My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 14. Jae-Chan walks into the police station. He tells the cops that he killed Eom-Ji. Deuk-Chan confesses to Do-Ha that he hid Jae-Chan at his house. He tells him that he let Jae-Chan turn himself in because he didn’t wish the cops suspect him.

What Happens In My Lovely Liar Episode 14?

My Lovely Liar

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 14.

Do-Ha blames Deuk-Chan for not doing anything. My Lovely Liar episode 14 mentions he watched him when he was wronged to be a murderer. Deuk-Chan tells Do-Ha that Jae-Chan asked him to make a choice between him and Do-Ha. He chose Do-Ha. He reminds him that it wasn’t easy to make a choice because Jae-Chan is his real brother.

Deuk-Chan feels sorry for not telling everything to Do-Ha. He leaves the bar. Do-Ha tears up. Sol-Hee watches him. The chief cop tells the cops that Hakcheon cops didn’t accept Jae-Chan after the guy turned himself in. He adds that Jae-Chan will be sent to their station.

Jae-Chan arrives at the station. The reporters ask him if he killed Eom-Ji. Gang-Min takes Jae-Chan into the police station. Eom-Ho is in the jail to watch the news that Jae-Chan turned himself in. Eom-Ho laughs. Sol-Hee turns off the TV. She gets a message from Do-Ha who asks her to help him.

Sol-Hee meets with Do-Ha on the balcony. He tells her that he feels uneasy even if the real culprit was caught. She tells him not to feel miserable. She offers to go to eat something good. He reaches out his hand to her. She smiles to hold his hand.

Sol-Hee walks into her cafe. She opens the cafe. Cassandra and Chi-Hoon show up behind Sol-Hee. It startles her. Sol-Hee wonders why the two congratulate her. Chi-Hoon shows her the news that the real culprit was caught. He mentions what he told her that he doesn’t believe Do-Ha was the killer.

Cassandra tells Sol-Hee that there were 35 VIP cases when she was off. She tells her to be ready for the case. Bo-Ro shows up after he heard the good news. He tells Sol-Hee that he prepared a party for Do-Ha. He asks her to take Do-Ha to attend the party.

Cassandra reminds Sol-Hee that she has 35 cases. But Sol-Hee accepts Bo-Ro’s invitation. Cassandra thinks Sol-Hee has been changed. Chi-Hoon points out that Sol-Hee did it because she’s in love. The assemblywoman is in Yeon-Mi’s office. She complains to Yeon-Mi that the real culprit is someone else.

Yeon-Mi mentions what she told the assemblywoman that her son isn’t the real culprit. She wonders why she’s punished. The assemblywoman reminds Yeon-Mi that she bribed the cop in My Lovely Liar. Do-Ha shows up. Yeon-Mi asks Do-Ha why he didn’t tell her that he didn’t kill the girl. She mentions the ring the cop concealed.

Do-Ha mentions what he told Yeon-Mi that he threw the ring into the sea. He thinks she didn’t trust him. She tells him that she didn’t want to be the pathetic mother who takes her son’s side. He tells her that he has wished her to support him since childhood.

Does Deuk-Chan Invite Do-Ha to Attend His Ceremony?

Deuk-Chan arrives at the company. The producer asks Deuk-Chan if he feels sorry for Do-Ha. My Lovely Liar episode 14 lets Deuk-Chan ignores the producer. Ms. Kim reports to Deuk-Chan that Haei Entertainment held the project. She adds that there were many companies refusing to work with him because he wronged Do-Ha.

Deuk-Chan thinks the companies wouldn’t do so if they knew him and Do-Ha’s relationship. He thinks Jae-Chan should be punished. He tells the employees to focus on their work. He tries to leave the meeting room. But Ms. Kim stops him. She tells him to prove that he’s a good friend of Do-Ha.

Deuk-Chan calls Haei Entertainment. He blames her for putting him in a tight spot. She asks him if Syaon is at his agency. He tells her that Syaon is their number one artist. Syaon shows up. She’s surprised that she’s Deuk-Chan’s number one artist.

Deuk-Chan wishes Syaon to come back to work. But she tells him that she won’t work with him because she knows he only cares for money. He reminds her that he wouldn’t support her when she was a nobody if he only cares for money. He asks her if she wishes the agency to go under.

