One Ordinary Day: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One Ordinary Day: Episode 3. Hyun-Soo is taken to the prison with other bad persons. He runs into Ji-Tae who just left the doctor’s room. The two have an eye contact. Joong-Han meets with the prosecutor in the restroom.

One Ordinary Day: Episode 3 Recap

One Ordinary Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One Ordinary Day: Episode 3.

The prosecutor thinks Hyun-Soo will be allegation even if he doesn’t confess. Because they have so many evidence. Hyun-Soo is arranged to the cell. He sees his roommate Wimp who’s nervous. Wimp is startled to climb to his bed after he heard the voice of the turnkey. Hyun-Soo hears someone getting beaten after the lights out. He uses the asthma treatment to calm himself down.

Joong-Han takes the bus to arrive at Hyun-Soo’s house. He takes a look at the house. He sighs and reduces the attorney fees for Hyun-Soo. He goes to see his parents and tells them that their son will get life sentence if he doesn’t help him.

Joong-Han asks Hyun-Soo’s parents for attorney fees. But it’s too much to them. So Joong-Han reduces the attorney fees again. He tells them to sign the contract. Hyun-Soo sees Wimp getting bullied. Sang-Soo tells Hyun-Soo not to go to help Wimp. He reminds him that he will get hurt. Ji-Tae shows up and stares at Du-Sik. Du-Sik stops bullying Wimp.

Joong-Han waits for the prosecutor Tae-Hee in her office. She’s surprised after she saw him. She reminds him that she has the right to stop him from accessing the case files. So he hands over the demurrer to her. She takes a look at the demurrer and praises him.

Joong-Han tells Tae-Hee that he doesn’t think Hyun-Soo is the killer because the girl got stabbed for thirteen times. But she says that she believes Gook-Hwa wasn’t the first girl Hyun-Soo killed. He thinks she sent Hyun-Soo to the prison because the boy didn’t confess. But she points out that the decision was made by the judge.

Tae-Hee hands over the business card to Joong-Han. She tells him to buy himself some clothes since he’s going to attend the hearing. He accepts the business card and mentions she’s going to attend the press conference. It makes her laugh.

Hyun-Soo gets the new asthma treatment from the doctor. He tries to leave but he asks her for some painkillers. He gives the painkillers to Wimp. Du-Sik sees it and gets the follower to catch Hyun-Soo. He tries to hurt him but he finds out that Ji-Tae is glaring at him. Du-Sik stops hurting Hyun-Soo. He walks away with the followers.

Tae-Hee tells Hyun-Soo’s sins to the reporters in the press conference. The prisoner wants to beat Hyun-Soo after he watched the press conference. Hyun-Soo is startled to flee. He calls Joong-Han and tells him that he worries that he will be in the prison all his life. Joong-Han calms Hyun-Soo down. He tells him to believe himself.

Joong-Han stops the reporters after Tae-Hee and Sang-Beom left. He tells them that Tae-Hee wronged Hyun-Soo. Mi-Kyeong watches the news. She’s interested in Hyun-Soo’s case. Hyun-Soo is kidnapped by the prisoners. They give him the punishment.

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Mi-Kyeong returns her office. Soo-Jin is waiting for her. Soo-Jin tells Mi-Kyeong that she’s a newbie. She thinks she cannot help her. But Mi-Kyeong tells Soo-Jin that she wants to give the chance to her. She hands over the Hyun-Soo’s home address to her. Soo-Jin is very happy after she left the office.

Did Hyun-Soo Kill Gook-Hwa?

Joong-Han tries to get into Gook-Hwa’s house. But the police officer stops Joong-Han. Joong-Han shows the phone that he’s talking with Sang-Beom. The police officer lets Joong-Han pass. Joong-Han walks into the house and films it. He gets a call from Sang-Beom.

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Joong-Han goes to see Sang-Beom. Sang-Beom tells Joong-Han that he believes Hyun-Soo is the killer. He mentions the boy didn’t report it to police when he had three chances, and he kept asking if Gook-Hwa is dead. Joong-Han thinks it proves that Hyun-Soo didn’t kill the girl.

Sang-Beom shows the footage to Joong-Han that Hyun-Soo tried to flee when he ran into him. He thinks Hyun-Soo is the criminal according to his experiences. He adds that the criminals like Hyun-Soo are hard to catch. Because they usually claim that they’re innocent.

One Ordinary Day: Episode 3 Ending

Joong-Han goes to see Mi-Kyeong. But Soo-Jin stops him and tells him that Mi-Kyeong isn’t in the office. He blames Mi-Kyeong for stealing his case. But Soo-Jin doesn’t agree to what he said. She tells him that she will pass the message for him if he wants to see Mi-Kyeong. It makes him laugh. He has to leave.

Joong-Han goes to the restaurant to drink. He goes outside and sees the shoes in the store. He doesn’t have the money to buy it. He returns to Gook-Hwa’s house, seeing that notes people left. He learns that people wished Hyun-Soo to get punished.

Sang-Soo tells Hyun-Soo that Ji-Tae punish people who trade without his permission. Bone-Setter shows up. He tells Hyun-Soo to go with him. He takes him to see Ji-Tae. The prisoners get on knees to Ji-Tae. Ji-Tae asks Hyun-Soo to point at the guy who traded cigarettes.

Hyun-Soo takes a look at the prisoner. He remembers he saw him giving the cigarettes to another prisoner. But he doesn’t tell it to Ji-Tae. Ji-Tae grabs Hyun-Soo’s neck. He tells him to leave with him. The prisoner gets the punishment.

Ji-Tae tells Hyun-Soo that he can help him. Hyun-Soo rejects his kindness. He claims that he will leave the place. He’s startled after finding out that Wimp took his life with a rope. He calls Sang-Soo and wakes him up. Sang-Soo goes to hug Wimp. He informs it to the turnkey.

Wimp’s dead body is taken away. Du-Sik shows off his knife to Hyun-Soo. Hyun-Soo is scared to flee. He tries to leave the prison. But he gets beaten and he’s subdued.

One Ordinary Day: Episode 3 stars Kim Soo-Hyun, Cha Seung-Won and Kim Hong-Fa.

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