Novoland: Eagle Flag Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of Novoland: Eagle Flag Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 1-2. The hero A Sule’s clan gets ruined, and his father Longge Zhenhuang and his sister Longe Qin get killed. He wants to take revenge but is told that the murderer Lord of Qing Yang, Lv Song is his father. A Sule points his blade at Lv Song, but gets defeated by his father’s man. Lv Song tells A Sule to be the king of slave since he wants to protect Zhen Yan clan.

Novoland: Eagle Flag Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Novoland: Eagle Flag

The man accuses Zhen Huang of being against Kuli Ge meeting and thinks his family should be ruined. But Qing Yang Lord is mercy and just lets him surrender. But Zhen Huang claims that the men of Zhen Yan won’t be on knees until death, and lifts his blade. We see a special ring around his thumb. His men join him.

The boy Gui Chen takes two girls fleeing at the battlefield, and they climb under the house. The older girl tells the younger girl Su Ma to take her life if she runs into Qing Yang people, and girls of Zhen Yan shouldn’t get assaulted by jackals. She tells Gui Chen to go to north and show the stuff to Nine King, and thinks Nine King will be nice to him.

But Gui Chen thinks Qing Yan people won’t be nice to Zhen Yan people, and he wants to protect the two girls. Just then a woman dies in front of them, and her belly is stabbed. Gui Chen calls him Mu Ma, and the older girl blocks his mouth, telling him to live well as many people died for him.

The three flee to the mountain and sees the dead of Zhen Yan are bound on the woods. Gui Chen runs to Zhen Huang, and his head with a nail. They take him off the wood, and older sister cries. Gui Chen takes the ring off Zhen Huang’s thumb, but the enemies arrive soon. The three are caught, and Gui Chen sees the man keeps stepping on his older sister.

Gui Chen gets power to pick up the sword and kills all of the enemies. Nine King arrives with his men and calls Gui Chen demon.

At that time the world isn’t reclaimed, and hero falls asleep in the iron basket.

Gui Chen wakes up in the carriage, and the lady comforts him that they’re on the way of north city. She thinks the king of Zhen Yan never told Gui Chen his story. Gui Chen says that he was picked up from grasslands, and she thinks Zhen Huang is kind so he didn’t tell Gui Chen the truth.

Lady tells Gui Chen that he is the son of Qing Yang Lord Lv Song, and his mother is daughter of North Shuo King Louyan Mengle. His birth with anomaly.

The shaman says that Yan Shi has the bad luck star of ruining world and the snow won’t end if the bad luck star doesn’t be gotten rid of. He asks Lv Song to sacrifice the bad luck star to heaven to end the rage. Yan Shi is giving birth in women’s help, and Zhen Huang wants to talk with shaman and his men.

Lv Song thinks Zhen Huang’s blade is the sharpest blade, but not everything can be cut off like knot. Zhen Huang thinks Lv Song listens to the nonsense people and belives his son is demon. Lv Song says that he doesn’t trust anybody and asks Zhen Huang to do a thing for him.

Lv Song gets in the house, and Lady tells him that the baby has no beat after being given birth. He tells Le Mo that the baby isn’t given by God, and God wants to take him away. She thinks everyone wants to kill her son, and holds the knife when Lady wants to take away her baby.

Le Mo says that her son isn’t demon, and nobody can take him away from her chest when she is alive. Lv Song tells Le Mo that the baby was dead when she gave birth to him. She gives the milk to the baby and wishes him not to be born from king’s family next life.

Le Mo tells the baby to meet at heaven, and takes her life. Lv Song hugs Le Mo but hears the baby’s cry. He gives the baby to Zhen Huang, and Zhen Huang rides away.

Lady tells Gui Chen that Lv Song sent him to Zhen Yan clan, but his story cannot be changed. According to the rule of grassland that youngest son should guard family, and he is the crown prince of Qing Yang and will inherit the whole grassland. Gui Chen shakes his head and thinks Qing Yan people are wolves, and they sent people to ruin Zhen Yan clan. He asks about Sister Qin and Su Ma.

Lady tells Gui Chen that Longge Qin died and Su Ma became slave. He heads out and sees Su Ma. He gets off the carriage and rushes to Su Ma, seeing chain around her hands. Nine King tells Gui Chen that they’re just slaves, and asks his men to take Guo Chen back to the carriage. But Gui Chen picks up the stone and tries to break the chain.

Lady tells Nine King that the women are Gui Chen’s childhood friends. But Nine King reminds Gui Chen that Qing Yan is his family, and leaves. Gui Zhen takes Su Ma to the carriage and grabs her hand. He tells her that he will protect her.

