My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending Explained

This is the Ending Explained for My Lovely Liar K-Drama: Episode 7. Chi-Hoon drops the bread. He goes to vomit. Cassandra finds out that Chi-Hoon bought many breads. O-Baek reminds Bo-Ro that people don’t know they’re clean when Bo-Ro is lost to sit on the floor.

What Happens In My Lovely Liar Episode 7?

My Lovely Liar

Cho-Rok reads the comments. She learns that people won’t come back to their store. She asks Bo-Ro if the customer didn’t reply to him. Bo-Ro shakes his head. Cho-Rok tries to leave when Do-Ha visits the bakery. She smiles to welcome him.

Bo-Ro apologizes to Do-Ha for what he did. Do-Ha tells Bo-Ro that it’s fine. He reveals he came to take his cream bun. Bo-Ro leaves. O-Baek takes a look at Do-Ha. He thinks he’s very rich according to what he wears. He asks Do-Ha if he doesn’t have an office job.

Cho-Rok is interested in Do-Ha’s job. But O-Baek thinks Cho-Rok is very rude. She yells at him. Do-Ha takes over the bread from Bo-Ro. He tries to pay the bill. The bakery store customer walks into the bakery. He holds the bread and wonders if he should buy it or not. Because he heard there was a cockroach in the bread.

Do-Ha thinks the bakery store customer won’t buy the bread. He pushes him aside and takes the bread to walk to Bo-Ro. He tells him that he will buy everything. Sol-Hee remembers Do-Ha told her that she can hear lies. She thinks he didn’t understand it. She wets the cover with the beer by mistake.

Sol-Hee carries the cover to walk on the street. But she trips. Do-Ha hugs her when he catches the cover. She’s happy to see him. Sol-Hee puts the coins into the machine. She lets the machine wash her cover. She thinks he didn’t use a laundromat before. Because he stared at her when she used the laundromat.

Do-Ha admits it. He learns that Sol-Hee never heard lies from him. She tells him that he’s the only one who knows she can hear lies except her parents. She adds that she concealed the secret from everyone. She wonders if he’s indifferent to everything.

Do-Ha denies it. He tells Sol-Hee that he believed what she said. She smiles after knowing she’s the one he trusts. But she tells him that she heard his lie before. She tries to tell it to him. But she sees the drunk Bo-Ro. Bo-Ro greets Do-Ha and Sol-Hee. But he passes out.

Do-Ha goes to call a cab. Bo-Ro tells Sol-Hee that he knows she’s a soft girl. He tries to hand over his bread to her. But he realizes that she doesn’t wish to take the bread. He eats the bread and claims that he wouldn’t eat the bread if it’s dirty. Do-Ha shows up with the cab. He helps Bo-Ro get in the cab.

Who Posts the Cockroach Photo?

Do-Ha thinks Bo-Ro isn’t happy because of the accident. Sol-Hee decides to help Bo-Ro. She thinks she should find the person who posted the photo. But she cannot ask anybody about it. Eom-Ho blocks the reporter Jin-Soo’s way. He shows the photo to him. He asks him if Do-Ha is in the photo or not.

But Jin-Soo tells Eom-Ho that Do-Ha wore a mask when he saw him. He asks him about the guy in the photo. Eom-Ho tells Jin-Soo that he’s look for the guy. Hyo-Ryung hands over the food to Gang-Min. He thanks her because he’s hungry.

Hyo-Ryung catches the chance to ask Gang-Min if he has a girlfriend or not. He denies it but he claims that he has feelings for someone. She feels regret and she walks away. He gets a message from the doctor who asks him to come to the hospital.

Cassandra interviews the bakery store customer. She learns that he’s a man who doesn’t have a job. The real estate agent shows up when he looks for his wife. He and the bakery store customer pretend not to know each other. Chi-Hoon brings Do-Ha to the cafe. Do-Ha recognizes the bakery store customer.

