mok shows up when Sol-Hee doesn’t know what to do. He lets her get in his car.

Jae-Chan gets into the alley. But Do-Ha blocks Jae-Chan’s way. He makes him trip. He grabs his collar and asks him if he killed Eom-Ji. But Jae-Chan yells at Do-Ha. He blames him for chasing him. He reveals Eom-Ji dated him as well.

But Sol-Hee tells Do-Ha that Jae-Chan told him a lie when she shows up. Jae-Chan kidnaps Sol-Hee. He tells the people that he’s going to stab Sol-Hee if they’re close to him. Sol-Hee comforts the people that Jae-Chan won’t hurt her.

Doo-Mok intends to let his followers catch Jae-Chan. But Do-Ha stops the followers. He tells Jae-Chan to release Sol-Hee. Jae-Chan asks Do-Ha to throw his car key to him. Do-Ha throws the car key to the ground. Jae-Chan picks up the car key. He releases Sol-Hee. He drives the car away. Do-Ha hugs Sol-Hee when she thinks he should catch Jae-Chan.

Sol-Hee wonders why Jae-Chan told a lie to Do-Ha that he dated Eom-Ji. Do-Ha thanks Sol-Hee for helping him. He promises not to let her suffer after the case. But she tells him that it was not tough on her. She smiles when she looks at him. He holds her hand when he drives.

Does Deuk-Chan Tell Do-Ha About Jae-Chan’s Whereabouts?

Sol-Hee falls asleep. Do-Ha remembers Jae-Chan told him that he killed Eom-Ji. Sol-Hee wakes up in the morning. She finds out that Do-Ha falls asleep. She wakes him up and tells him to go to sleep at home. But he tells her that he wants to go to have a talk with Deuk-Chan. Because he thinks Deuk-Chan is the only person who knows Jae-Chan’s whereabouts.

But Sol-Hee worries that Deuk-Chan will get angry if he knows Do-Ha suspected his brother. She volunteers to ask Deuk-Chan about it. She tells Do-Ha to pretend not to believe what she says. But he tells her not to worry about Deuk-Chan.

Sol-Hee reminds Do-Ha that Deuk-Chan and Jae-Chan are real brothers. But he mentions what she told him that Deuk-Chan trusts him. But she worries that Deuk-Chan said so because he knew Jae-Chan was the real murderer. She wants to go to see Deuk-Chan with him.

But Do-Ha rejects it because he doesn’t wish Sol-Hee to suspect his friend. She gets his point and she gets off his car. The reporter waits for Jin-Hyuk. He asks him if he found Eom-Ji’s items. But Jin-Hyuk refuses to leak it. The reporter asks Jin-Hyuk to accept his business card.

Gang-Min visits the store owner. He learns that he saw Eom-Ji with Seung-Ju. The store owner wonders why Gang-Min is interested in the case since other cops ignored it when he tried to tell the truth to them. Gang-Min remembers Eom-Ho told him not to trust the cops who come from Hakcheon. The store owner reveals he saw the two when he parked his car.

The store owner and his wife parked their car on the beach to get some fresh air. He saw the guy walked to the girl. But he didn’t see his face clearly. He heard the girl calling the guy Seung-Ju. He thinks Seung-Ju came to the girl. But he heard Seung-Ju told the police that he left.

Do-Ha walks into Deuk-Chan’s office. He feels sorry for bringing trouble to him. He leaks that he went to Hakcheon. Deuk-Chan mistakes that the police asked Do-Ha to go to Hakcheon. Do-Ha denies it. He tells Deuk-Chan that he went to the place for looking for the real murderer.

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Do-Ha reveals he ran into Jae-Chan at the place. He asks Deuk-Chan if he knew Jae-Chan had feelings for Eom-Ji. Deuk-Chan admits it. Do-Ha asks Deuk-Chan about Jae-Chan’s whereabouts. Deuk-Chan realizes that Do-Ha thinks his brother killed Eom-Ji.

Deuk-Chan doesn’t believe that Jae-Chan would kill Eom-Ji. But Do-Ha mentions Eom-Ji’s father suspected Jae-Chan as well. But Deuk-Chan tells Do-Ha not to trust the drunkard. He reminds him that they helped him a lot. He tells him to leave.

Jin-Hyuk walks out of the police station. He sees Gang-Min. Gang-Min mentions there was a witness seeing Seung-Ju. He blames Jin-Hyuk for ignoring it. He believes that he accepted money from Yeon-Mi. He tells him that he knows he’s a good person. He tells him to correct it with him.

Jin-Hyuk wonders why Gang-Min is interested in the case. Gang-Min claims that it’s their job. Jin-Hyuk threatens to tell it to his station if he comes to him again. The reporter eavesdrops on the talk. Jin-Hyuk returns to his police station. He takes out Do-Ha’s ring.

Sol-Hee walks on the street. She worries about Do-Ha because he didn’t call her. Cho-Rok stops Sol-Hee. She tells her that there was a guy going to her cafe. Sol-Hee thinks the guy was her client. Cho-Rok tells Sol-Hee to open the cafe because they don’t think Do-Ha killed the girl.

Cho-Rok spots the guy again. She points at the guy. Sol-Hee finds out that the guy is her father. She meets with her father at a restaurant. She wonders why he came to the place since she planned to buy him a good meal. He explains to her that he likes humble places.

Sol-Hee tries to order expensive food for Tae-Seob. But he chooses the cheap food instead. Because he thinks she worked hard to earn the money. She wonders why he wears the sunglasses. He explains to her that he got stung by a bee.

