My Sweet Mobster: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for My Sweet Mobster: Episode 4. Eun-Ha learns that Ji-Hwan misses her video. She has an eye contact with him. She tries to leave. But she trips and she falls to the ground with him. Il-Young calls Ji-Hwan. He comes to pick him up.

Il-Young reveals Ji-Hwan is cute after he drinks. He invites Eun-Ha to his house. But she rejects it and she claims that her house is nearby. He throws Ji-Hwan into the car. They part. Ji-Hwan falls asleep in the car. He tells Il-Young that he was very happy. Eun-Ha walks alone the street. She’s on a good mood. Ji-Hwan passes through her.

My Sweet Mobster: Episode 4

Ji-Hwan wakes up in his room in the morning. He remembers he confessed his feelings to Eun-Ha. He feels shame. Eun-Ha is going to go out. She sees Ji-Hwan’s suit. She decides to return it to Ji-Hwan. She remembers Il-Young gave her his business card. She gets the business card from her bag. But she finds out that the card belongs to Ji-Hwan.

Ji-Hwan is in his office. He believes that Eun-Ha dropped drug into his drink. He gets a call from Hong-Ki who asks him to come to the meeting room. He gets a message from Eun-Ha who intends to return to the suit to him. Eun-Ha arrives at the Prosecutors’ Office.

Hyun-Woo guides her to his office. She learns that his name is Hyun-Woo. She keeps asking him questions. He reminds her that she came to answer questions. She reveals she misunderstood Ji-Hwan. But he disagrees. Ji-Hwan is in the meeting room. He tears the paper when Hong-Ki gives a presentation.

He has an illusion that Eun-Ha is close to him and she blows the pieces of paper to him. Il-Young reminds Ji-Hwan that Hong-Ki is done his presentation. Ji-Hwan praises Hong-Ki. He finds out that he texted Eun-Ha and he scolded her.

Hyun-Woo gives his business card to Eun-Ha. She leaves his office. She’s outside the Prosecutors’ Office. She looks at Hyun-Woo’s business card. A motorcycle passes by. It splashes water toward her. Hyun-Woo blocks the water with his umbrella.

Eun-Ha remembers Hyun-Woo told her that he wants to be a prosecutor. She recognizes the umbrella. She learns that the prosecutor was the one who got dumped. Hyun-Woo tries to explain it to Eun-Ha that he didn’t get rejected. But she finds out he’s her fan the Justice.

She tries to ask him a question. But he gets a new task. He has to leave. She gives her umbrella to him as a present. Ji-Hwan finds out that the word he sent to Eun-Ha means french kiss. He calls Eun-Ha and he asks her to delete his message. But he learns that she’s kicked out of her house.

Eun-Ha visits Young-Ho. She’s told that she’s fired. Hong-Ki returns to his office. He throws a fit because he mistook that Ji-Hwan didn’t like his idea. He gets a call from Ye-Na. Ye-Na sees Eun-Ha tangling Young-Ho. She asks Hong-Ki to have a lunch with her.

Director Lee stops Eun-Ha. He has a fight with her when he thinks Young-Ho had a reason. But she complains it to him that she didn’t say goodbye to the kids. Il-Young reports to Ji-Hwan that Eun-Ha has no place to go after she was fired.

Eun-Ha calls Mi-Ho when Mi-Ho is celebrating her father’s birthday in her hair salon. She hangs up and she walks around the street. She remembers the happy hour she spent with Hyun-Woo. It’s raining. She runs to the place. She remembers she visited Hyun-Woo on a snowy day. But he let her hide in a box.

Eun-Ha runs into Ji-Hwan. She’s surprised to see him. She learns that he lives there. She tries to leave after she returned the suit to him. But he asks her to leave with him because he wants to check the stains on his suit. Il-Young is outside Mi-Ho’s hair salon. He talks with Ji-Hwan over the phone. He learns that Ji-Hwan found Eun-Ha. He comforts Mi-Ho that Ji-Hwan is the person she can trust. But she doesn’t trust Ji-Hwan because she knows he’s a mobster. She learns that Il-Young is a mobster. She invites him to get into her house for having a meal. But he rejects it.

Eun-Ha is in the bathroom at Ji-Hwan’s house. She checks her channel and she finds out that her fans wish her to come back. She cries when she remembers she worked hard on the channel. Hyun-Woo checks Eun-Ha’s channel in his office. He remembers he promised to call Eun-Ha. He calls her. But she doesn’t pick up his phone.

Ji-Hwan stands in front of the window. He watches the rain. He remembers Il-Young told him that Eun-Ha has no place to stay. Eun-Ha walks out of the bathroom. She tries to leave. But he invites her to eat noodles with him. He prepares the noodles and the milk. But he finds out that she falls asleep on the couch. He’s close to her. He puts the cover on her.

Section Chief Oh returns to the office with Hyun-Woo’s umbrella. Hyun-Woo thinks they should find Yoon-Taek because he believes that the guy is related to the drug. Eun-Ha wakes up in the room. Man-Ho cooks in the kitchen. Jae-Soo gets the kimchi from the basement. He doesn’t allow the dog to be close to the kimchi.

The people in the house are going to eat. Eun-Ha shows up behind them. It startles Jae-Soo and Man-Ho. Jae-Soo asks Eun-Ha to leave the house. But Ji-Hwan tells Eun-Ha to eat with them. Jae-Soo learns that Eun-Ha is the guest Ji-Hwan invited. But he still hates her.

Eun-Ha tries to help Jae-Soo after the meal. But he mistakes that she plans to get free drink from him. Ji-Hwan intends to visit Yoon-Taek’s family. But Il-Young reminds Ji-Hwan that Yoon-Taek’s family is a kid. He mentions he made the little girl cry. He persuades him to let Eun-Ha help him.

Eun-Ha and Ji-Hwan are in the car. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. He shows the candy to her. He reveals they’re going to visit his employee’s young sister. She learns that the employee is related to the candy drug. He confesses it to her that he doesn’t trust his employees. But he thinks he should keep them. Because they will do something bad if he doesn’t keep them.

Ye-Na meets with Hong-Ki at a cafe. She gets a call from King Meats. He believes that she won’t work with King Meats. But she denies it. She hints at him that there’s a reason making her reject King Meats. It flashes back. Gang-Gil catches Ye-Na at a club. He asks her to pay for her father’s debts. He takes out the debt paper. But Ji-Hwan tears up the paper. Ye-Na chases him out of the club. She asks him if he did it for helping her.

We return to the present. Ji-Hwan drives to Yoon-Taek’s younger sister’s house. He gets off his car and he tries to get into the house. But the kid blocks his way. Eun-Ha smiles to walk to the kid Yeon Hee. She explains it to her that the uncle plans to get into her house for helping her older brother.

Yeon Hee allows Ji-Hwan to get into her house. Eun-Ha takes the kid away for fixing her kite. Ji-Hwan walks into the house. He sees the note Yoon-Taek left on the fridge. Yoon-Taek promises his younger sister that he won’t do anything bad.

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Ji-Hwan remembers Yoon-Taek visited him and he wanted to work for him. But Ji-Hwan didn’t trust Yoon-Taek. Yoon-Taek revealed he has a younger sister. He didn’t want to let his sister down. Ji-Hwan walks out of the house. He sees Eun-Ha teaching the kid to make a wish on the kite. Yeon Hee writes down her wish. She wishes her older brother to come back. Ji-Hwan watches Eun-Ha take Yeon Hee to fly the kite. He’s very happy. But he sees a car. Hyun-Woo gets off his car. He tries to walk to Ji-Hwan. But Eun-Ha stops him.

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