One Ordinary Day: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One Ordinary Day: Episode 2. Hyun-Soo stays in the cell. He tears up after he recalled the past he took with Gook-Hwa. Joong-Han goes to see Hyun-Soo. He asks him if Sang-Beom forced him to say something. Hyun-Soo denies it.

One Ordinary Day: Episode 2 Recap

One Ordinary Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One Ordinary Day: Episode 2.

Joong-Han hands over the drinks to the detective. He’s told that the killer stabbed the girl 13 times. He thinks Sang-Beom shouldn’t accept the case because he’s going to retired. He goes to the cafeteria and takes many foods because he’s actually hungry.

The police officers leave after they had lunch. Joong-Han takes the chopsticks from the table. He puts them into his bag. Sang-Beom takes Seung-Hun to the interrogation room. He asks him to point at the killer from the group photo. Seung-Hun does it and signs the photo.

Joong-Han returns to the cell and takes out the chopsticks to flinch his foot. He tells Hyun-Soo that it’s not a problem when he notes that he’s staring at him. He sees that he has asthma. He tells him not to talk about the thing which happened at that night.

The police officer confesses to the detective that Hyun-Soo asked him if Gook-Hwa passes away. Joong-Han tells Hyun-Soo that the judge will choose to believe the one’s story which is reasonable. He recommends him not to say anything so that he can know the story the police come up with.

Joong-Han tells Hyun-Soo that Sang-Beom is good at finding the evidence. Hyun-Soo thinks Sang-Beom is a good person. But Joong-Han tells Hyun-Soo that Sang-Beom will bite him if he finds the evidence. Joong-Han gets a call from someone. He hangs up and tells Hyun-Soo that he needs to attend the hearing. The police officer opens the cell for Joong-Han. Joong-Han leaves.

Sang-Beom returns to Gook-Hwa’s house. He finds the asthma equipment which as left by Hyun-Soo after the police took away Gook-Hwa’s body. He remembers Hyun-Soo told him that he has asthma. Joong-Han takes the taxi to arrive at the court. He sneaks into the room because the hearing has begun. The client Young-Chan blames Joong-Han for his late. Joong-Han denies it and tells Young-Chan to wear the tie. He takes him to pay respect to the judge.

Gang-Pil is playing golf. He gets a call from Sang-Beom who wants to talk about his daughter. Gang-Pil tells Sang-Beom to tell Gook-Hwa that he cannot find him. But he’s told that the his daughter is dead. The forensic detective takes photos of Gook-Hwa after he completed the autopsy. He takes off the ring for her.

Gang-Pil sees the last photo of Gook-Hwa. He tells Sang-Beom that Gook-Hwa isn’t his real daughter. He signs the autopsy form. Young-Chan walks out of the court with Joong-Han. He pays the attorney fees. Joong-Han laughs because he knows the tears Young-Chan shed weren’t real.

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Sang-Beom returns to the police station. The follower informs Sang-Beom that Hyun-Soo’s parents came. So Sang-Beom lets Hyun-Soo meet with his parents. Joong-Han sees the guy filming the woman in the bus. He hands over his business to both. He tells them to call him if they need his help.

Joong-Han arrives at the police station. It’s raining so that he runs. He looks for Hyun-Soo. The police officer points at the room Hyun-Soo stays with his parents. Joong-Han walks into the room and greets Hyun-Soo’s parents. But he sees the camera. Sang-Beom sees Joong-Han. He sighs.

Joong-Han brings the coffee to Sang-Beom. He has a seat and tells him not to be greedy because he’s going to retired. He leaves after he realized that he cannot convince him. Joong-Han blames Hyun-Soo for not listening to him. He tells him that what he said will become the evidence. Hyun-Soo explains that he spoke because his mom worried about him.

Joong-Han tells Hyun-Soo that the judge will believe that he’s the killer if she sees the evidence. He tells him not to say anything. Tae-Han tells Sang-Beom to hand over the case to the prosecutor after he saw the evidence. Sang-Beom agrees to what Tae-Han said. He’s going to do that. Tae-Han tells Sang-Beom that he wants to recommend him to his friend. He thinks the case is the chance.

Da-Gyeong waves to Joong-Han and asks him about his foot. He’s surprised that she begins to care for him. She congratulates him on becoming the lawyer of Hyun-Soo. But he doesn’t think it’s a good news to tell others. So she asks him for leaking some information to her. But he tells her to pay it first.

The detective talks with his colleague about the foods they’re going to eat. Hye-In runs to the detective and greets him. It startles him. She tells him that she’s going to buy him a meal. Sang-Beom goes to see Hyun-Soo. He returns the asthma equipment to him. He reminds him that his father needs the taxi to work.

Sang-Beom learns that Joong-Han told Hyun-Soo not to speak. He thinks Joong-Han is a bad person. But Hyun-Soo reminds Sang-Beom that he shouldn’t talk to him without Joong-Han’s permission. Sang-Beom is furious to walk away. He returns to his office and tells the follower to hand over the case to the prosecutor. But he’s told that the reporter has reported it. Sang-Beom is furious. He wonders who leaked it until he sees the two detective returning to the office with the coffee.

Joong-Han gets a call from his wife Jung-A. He hears his daughter Hye-In asks for the violin. He tells Jung-A to buy it, and promises to give the money to her. Sang-Beom brings the clothes to Hyun-Soo. Hyun-Soo asks about his clothes. He’s told that it’s evidence now.

The detectives try to take Hyun-Soo to go downstairs. Joong-Han stops them because he thinks the clothes isn’t suitable for Hyun-Soo. But the detective pushes Joong-Han aside. Because he thinks the clothes is good enough.

One Ordinary Day: Episode 2 stars Kim Soo-Hyun, Cha Seung-Won and Kim Hong-Fa.

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