Sol-Hee wonders why the real estate agent and the bakery store customer pretended not to know each other. She mentions the bakery store customer just came back to Korea. Do-Ha mentions the guy knew the bakery accident. Sol-Hee believes that the real estate agent knew the customer. She visits the real estate agent with Do-Ha.

Sol-Hee tells the real estate agent that she wants to take a look at some properties. He mistakes that she wants to get married. But she tells him that she’s interested in the bakery. He thinks she’s mean to take the bakery because everyone knows the owner suffers after the accident.

Sol-Hee thinks she misunderstood the real estate agent because he didn’t believe the cockroach photo. But Do-Ha finds the dog photo from the guy’s screen. Do-Ha and Sol-Hee go to see Bo-Ro. Do-Ha mentions the cockroach photo. But Bo-Ro thinks it was his mistake. Sol-Hee tells the truth to him.

Bo-Ro visits the real estate agent. He tells him that he wants to list his store. The real estate agent is happy to let Bo-Ro in. Bo-Ro remembers Do-Ha told him that the real estate agent was the one who posted the cockroach photo. He sees three bowls of noodles.

The real estate agent explains to Bo-Ro that he ordered three bowls of noodles to share. But Bo-Ro points out that there’re three chopsticks. He grabs the real estate agent’s phone. The building owner tries to take back the phone. But Bo-Ro pushes her to the couch.

Bo-Ro finds the cockroach photo from the phone. The bakery store customer shows up. He calls the building owner mother. He joins her. Bo-Ro realizes that the building owner wanted to give the store to her son. He sprinkles the flour to them when they’re enjoying noodles.

Bo-Ro is happy to embrace Do-Ha and Sol-Hee after he took revenge. He gathers the people at the bar. He buys them drinks. Young-Jae tells the people that he likes Do-Ha’s music. But Do-Ha confesses to his friends that his name is Do-Ha.

Sol-Hee and Do-Ha leave the bar after they have fun. Do-Ha goes to the convenience store to buy two ice cream. He hands over one of the ice creams to her. He tells her that he knows she likes ice cream. He also knows what she doesn’t like.

How Does Sol-Hee Know Do-Ha Killed A Person?

Sol-Hee tells Do-Ha that she feels comfortable when she stays with him because he never told lies to her. He mentions he told a lie to her ever. She reveals he told her that he killed a person. She thinks it was a lie. Yeon-Mi eats with the party leader.

The assemblywoman mentions Yeon-Mi is very smart. But the party leader worries about Yeon-Mi’s son. He wants to choose someone who’s clean. He tells Yeon-Mi that he chose Ji-Eun even if the guy is young. He tells her to help Ji-Eun.

Syaon mistakes someone as Do-Ha. She runs to him and she stops him. But he recognizes her. The people come to take photos with her. Chi-Hoon stops the people. He tells them that the girl is his girlfriend. He tries to take Syaon to her car. But he sees the reporters.

Chi-Hoon takes Syaon to Sol-Hee’s cafe. Syaon recognizes Sol-Hee. She asks her if she’s seeing Do-Ha. Sol-Hee denies it. She reveals she just ate with Do-Ha. Syaon tells Sol-Hee to move out. Do-Ha gets a call from Yeon-Mi who tells him that she wants to see him.

Episode 7 of My Lovely Liar ends with Sol-Hee telling Syaon that she won’t move out. She adds that she wishes to live next door to Do-Ha. She admits to Syaon that she has feelings for Do-Ha. She tells her to leave. But Syaon begs Sol-Hee to leave Do-Ha. She tells her that she will die if she cannot have Do-Ha.

But Sol-Hee knows Syaon told a lie to her. She mentions she told the lie to her before. Syaon tells Sol-Hee that she did it because she knew it’s Do-Ha’s weakness. She reveals Do-Ha killed a person. Do-Ha goes to see Yeon-Mi. She finds out that he doesn’t wear a mask. Yeon-Mi asks Do-Ha to go to Germany. But he rejects it because he thinks she does it for her sake. He gets off her car. She gets angry. Do-Ha gets into Sol-Hee’s cafe. He tells her that he wants to tell something to her.

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