The Princess Royal: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for The Princess Royal: Episode 1. The empress visits the emperor. But she’s blocked by the bodyguards. The female general mentions Prime Minister Pei’s order that nobody is allowed to get into Autumn Palace before he comes.

The prime minister Pei Wenxuan arrives at the palace. He walks to empress with his bodyguards. He thinks the empress Shangguan Ya comes to the palace with the chancellors for forcing the emperor. He walks into the palace. Shangguan Ye asks the eunuch send a message to Second Young Master, letting him prepare it.

The Princess Royal: Episode 1

Second Young Master walks into Elder Princess Li Rong’s room when she just woke up from her bed. He feeds her the soup. Pei Wenxuan walks into the palace. The emperor Li Chuan lies in the bed when he coughs. He asks Pei Wenxuan to let Li Peng be the new emperor.

Li Chuan mentions he’s a puppet of Grand Family. He reveals his older sister Li Rong is the largest Grand Family. He asks Pei Wenxuan what he will do if Li Rong rebels. Pei Wenxuan claims that he won’t let poor clan fall when he’s there.

Li Rong asks Second Young Master about the case of crown prince. He reveals Pei Wenxuan insists on letting Li Ping be the crown prince. Li Rong decides to do something before Pei Wenxuan takes action. He comforts her that he prepared everything. She believes that Pei Wenxuan will rule the Great Xia if she passes away. He comforts her that Pei Wenxuan won’t be alive if she passes away. Because he will kill Pei Wenxuan.

She’s surprised that he would get angry. He tries to tell something to her. But the maid informs Li Rong that Pei Wenxuan asked for a meeting up. Young Master Su decides to drive Pei Wenxuan away. But Li Rong decides to meet with Pei Wenxuan because she didn’t divorce him.

She walks into the room to meet with Pei Wenxuan. He asks her to let Su Rongqin leave. She asks Su Rongqin to go to make her a cup of tea. She promises not to get angry. He leaves. Pei Wenxuan reveals he came to talk about the crown prince.

Li Rong thinks they don’t have to talk about it. Because she thinks Shangguan Ya’s son Li Xin is the best person. He disagrees. She notes that he wears the sachet. She tells him that she doesn’t want a concubine’s son to be emperor.

He learns that she still hates Zhen Zhen. But she thinks he should call Zhen Zhen Consort Qin. She reminds him that Qin Zhenzhen is Li Chuan’s deceased wife. He’s surprised that she spoke with him so much. He thinks she’s not weak. He reminds her that he will use some tricks.

She learns that he can kill her if he needs to do so. She blames him for sacrificing everyone’s happiness. He talks back that Su Rongqin isn’t a good person. She gets angry after he badmouthed Pei Rongqin. He leaves her palace. Li Rong coughs. Pei Rongqin lets the maids go to take medicine for Li Rong.

He feeds Li Rong the medicine. She vomits blood. The doctor sees Li Rong. He reveals it’s the beauty poison. Li Rong remembers the sachet Pei Wenxuan wore. She realizes that he hurt her in the end. She gives Su Rongqin an order that Pei Wenxuan cannot be alive if she passes away.

Pei Wenxuan is in the carriage. His follower Tong Ye worries that Li Rong sent some people to kill Pei Wenxuan. But Pei Wenxuan doesn’t believe that Li Rong will kill him. But the killer stabs him. He reveals Li Rong asked him to do that. Pei Wenxuan tears up. He passes away. Su Rongqin reports to Li Rong that he has killed Pei Wenxuan. She cries and she reveals she doesn’t expect that she and Pei Wenxuan have such an ending. She grabs Su Rongqin’s hand. She regrets for missing him. She passes away.

Li Rong wakes up in her room. She goes to open the door. She enjoys the sunshine. She sees her maid Jing Lan who thinks she woke up. Li Rong is surprised that Jing Lan isn’t dead. She remembers she was shot for protecting her. She mistakes that they’re in hell. She pinches her face. It hurts Jing Lan.

Li Rong hugs Jing Lan after she finds out that she’s alive. She tears up and she thinks it’s a good thing. Jing Lan reveals Emperor asked to have meal with Li Rong after the court. Li Rong asks Jing Lan about Pei Wenxuan. But Jing Lan doesn’t know who is Pei Wenxuan.

Li Rong looks at herself in the mirror. She finds out that the beauty poison made her young. She runs out of the house. She finds out that it’s the Endless Happiness Palace before she got married. She’s happy to run in the garden. She spins around. She learns that she’s 18 years old.

She remembers her father scolded her and he thought he wants to use Shangguan family to control royal. She decides not to choose Pei Wenxuan this time. Jing Lan reveals the emperor summoned Li Rong for choosing a husband for Li Rong. Li Rong wishes Pei Wenxuan not to be on the list.

Li Rong is on the way to the palace. She remembers she and Pei Wenxuan were very happy after they got married. He promised to be honesty to her. Li Rong complains that Pei Wenxuan chose power like the people in the palace. She walks into the palace when her father the emperor Li Ming is drinking. She finds out that he’s aged. She wishes them to be the father and the daughter in the ordinary family.

Emperor sees Li Rong. He invites her to eat with him. She brings the chestnut cakes to him. She asks him to taste it. The eunuch worries that the cake is poisonous. But he’s scolded by the chief eunuch. Li Rong tastes the cake. He lets her father taste the cake. He chooses the cake she just ate.

He lets her choose a husband from the four young masters. Pei Wenxuan is on the list. Li Rong realizes that her father intends to let her be a chess piece to balance the noble families. She offers to summon the young masters to the Spring Banquet.

Pei Wenxuan is reborn in the yard. Tong Ye shows up when he intends to bring a good news to Pei Wenxuan. Pei Wenxuan finds out that Tong Ye is very young. Tong Ye mistakes that Pei Wenxuan is in anger after Lady Qin broke off the engagement. He reveals Li Rong let someone deliver an invitation for the Spring Banquet.

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Li Rong is taking bath. She asks the maid if Pei Wenxuan was very happy when he received the invitation. The maid Jing Lan reveals Pei Wenxuan was confident when he accepted the invitation. Pei Wenxuan takes a look at the invitation. He thinks it’s a reborn dream.

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