My Perfect Stranger K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for My Perfect Stranger K-Drama: Episode 10. Yoon-Young shows Mi-Sook’s novel to Hae-Joon. She tells him that the victim’s deaths were related to the novel. It makes him believe that she wants to catch Mi-Sook.

Does Hae-Kyung Run Away From Home?

My Perfect Stranger

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Perfect Stranger K-Drama: Episode 10.

Mi-Sook explains to the reporters that she thinks women can be killers as well. Yoon-Young tells Hae-Joon that he thinks Mi-Sook can kill a person. Yoon-Young reaches out her hand to Hee-Seob. She tells him to go to hospital with her.

But Hee-Seob rejects it because he thinks he doesn’t deserve the treatment. He doesn’t wish to leave until his brother comes out. But he feels painful because of the injury in his leg. Yoon-Young tries to carry Hee-Seob away. But he trips.

Hee-Seob tells Yoon-Young that he wishes to go to see his brother. She sees the bus and remembers Yoo-Seob asked her to take care of Hee-Seob. He ran away. Yoon-Young tried to chase Yoo-Seob. But Hae-Joon stopped her. He told her that his friends will come once Yoo-Seob is caught.

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Hae-Joon puts his watch on Yoo-Seob’s hand. He tells him that he cannot be beaten. He tells him that the reporters will come soon. The thugs walk out of the room. They’re surrounded by the reporters. Hae-Joon catches the chance to carry Yoo-Seob away.

Yoo-Seob thanks Hae-Joon for making the future for him. He smiles. Yoo-Seob and Hee-Seob are taken to the hospital. Yoon-Young asks Hae-Joon if his friends are fine. He thinks his friends are having a party at a bar. He tells her that his friends came even if they knew the truth wouldn’t air on TV.

Yoon-Young tells Hae-Joon that he wishes Yoo-Seob and Hee-Seob to live the life they want. He tells her that her dream will come true because the two will recover soon. She tells him that she wishes to buy him a meal even if she’s broke. He agrees to it.

The Principal Byung-Goo runs into Yoo-Seob’s ward. He asks him what happened. Byung-Goo takes a look at Hee-Seob. He remembers he told the cops not to bully Hee-Seob. Ok-Ja walks out of her house. She sees the snack. She cries because Kyung-Ae liked the snack before. Hyung-Man comforts Ok-Ja.

Yoon-Young tells Hae-Joon that their hero came back. Yeon-Woo asks Hae-Joon to resolve the Rubik’s Cube. Hae-Joon resolves the Rubik’s Cube. He returns it to Yeon-Woo. Yeon-Woo promises to fix Hae-Joon’s car. Yoon-Young decides to go to catch the killer since the time machine has been fixed.

Yoon-Young thinks Mi-Sook will kill Hae-Kyung because Mi-Sook claimed that Hae-Kyung is the victim. But Hae-Joon thinks Yoon-Young is lack of evidence. Yoon-Young reveals Mi-Sook told her about the third victim. She adds that Mi-Sook told her that Hae-Kyung likes her.

Mi-Sook walks into the cafe and sits with Hae-Kyung. She strokes her hair. The girl places the hairbands on the table. She tells Mi-Sook that she stole it from her mother. Hae-Kyung thinks nobody is going to wear the same hairband. But Mi-Sook wears it.

Chung-A shows up. She takes away the hairband. Hae-Kyung keeps the hairband. She asks Mi-Sook for a talk. Mi-Sook thinks Hee-Seob won’t be healed even if he got released. Hae-Kyung remembers Min-Soo asked her to call Mi-Sook when he was hurt. She asks Mi-Sook if she hurt her brother.

Yoon-Young tells Hae-Joon that Mi-Sook doesn’t want to forgive Hae-Kyung because Hae-Kyung knows her secrets. She adds that Hae-Kyung threatened Mi-Sook after she ran away from home. Hae-Joon tells Yoon-Young that he knows why Mi-Sook ran away from home. He reveals the homeroom teacher Chang-Sik has feelings for Hae-Kyung’s mother.

It flashes back. Chang-Sik drinks at Hae-Kyung’s mother’s restaurant. The customer hugs Hae-Kyung’s mother. Chang-Sik kicks the customer. Hae-Kyung returns home. She sees her mother treating Chang-Sik’s back. She finds out that she cooked kimchi soup for Chang-Sik again. She tells her that she won’t come home if she cooks kimchi soup.

Yoon-Young asks Hae-Joon if Hae-Kyung left home because of kimchi soup. He admits it and tells her that Hae-Kyung misunderstood her mother. Because her mother cooked kimchi soup for letting the teacher leave. Hae-Joon decides to protect Hae-Kyung. Yoon-Young plans to let Hae-Kyung know the truth.

Hae-Joon sees the flowers under Chang-Sik’s desk. He believes that he’s going to make a proposal to Hae-Kyung’s mother. He tells Chang-Sik that he will be rejected. But Chang-Sik tells Hae-Joon that he won’t give Hae-Kyung’s mother the chance to reject him.

Chang-Sik mentions Hae-Kyung’s mother got scolded because of him. He decides to end the rumor and help the mother and the daughter. Byung-Goo complains to Hae-Joon that Chang-Sik doesn’t come to his sense after Chang-Sik left. He decides to fire Chang-Sik because he heard Chang-Sik had a fight with a parent.

Hae-Joon thinks Byung-Goo won’t fire Chang-Sik. Byung-Goo agrees to what Hae-Joon said. Because Chang-Sik is his family. The girl asks Ji-Eun if her father is seeing Hae-Kyung’s mother. Ji-Eun tells the girl that Hae-Kyung’s mother flirted with her father. Hae-Kyung hears what Ji-Eun said. She takes off her hairband.

Hae-Kyung punches Ji-Eun. Chang-Sik stops Hae-Kyung. He slaps her after she thought he only knows to date her mother. She’s furious to leave the classroom. She returns home and sees the kimchi soup. She’s furious to walk out of her house.

Hae-Joon blocks Hae-Kyung’s way. He lets her return to the family bar. He mentions she left a letter to her mother. He lets her go to take the letter. He reads the letter that she doesn’t want to see her mother again. She stops him.

Hae-Joon reminds Hae-Kyung that her mother read the letter many times. He takes her to get on the bus because he knows she doesn’t want to return home. He takes her to watch the old tree who has lived 300 years. He tells her that the tree has no choice.

My Perfect Stranger K-Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of My Perfect Stranger K-Drama ends with Hae-Joon arriving at the cinema. He wonders why he came to the place. He walks into the cinema and watches the movie. He sees the girl who wears the hairband. He remembers his grandpa told him that his mother gave up him.

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