Nine King takes his men arriving at north town, and gives Zhen Huang’s blade to Lv Song. Lv Song thinks Nine King is the host since he returned with victory, and asks about Gui Chen. Gui Chen gets off with Su Ma, and Nine King explains that Gui Cheng was startled at the battlefield and doesn’t recover. Lv Song thinks it’s coward to get startled by battlefield, and tells Gui Chen that he is his dad and the lord of Qing Yang.

But Gui Chen thinks Lv Song isn’t his father, and his father is Longge Zhen Huang. Lv Song thinks Gui Chen is startled, and the man asks to share the slaves with families. Lv Song agrees with it, and the young man wants to take Su Ma away. But Gui Chen beats him. Young Man thinks Gui Chen robbed his slave, but Gui Chen thinks Su Ma isn’t slave. Young Man says that the person with mark is animal.

Gui Chen steps on the Young Man and tells him that Su Ma isn’t slave. He takes the sword and rushes to Lv Song, but gets beaten down by his man. Lv Song tells Gui Chen that he is the crown prince, and he can give the slaves to him if he begs him. He asks him if he doesn’t treat him as his dad, and Gui Chen says that he is the son of Zhen Huang.

Lv Song gives the slaves to Gui Chen but asks him to live like slave, and it’s the cost of being Zhen Huang’s son. He throws Zhen Huang’s blade to Gui Chen and thinks he can do nothing without blade. The old man helps Gui Chen get up, and thinks they’re the only people daring to talk to lord like that.

The man offers to set a crown prince in the banquet, but Lv Song thinks Gui Chen is crown prince because youngest son guards family. But the man points out that Lv Song just got him to be the chief of slaves. Lv Song says that he just gave Gui Chen a lesson and he will know his position in the future. He thinks Gui Chen is a little leopard.

The man thinks Gui Chen will die soon and worries that he cannot live until inherits the kingdom. Lv Song knows that the people wishes the princes they support become crown prince, and thinks leopards will become the foods of vultures if they fight. He lifts his hands and thinks Panda deity will guide if Gui Cheng doesn’t have life to inherit. Lv Song tells people to fight until Gui Chen dies.

The maid is on knees and asks Gui Chen to get changed as his clothes is broken. Lady asks Gui Chen to get changed as well. But he says that the clothes was made by Qin Sister. Su Ma wears the new clothes on him. People think Gui Chen is bad luck star, and Lady tries to drive them away. The man adds that Gui Chen killed his mother when he was born. Gu Ma is furious to push the man over, and he wants to beat her. But Gui Chen puts the blade on the man’s neck. So he flees.

Lv Song tells Gui Chen that the totem of Qing Yan clan is the leopard with sword teeth, and only the two can wear the leopard tail. He tells him that he is the future lord, and asks him if Zhen Huang told him why he gave the name “Ai Sule” to him. Lv Song says that it means immortality, and wishes Gui Chen to rule the grassland forever. He holds the leopard tail and tells him not to reject authority if he has the dream. He hands over the leopard tail to him then.

The man thinks Lv Song shouldn’t take part in the traitor’s funeral, but Lv Song says that Zhen Huang is his cousin. The man asks Lv Song why Zhen Huang betrayed. Lv Song shares that Zhen Huang robbed the meadows nearby clans and broke the rules forefathers left. The man says that Zhen Huang was so loyal and raised Lv Song’s son. Lv Song says that the grassland will be disorder if he breaks the rule, and the man thinks Lv Song should give Zhen Huang a change.

Lv Song says that he asked E Lu to bring words to him, and he will be alive if he gives in. Lv Song tells the man Sha Han that people starve so that there’re so many killing, and he knows a place with wheats like mountain and never snows. He says east land, but Sha Han points out that it’s block by ocean. Lv Song wants to sail across the sea, and thinks there will be less war if he gets the foods. He asks Sha Han to be his envoy to convince the east land people.

But Sha Han worries about Gui Chen as he doesn’t have life to be lord but he burdens the title of crown prince. Sha Han adds that Lv Song’s sons are thinking about his authority, and Gui Chen’s brothers are wolves. But Lv Song thinks sheep should become wolf if he wants to be alive as it’s grassland. Sha Han thinks Gui Chen is lack of ability to defeat wolf, and tells Lv Song to pick two brave children to be Gui Chen’s friends and get a famous warrior to be his tutor.

Tutor sharpens his blade and thinks blade art is killing art and learning blade art is learning to kill people. He asks Gui Chen why he wants to learn blade art. Gui Chen thinks when Zhen Yan clan got ruined, Qin Sister wouldn’t die if he had power to hold blade. Tutor knows that Gui Chen intends to learn blade art to save people. Tie Yan, Tie Ye and Gui Chen make their hands bleed with knife, and Sha Han asks Tie Yan and Tie Ye to pay back the kindness of Gui Chen. The blood drop on the blades. Tie Yan and Tie Ye swears to serve Gui Chen all their lives and Gui Chen’s life is their lives. They put the bloody hands together, and Gui Chen says that dying together and living together.