Sol-Hee worries about Tae-Seob’s wound. But he tells her that he’s fine. He takes off his sunglasses. He tells her that he came to her because of her girlfriend. She realizes that her mother told it to him. She tells him that the guy isn’t the culprit.

Tae-Seob tells Sol-Hee to continue to date the guy since she trusts the guy very much. She pays the bill and she walks out of the restaurant with him. She tries to give her card to him. But he rejects it. She complains to him that her mother asked money from her.

Sol-Hee gets a call from her mother who asks her to send some money to her. Tae-Seob takes over the phone from Sol-Hee. He tells Hyang-Sook not to ask money from her daughter. Because he thinks Sol-Hee isn’t her personal bank. He hangs up.

Hyang-Sook meets with the guy. The guy hands over the present to her. She opens the present and sees the necklace. She’s stunned. He puts the necklace on her. Do-Ha is at home. He remembers Deuk-Chan thought he shouldn’t do it to them.

Do-Ha walks to the balcony. He sees the light of Sol-Hee’s house. He calls her. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. He goes to see her. He knocks at the door. She opens the door. He apologizes to her for not listening to her. But she tells him that Luni is missing.

Sol-Hee worries that Luni dropped off the balcony. But Do-Ha believes that Luni is in the house. He finds Luni from the kitchen. Sol-Hee tells Do-Ha that she told all of her problems to Luni. She thinks Luni understands what she says.

Do-Ha wonders why Sol-Hee told her problems to Luni. She mentions Luni is tight-lipped. She tells Do-Ha that Luni is her friend just like him and Deuk-Chan. He thinks he upset her. But she tells him that she was envy of him because he has a friend he trusts.

Sol-Hee tells Do-Ha that she never trusted anyone. He volunteers to be the first one she trusts. She’s very happy. She goes to feed Luni. He gets a message from Gang-Min who asks for a meeting up. Gang-Min asks Do-Ha not to tell it to Sol-Hee.

Do-Ha goes to see Gang-Min. Gang-Min tells Do-Ha that there was a person seeing him approaching Eom-Ji. Do-Ha admits that he accompanied Eom-Ji and he didn’t go to watch the football game. He tells Gang-Min that he returned home after he told Eom-Ji that he doesn’t want to see her.

Gang-Min learns that Do-Ha wasn’t at the pub. Do-Ha tells Gang-Min that he couldn’t provide an alibi. So Deuk-Chan and Jae-Chan helped him. Gang-Min realizes that the man who’s in the camera was Jae-Chan. But Do-Ha tells Gang-Min that he thinks Jae-Chan was the murderer. Because the guy had feelings for Eom-Ji.

Gang-Min is surprised that Do-Ha suspected Jae-Chan. Do-Ha points out that Gang-Min suspects him as well. He tells Gang-Min to go to look for the real culprit. He asks him not to meet him in secret again. Because he cannot tell a lie to Sol-Hee.

Why Jin-Hyuk Gives the Ring to Gang-Min?

Jin-Hyuk cries when he sends his daughter Min-Ji to the operating room. He asks the doctor what happened. The doctor tells Jin-Hyuk to accept the death of his daughter. He goes to save Min-Ji. Yeon-Mi meets with Jin-Hyuk at the cafe. She thanks him for helping her son. She promises to promote him if her election goes well.

Jin-Hyuk points out that he cannot leave the city because he needs to take care of his daughter. He realizes that she knew his daughter will die and she used his daughter’s life to threaten him. He’s furious to stand up. He blames her for making him be a dirty cop. He leaves the cafe.

Sol-Hee and Do-Ha go to Jae-Chan’s restaurant. They find out that the guy isn’t there. The bread deliveryman shows up. He takes a look at the restaurant. He tries to leave. But Sol-Hee stops him. She asks him why he came to the restaurant.

The bread deliveryman complains to Sol-Hee that the restaurant owner took him money. Sol-Hee asks him if he has the restaurant owner’s number. She cries to tell him that she’s one of the victims. He gives the number to her. Do-Ha calls the restaurant owner. He claims that he’s one of the victims. The guy hangs up. Sol-Hee is furious to walk away because Do-Ha wasn’t good at telling a lie.

Gang-Min remembers Do-Ha told him to go to find the real culprit. He gets a call from Jin-Hyuk who asks for a meeting up. Jin-Hyuk takes a look at the producer Se-Kwang’s business card. Gang-Min walks out of the police station. He wonders why Jin-Hyuk came to him. Jin-Hyuk hands over the ring to Gang-Min. He tells him that he found the ring from Eom-Ji’s body. He thinks the ring belongs to Do-Ha. He confesses to Gang-Min that he accepted money from Yeon-Mi.

Episode 13 of My Lovely Liar ends with Do-Ha asking Deuk-Chan to come to the bar. Sol-Hee finds a place to hide so that she can listen to what Deuk-Chan says. Deuk-Chan shows up. Do-Ha reveals he played piano at the bar. Deuk-Chan wonders why Do-Ha didn’t tell it to him. He thinks he would come to watch his show if he knew it. Do-Ha explains to Deuk-Chan that he wanted to keep the place a secret. He apologizes to him for thinking he hid Jae-Chan. Jae-Chan tells Do-Ha that he didn’t hide his brother at his house. But Sol-Hee knows Jae-Chan told Do-Ha a lie. She tells it to Do-Ha. Do-Ha asks Deuk-Chan about Jae-Chan’s whereabouts. Deuk-Chan reveals his brother is in Hakcheon. He adds that Jae-Chan went to turn himself in.

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