Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 23. Jiang Xuening brings the medicine to Zhang Zhe. She tries to dress his wound. But he wants to do it on his own. Xie Wei shows up. Jiang Xuening greets him. She wonders why he came to her.

Does Xie Wei Have Feelings for Jiang Xuening?

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 23.

Jiang Xuening thinks Xie Wei is very busy. Xie Wei tells Zhang Zhe that he has reported what Duke Xue to Emperor. He asks him to testify after they return to the capital. But Zhang Zhe thinks he’s just a pawn. He doesn’t want to take the credit.

Xie Wei thinks what Zhang Zhe said has a deep meaning. Zhang Zhe asks Xie Wei if the one who stands in front of him is someone else. Xie Wei asks Jiang Xuening to leave the room. Because he intends to have a talk with Zhang Zhe alone.

He threatens her that he will do something she fears. Zhang Zhe comforts Jiang Xuening that he has something to say to Xie Wei. Jiang Xuening leaves the house. Xiao Bao reveals he has prepared some clothes for her. He persuades her to go to take a look at her clothes.

Zhang Zhe asks Xie Wei if Xiao Bao is his follower. Xie Wei admits it. He reveals Xue Dingfei is his follower as well. Zhang Zhe thinks everything Xie Wei told him was lie. He believes that he doesn’t wish him to leave Tong City with life.

But Xie Wei tells Zhang Zhe that his life isn’t important to him. Zhang Zhe admits that he’s a nobody. But he points out that he will hurt Xie Wei if he returns to the capital. But Xie Wei tells Zhang Zhe that it’s his business to do what he wants to do.

He tries to leave. Zhang Zhe stops Xie Wei. He begs him for Jiang Xuening. Xie Wei claims that Jiang Xuening is his student. He thinks he should thank Zhang Zhe for taking care for Jiang Xuening. But he asks him about his feelings for Jiang Xuening.

Zhang Zhe reminds Xie Wei that it’s related to Jiang Xuening’s reputation. But Xie Wei thinks Zhang Zhe knows Jiang Xuening’s feelings. Zhang Zhe thinks Xie Wei shouldn’t talk about it with him. Because it’s him and Jiang Xuening’s business.

Xie Wei tells Zhang Zhe that he’s going to kill him if he continues to tangle Jiang Xuening. But Zhang Zhe thinks Xie Wei cannot control Jiang Xuening because Jiang Xuening is a human. Xie Wei leaves the room. The bodyguard reports to the general that Duke Xue returned to the temple because the road was blocked.

He asks him if they need to heal Duke Xue and his followers. Mr. Xue gets angry when his hand was hurt. He kicks the doctor when the doctor tries to treat him. The general yells at Mr. Xue. But Duke Xue stops the general. He thinks Yan Troops get used to rebel.

But the general mentions Duke Xue fled. Duke Xue gets angry because he thinks the general doesn’t respect him. Xie Wei comforts Duke Xue. He mentions Emperor has given Yan Troops to him. He tells him to talk about it with him if he has a business.

Duke Xue thinks Xie Wei cannot manage soldiers. Xie Wei wonders why he met with Duke Xue in the temple because they appointed to meet in Tong City. Mr. Xue explains to Xie Wei that his father just wanted to kill the bandits. He thinks his father doesn’t have to listen to him.

Xie Wei tells Duke Xue that he will report what happened to Emperor. Duke Xue tries to leave. But he sees Xue Dingfei. He lets his bodyguard follow Xue Dingfei. Xie Wei tells the general to avoid Xue family. But the general mentions Xue family stole the weapons. He worries that Xue family will come to ruin the evidence.

Xie Wei reveals he came for the evidence as well. He asks the general for the evidence. Dao Qin brings Xue Dingfei to Xie Wei. Xie Wei asks Dao Qin to send the general off. Dao Qin leaves with the general. The bodyguard reports to Duke Xue that Xie Wei’s follower actually called the guy Mr. Dingfei.

Duke Xue asks the bodyguard if he saw the moon scar under the guy’s ear. The bodyguard admits it. He reveals the guy is a spy of Xie Wei. Duke Xue wonders why Xue Dingfei is alive. Xie Wei mentions Zhang Zhe knew Xue Dingfei’s identity because Xue Dingfei leaked it.

Xue Dinggei explains to Xie Wei that he didn’t expect that the officer was so smart. Xie Wei mentions he asked Xue Dingfei to kill Zhang Zhe. He asks Xue Dingfei why he didn’t do that. Xue Dingfei explains it to Xie Wei that he told Feng Mingyu that Zhang Zhe is Mr. Dujun. He thinks he cannot explain it to the prince after he returns to Jinling.

Xie Wei is furious to ask Xue Dingfei if he wants to return to Jinling. Xue Dingfei denies it. He thinks he should follow Xie Wei because Xie Wei killed Feng Mingyu. He intends to go to kill Zhang Zhe. Xie Wei stops Xue Dingfei. Xue Dingfei realizes that Xie Wei does it for Jiang Xuening.

He thinks he fears it when he saw Jiang Xuening giving up her life for Zhang Zhe. Xie Wei believes that Pingnan Prince will take action because they killed Feng Mingyu. He asks Xue Dingfei if he came up with a plan for the battle.

But Xue Dingfei tells Xie Wei that he just wants to be alive. Xie Wei reminds Xue Dingfei that he will be killed if Pingnan Prince achieves his goal. He tells him that he will keep his life if he joins him. He promises to give the freedom to him if he doesn’t want to be Xue Dingfei. He tells him to give an answer to him before he leaves Tong City.

Jiang Xuening brings the food to Zhang Zhe. She explains to him that she did it before she worried about his injury. He asks him about what he said to Xie Wei. He reveals he just talked about some businesses with Xie Wei. She mentions Xie Wei saved them. She asks him not to report what Xie Wei did to Emperor.

Zhang Zhe asks Jiang Xuening about the relationship of her and Xie Wei. She claims that she and Xie Wei are just the student and the teacher. Zhang Zhe apologizes to Jiang Xuening for getting her involved. But she doesn’t blame him because she knows he did it for the nation.

He mentions she protected him. He feels guilty for not doing anything for her. But she feels guilty for him as well. Because she thinks he wouldn’t get involved if she didn’t ask him to look into the rebelling of Yan family. But he thinks it was his duty to find the truth.

He promises not to let her down. He agrees to be silent if Xie Wei doesn’t hurt court. Because she trusts him. They have a dinner. Xie Wei coughs. The follower persuades Xie Wei to rest well. Xie Wei asks his follower to go to take the clothes for him.

Does Duke Xue Care for His Son?

The follower leaves. Duke Xue passes by. He asks the bodyguard to look for the best medicine for his son Xue Ye. Xie Wei hears the talk. He remembers his father Duke Xue shot him. He tries to take the medicine. But the medicine drops.

Jiang Xuening picks up the medicine for Xie Wei. He takes the medicine. She notes that he doesn’t look well. She tries to go to look for Jian Shu for him. But he stops her when he grabs her hand. He wonders how did she have the guts to go to look for the reinforcement for Zhang Zhe.

She explains it to him that she did it because of the life. He blames her for giving up her life. He asks her if she remembers what he said to her when she joined the palace. She mentions he told her not to make him angry. He thinks she would be killed if he didn’t save her.

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Episode 23 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with Jiang Xuening remembering her mother gave the new clothes to her sister. Xue Dingfei shows up. He tells Jiang Xuening that he knows it’s her birthday. She wonders how did he know it. He reveals Xie Wei told it to him.

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