Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23. Shi Yan pushes Zheng Shuyi out of his room. He tells her to go to sleep. But she wants to do it again because she didn’t feel it. He runs into Qin Shiyue in the lobby of the hotel.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23.

Shi Yan wonders why Qin Shiyue appears in the hotel. She claims that she came to work. She mentions the chip conference. She thinks she should come to study. She reveals she let Guan Ji take her to the conference. He lets her study well.

Zheng Shuyi takes a bath in the bathroom. Shi Yan texts her. He reveals his niece has come. He tells her to meet with his niece because she’s interested in his niece. She is shocked after she found out that Qin Lezhi came. She claims that she came for the work. She rejects the meeting up.

Guan Ji texts Bi Ruoshan. He tells her about his room. She goes to see him. But she sees him flirting with a girl. She gets a call from Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi takes Bi Ruoshan to her room. She wonders why she came to the chip conference as well.

Bi Ruoshan claims that she shouldn’t miss the cover chance. Zheng Shuyi reveals Qin Lezhi lives in the hotel as well. She worries that she will run into Qin Lezhi. Bi Ruoshan thinks Zheng Shuyi won’t run into Qin Lezhi because there’re many floors in the hotel.

She comforts her that Qin Lezhi won’t go to the chip conference. Guan Ji stays in his room. The girl texts him. She asks him to come out to play. He rejects it. He wonders why Bi Ruoshan is cold to him. Yi Yang walks out of the hotel with Shi Yan.

Yi Yang tells Shi Yan that he wishes to work with him. Shi Yan agrees to it. He gets in the car and he leaves the hotel. He texts Zheng Shiyi. He tells her that he’s going to come back. She worries that he will mention Qin Lezhi again.

She tells him to return to his room to sleep because she’s going to sleep. She cries after she realized that she dug a pit for herself. Guan Ji drinks with Yu You in Shi Yan’s room. Guan Ji tells Shi Yan to drink with them. But Shi Yan rejects it.

Yu You believes that Shi Yan drank a lot. Shi Yan reveals he met with Yi Yang. He thinks Yi Yang is outstanding. Guan Ji notes that Shi Yan sent a message to a beauty. He asks him about it. Shi Yan reveals he was talking with his girlfriend.

Guan Ji wonders which fighter accepted Shi Yan. Shi Yan decides to tell it to his friends when the girl agrees to it. Yu You asks Shi Yan to tell them about him and the girl’s story. Shi Yan thinks the girl flirted with a wrong man. But she fell for him.

Guan Ji is envy of Shi Yan. Shi Yan believes that Guan Ji and Yu You’s love stories are better than his love story. But Yu You thinks he can talk nothing because he’s single. Shi Yan is surprised that there was no girl chasing Yu You.

Yu You mentions there’s a girl who has feelings for him. But he thinks she’s not suitable for him. Guan Ji wonders why Shi Yan cared for others’ love stories. Shi Yan looks at Guan Ji. Guan Ji tells Shi Yan that he doesn’t have a great love story like him.

Shi Yan is surprised that Guan Ji isn’t confident. He wonders who gave Guan Ji a hard time. Guan Ji denies it. He’s drunk to sing a sad love song to Shi Yan. Yu You takes Guan Ji to leave Shi Yan’s room. The reception wakes Zheng Shuyi up.

Zheng shuyi tells Only for Love Chinese Drama Episode 23 that she didn’t sleep well last night. She thinks the niece hurt her. She walks out of her room. Shi Yan is waiting for her. He asks her if she had breakfast. She admits it and she walks with him.

She turns around. She sees nobody. She comforts herself that she won’t run into Qin Lezhi. She asks Shi Yan if his niece came to go on a trip. He reveals his niece came to attend the chip conference. He wonders why she asked him about his niece.

She claims that she cares for his family. She worries that Shi Yan will think she was close to him for taking revenge if Qin Lezhi tells it to him. She thinks she cannot explain it. Shi Yan tells Zheng Shuyi to take a break in his car after knowing she didn’t sleep well last night.

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She leans her head on his shoulder. She gets a message from the girl. The girl mentions what Zheng Shuyi said that she went on a trip with her father. Shi Yan sees the message. They arrive at the chip conference. Zheng Shuyi tells Shi Yan to get in the chip conference alone. She worries that she won’t know what to do if she runs into Qin Lezhi. She tells Shi Yan that she wants to go to greet her friend.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Ending

Episode 23 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Mr. Chen calling Zheng Shuyi. He reveals he’s going to get married next month. He invites her to come to his wedding. She agrees to it. He mentions she broke up with Yue Xingzhou. He reveals he wants to invite Yue Xingzhou to his wedding.

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