Syaon denies it. She asks Deuk-Chan if he actually didn’t know that Jae-Chan killed Eom-Ji. He admits it and he tells her that he apologized to Do-Ha. She tells him to continue to apologize to Do-Ha. She promises to stay at the agency if Do-Ha forgives him.

Do-Ha gets a message from Sol-Hee who asks for a meeting up. He goes to the bar with her. Bo-Ro and his friend prepare a party for Do-Ha. He holds the cake and asks Do-Ha to blow out the candles. Do-Ha blows out the candles. Joong-Kyu hands over the album to Do-Ha.

Do-Ha takes a look at the album. He finds out that there’re many his piano photos inside the album. He tears up. The people begin to drink together. O-Baek tries to get the cream on Cho-Rok. But she throws a fit to him. He wonders why she got angry.

Cho-Rok complains to O-Baek that he always gets the cream on her face. She thinks it’s not funny at all. Cassandra realizes that the two enjoys cakes often. But the two deny it. O-Baek asks Do-Ha to make a toast. Do-Ha reveals Sol-Hee watched him when he played piano at the bar. He thanks her for making him happy.

O-Baek teases Do-Ha that he confessed his feelings to Sol-Hee. He tells him to kiss Sol-Hee. Do-Ha kisses Sol-Hee. He takes a look at the group photo of him and Deuk-Chan. He calls Deuk-Chan. He goes to see him. He asks him when he knew that his brother killed Eom-Ji.

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Deuk-Chan confesses to Do-Ha that he knew it after Eom-Ji’s body was found. He apologizes to him and he asks him to trust him because he’s suffering. Do-Ha mentions Deuk-Chan helped him a lot. It makes Deuk-Chan happy. He gets a call from the lawyer. He doesn’t pick up the phone. He tells Do-Ha that he’s going to get a divorce.

Deuk-Chan tells Do-Ha that the bad luck doesn’t come alone. He doesn’t wish his company to get involved in his bad lucks. Do-Ha volunteers to help Deuk-Chan. He mentions he wrote some songs. Deuk-Chan reveals his company is going to hold a ceremony. He asks Do-Ha to attend the ceremony to show everyone that they’re good friends.

Gang-Min interrogates Jae-Chan. He asks him if he killed Eom-Ji or not. Jae-Chan admits it. He tells Gang-Min that he took off the ring after he killed Eom-Ji. He thinks he’s Eom-Ji’s boyfriend if he wears the ring. Gang-Min wonders why Jae-Chan killed his lover. Jae-Chan tells Gang-Min that it was an accident. He reveals his friend told him that Eom-Ji and Seung-Ju had a fight. It flashes back. Jae-Chan drags Eom-Ji to the woods. He asks her to go out with her. But she rejects it. He pushes her when he fights with her. But he kills her by mistake. He buries her and he throws her clothes into the sea.

Do-Ha tells Sol-Hee that Deuk-Chan invited him to attend the ceremony. He doesn’t decide if he should attend the ceremony or not. Sol-Hee mentions she doesn’t have any friend because she didn’t trust them. She tells Do-Ha not to dump his friend.

Do-Ha reminds Sol-Hee that he’s a friend of her that she can call at night. She laughs to admit it. Gang-Min asks Jae-Chan why he told a lie to him that he threw Eom-Ji’s clothes into the sea. Jae-Chan wants to see his lawyer. He mentions what his lawyer told him that he will be acquitted.

Deuk-Chan gets a call from the lawyer. He tells him that he’s going to give what his wife wants to get to her. Sol-Hee drinks at home. She gets a call from Gang-Min who asks for a meeting up. She meets with him at her cafe. He tells her that he’s handling Jae-Chan’s case.

Gang-Min tells Sol-Hee that the case didn’t run well because Jae-Chan is forthcoming. He mentions Jae-Chan helped Do-Ha. He thinks the guy had no reason to do so if he was the killer. Sol-Hee thinks Jae-Chan did it for Deuk-Chan because he knew his brother cares for Do-Ha.

But Gang-Min thinks there would be another reason. He asks Sol-Hee a favor. She goes to see Do-Ha when he’s talking with Deuk-Chan over the phone. He tells her that he’s going to attend the ceremony. She tries to tell something to him in My Lovely Liar. But she gives up the mind. She tells him to enjoy his time.