Sha Han sees Gui Chen being beaten by Tutor and Tutor telling him to get up. Sha Han feels satisfied and goes to east land. The man visits the old man in the cell with the foods, and tells him that crown prince returned. The old man asks the man Mu Li to take Gui Chen to see him. But Mu Li is on knees and thinks it’s death sin if lord knows it. The older man comforts Mu Li that he won’t hurt Gui Chen.

Gui Chen chases the squirrel Ba Die and walks in the cave. He clims down when old man catches the squirrel for him. Gui Chen calls old man grandpa, and asks him why he is there. Grandpa tells Gui Chen that it’s called dungeon, and people are locked up there after they make the mistakes. Gui Chen asks Grandpa what mistake he made, and Grandpa says that he offended lord and tells him not to tell lord about his coming. Gui Chen agrees and helps Grandpa get up.

Grandpa thinks Gui Chen shouldn’t be born at royal family as he is thin, and he cannot live in the wolf place. But Gui Chen doesn’t fear it as he didn’t have beat when he was born. Grandpa heard that Gui Chen asked Mu Li to teach him blade art, and asks Gui Chen what he wants to do with the blade art. Gui Chen says that he wants to protect the people of Zhen Yan clan. But Grandpa points out that blade is used to kill people, and gives the gift of huge chop blade to Gui Chen.

Two years later.

Sha Han returns with the general Shan Yue, and Shan Yue visits Lv Song. Sha Han eats with Gui Chen, and complains that he didn’t eat good mutton in Xia Tang. Ying Shi mentions the army Xia Tang carried foods of whole ship. But Sha Han points out that he exchanged the gold of whole ship with the foods. Ying Shi mentions that Xia Tang will carry foods to Qing Yan each year, and they won’t be lack of foods. But Sha Han points out that they will get the foods until they sign the contract.

Lv Song asks Shan Yue what thing Xia Tang wants to get from him since Xia Tang is so generous. Shan Yue reveals that their king wants Lv Song to send 5,000 tiger and leopard cavalries to Nanhuai city, and asks for a prince. He says that Xia Tang agrees to marry a princess to Qing Yan, and they will teach the prince the knowledge of east land. The prince thinks Xia Tang wants to get his brother to be hostage. Shan Yue explains that Xia Tang will get the prince to be emperor’s son-in-law, and emperor believes that the contract will maintain for 100 years with the prince.

Novoland: Eagle Flag Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 2

Ying Shi it’s matched after hearing that Xia Tang wants to marry a princess to the prince of Qing Yang. Sha Han tells Gui Chen to reject it if someone asks him if he wants to go to east land. He thinks Emperor of Xia Tang has a big plot. Gui Chen agrees with it. Lv Song walks Shan Yue and gives the option to him as his four sons don’t want to go to east land. But Shan Yue cannot make the decision, and wonders why the youngest son doesn’t show up. Lv Song explains that Gui Chen is weak, and fears to disappoint Shan Yue. He invites Shan Yue to hunt at fire and thunder land, and thinks he will see the future eagle of Qing Yang clan.

Lv Song takes Shan Yue to see the hunting ground and reveals his father defeated wind and fire emperor at the place, and the army of east land never stepped in Qing Yang. The wolves attack the camp, and Lv Song orders his men to shoot. He wonders where Gui Chen is when they’re fighting with the wolves. Gui Chen is startled when wolf king approaches him. Lv Song shows up to protect Gui Chen, but the wolf king takes away his blade and keeps biting Lv Song. Gui Chen picks the blade and thinks he can protect Lv Song. He kills wolf king with just one hit, but he passes out soon.

Gui Chen is taken back, and his body bleeds when Doctor doing acupuncture on him. Doctor tells the maids to press on Gui Chen, and reports to Lv Song that Gui Chen gets blood faint. Doctor adds that deity took away Gui Chen’s good power, and thinks Gui Chen was a dead when he was born. Lv Song grabs Doctor’s clothes and tells him that he can ask anything if he can cure his son. Doctor Li Jun is on knees and reveals that nobody can cure blood faint. Lv Song is furious to visit Old Man and thinks he is the real blade teacher of Gui Chen. He says that he saw him killing white wolf with one chop.

Old Man says that it’s the art to kill deity, and thinks Gui Chen inherited the blood of Pa Suer family. But Lv Song only wants his son to grow up safely, and doesn’t wish him to be the stuff like Old Man. But Old Man thinks it’s useless as Gui Chen got bronze blood early. Lv Song says that it’s demon blood, and swears not to let demon take Gui Chen away from him. But Old Man thinks nobody can be enemy to fate, and tells Lv Song to look at his father.