Sol-Hee returns home. She remembers Gang-Min told her that he suspects Deuk-Chan. She agreed to go to speak with Jae-Chan. Do-Ha walks into Deuk-Chan’s office. He tells him that he’s nervous. Deuk-Chan takes Do-Ha to the ceremony. He introduces him to his employees.

Syaon shows up. She runs to Do-Ha and she hugs him. She thinks he had a hard time. Sol-Hee arrives at the police station. Gang-Min is waiting for her. He tells her that they need physical evidence even if she finds out that Deuk-Chan is the real culprit.

Why Deuk-Chan Kills Eom-Ji?

Sol-Hee walks into the jail. Jae-Chan is surprised to see her. She tells him that his brother let her send a message to him that their plan has gone awry. But he wishes to speak with Deuk-Chan. She reveals Deuk-Chan is holding the ceremony. She adds that Do-Ha attended the ceremony.

Jae-Chan is surprised that Do-Ha and his brother are still good friends. He mentions Do-Ha’s ex-girlfriend was killed by his friend’s brother. But Sol-Hee knows Jae-Chan told her a lie. She wonders why he still holds the ring. She thinks the ring was given by Deuk-Chan.

Jae-Chan denies it. Sol-Hee tells him not to tell a lie to her because Deuk-Chan sent her to the jail. But he asks her about the plan. She cannot give the answer to him. He realizes that she fooled him. He tells her to leave. But she tells him that Deuk-Chan will only save Do-Ha.

Sol-Hee mentions Jae-Chan is locked up in the jail. But he thinks he’s going to leave the jail. She tells him that the police have found the evidence. She refuses to leak the evidence. She tries to leave. He cries to tell her that Deuk-Chan was the murderer. Sol-Hee walks out of the police station. She calls Do-Ha. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She drives away. Sol-Hee remembers Jae-Chan told her that he prepared a fail-safe.

It flashes back. Deuk-Chan hands over Eom-Ji’s ring to Jae-Chan. He tells him that he killed Eom-Ji. He asks him to turn himself in for him. He tells him that he has another evidence. Jae-Chan tells Sol-Hee that the evidence is in Deuk-Chan’s office.

Deuk-Chan walks to the stage. He has a perfect speech. But he tells the people that he’s going to resign. He lets Do-Ha be the next president of J Entertainment. But Do-Ha asks Deuk-Chan to continue to be the president. Sol-Hee sneaks into Deuk-Chan’s office. She looks for the evidence.

Do-Ha wonders why Deuk-Chan let him be the president. Deuk-Chan tells Do-Ha that he wishes him to take over the company because it’s his last wish. Gang-Min calls Sol-Hee. He tells her to look into the safe. But she doesn’t know the passcode.

Sol-Hee calls Do-Ha. She asks him about the passcode Deuk-Chan used. She reveals Deuk-Chan was the real culprit. Do-Ha is shocked. He takes a look at Deuk-Chan. Deuk-Chan takes a look at Do-Ha as well. He smiles at him. Sol-Hee finds Deuk-Chan and Do-Ha’s group photo with Do-Ha’s birthday date.

Deuk-Chan returns to his office. He opens the safe. He finds out that the evidence is missing. Sol-Hee shows up behind him. She thinks he’s looking for the evidence she holds. He asks her to return the evidence to him. But she runs away.

Episode 14 of My Lovely Liar ends with Deuk-Chan stopping Sol-Hee when she tries to flee. He tells her that he planned to turn himself in. But he pushed it back. She realizes that he pushed it back because of Do-Ha. He admits it to her that he likes Do-Ha.

Deuk-Chan begs Sol-Hee not to tell it to Do-Ha. But Do-Ha shows up. He realizes that Deuk-Chan stayed by his side because he has feelings for him. He asks him if he killed Eom-Ji because of his feelings. Deuk-Chan is scared to run away. But he runs into Gang-Min who came to catch him. Gang-Min lets Police Officer Hwang take care of Deuk-Chan. But Deuk-Chan catches the chance to flee. Gang-Min goes to chase Deuk-Chan. Deuk-Chan tears up. He drives his car to crash something. He’s hurt. Gang-Min drags Deuk-Chan out of his car. He tries to save him. The car is explosion. It hurts Sol-Hee.

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