Gui Chen wakes up and walks in the forest. Sha Han drinks with Lv Song and tells him that the magic of shaman can only extend Gui Chen’s life temporarily. The man reports to Lv Song that the slave saw Gui Chen walking out of town. Lv Song and Sha Han arrive at the forest and see Gui Chen staying with some people. The chief Bi Chen says that he is luck to see the mast of grassland. Sha Han wonders who he knew their identities, and Bi Chen says that he knew that Sha Han is the shaman serve Panda deity.

Bi Chen gives the cookie to Gui Chen and thinks blood faint cannot be cured by herb. He tells Lv Song not to worry about it as Gui Chen’s illness just looks like blood faint. Lv Song asks Bi Chen what illness his son got, and Bi Chen thinks it’s because of holy blood of Gui Chen’s ancestor. It will bring kids like war god to Pa Suer family each decades. Lv Song thinks it’s the secret of his family. But Bi Chen thinks the secret won’t be secret on the end, and Gui Chen’s condition is because he inherited the strong blood but it doesn’t complete.

Bi Chen says that he has a way to save Gui Chen, but has to suppress the powerful blood. He puts his hand on Gui Chen’s head and asks him if he wants him to save him from ruining. Gui Chen opens his eyes and calls Lv Song. Bi Chen tells Lv Song that the magic just suppressed the blood, and Gui Chen is danger if he doesn’t find way to do the permanent cure in 24 years old. Bi Chen tells his student that his soul will be like star, and bows to him. The student walks away and turns into black smoke. Bi Chen says that his cost is his student’s life, and he did it because Gui Chen is his destiny.

Lv Song visits Gui Chen and asks him how he feels, and Gui Chen says that it looked like he had a dream. Lv Song reveals he was despair, and Panda deity returned him to him. He says that he wished Gui Chen to be a brave person, and he was happy to see him because he looked like his mother. Gui Chen thinks he never heard Lv Song mentioned his mother, and Lv Song tells Gui Chen not to tell anyone when he misses someone. Because it will become his weakness. Shan Yue takes gift to see Lv Song and asks Gui Chen to be the guest of alliance. He mentions the bronze blood, and reminds Lv Song that there’re many people will starve to death without enough foods.

Lv Song thinks Shan Yue threatens him with food, but Shan Yue comforts Lv Song that Xia Tang will be Gui Chen’s supporter when he rides horse through Han state. Sha Han disagrees and thinks Gui Chen cannot be the hostage with his body. He thinks Lv Song will make Gui Chen die on the way, but Lv Song claims that he promised Shan Yue. Gui Chen shows up and says that he wants to go. Sha Han thinks Gui Chen is silly and he needs to inherit Qing Yang clan. But Gui Chen wants to do something for Qing Yang.

Lv Song walks Gui Chen and tells him that he and Zhen Huang went fishing each year, and Zhen Huang always got more than him. Gui Chen says that he knows that Lv Song worships each year but he ruined Zhen Yan clan. Lv Song thinks Gui Chen will understand it when he experiences more, and gives the name Lv Gui Chen to Ai Sule. Lv Song asks Gui Chen if he wanted to kill him when he returned from Zhen Yan clan. Gui Chen admits it as he would disappoint Zhen Huang if he didn’t do that. Lv Song thinks his son is silly and tells Gui Chen not to disappoint himself. He gives him a new scabbard for his blade shadow moon. He tells him that blade art is killing art, but scabbard with mercy, the blade with scabbard can keep the sharp.

Gui Chen takes the carriage to leave and sees Sha Han drumming for him. Bi Chen watches Gui Chen and thinks they will run into again. The group arrive at the canyon, and Shan Yue wants to encamp. He shares that the army of Li state shows up frequently. Gui Chen gives the mirror to Su Ma and thinks she doesn’t have to comb her hair to water. He thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the grassland, and mentions Dan Hu likes her. Su Ma cannot speak, so she writes something on his palm. Gui Chen knows that Su Ma thinks the princess is pretty, but he thinks it’s not his business and wished Lv Song to give some sheep and horses to him so that he would go somewhere else to live.

The group are attacked by men in red, and Gui Chen goes to protect Su Ma. The man in red thinks Gui Chen should go to heaven, and Su Ma is injured for protecting Gui Chen. Gui Chen hugs Su Ma, and she writes something on his palm and dies. Gui Chen hugs Su Ma to cry. Man in black fights with Man in red, and Man in red realizes that heaven driving gets involved. Man in black says that he came after smelling the rot of morning moon. Nine King stuns Gui Chen after he refused to leave. Man in black leaves after another man in black killed the man in red with his spear.

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