Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 5. Ri-Ta kills the man she loves. She’s tangled by the lover who turned into poltergeist. Young-Hwa puts Do Ha on the bed to take care of him. He’s moved to ask her why she’s nice to him.

Moon in the Day Episode 5 Recap

Moon in the Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 5.

Young-Hwa claims that she did it because of the duty as a firefighter. Do Ha is furious to drive her out of his house. But he remembers she called his name. He wonders why she could recognize him in the dream since she doesn’t have the memories of Ri-Ta.

Ri-Ta didn’t recognize him in the past. He thinks he and Ri-Ta’s fate will have an ending. It flashes back. Do Ha confesses his feelings to Ri-Ta in the cave. She’s moved and she doesn’t kill him when he falls asleep. The fate of them begins to bloom.

Do Ha lights the candle for Ri-Ta when she trips. She gives the herb to him because he has insomnia. The two have feelings for each other. She comes to serve him. But she’s told that he went to the battlefield. She worries about him. She is lost when she looks at the gate.

He returns with blood. He ignores her. He didn’t greet her because he wished to protect her. But his smart father Soribu has noted it. He asks his follower to look into Ri-Ta. He learns that Ri-Ta is Gaya General’s daughter. He shows the evil smile.

He believes that she can use her to handle Do Ha. Do Ha comes to see Ri-Ta after he got changed. He noted that she was waiting for him. He asks her if she cares for him. She claims that she just regretted that he didn’t die in her hands.

She tells him that she just wishes to take revenge for her father. He’s lost. He makes decision to live well so that she has a reason to live. He gives the lotus to her as a present. He tells her to wait for him until he blooms.

Young-Hwa wakes up from her dream. She remembers the content of the dream this time. She doesn’t get out of the dream. She’s bumped by someone. She almost gets hit by the bus. Chul-Hwan saves her. She thinks she saw him somewhere.

She gets a call from Attorney Go. He meets with her and he takes out the bloody clothes of Do Ha. He asks her what happened that day. She’s silent. She tells him to leave. She concealed the truth that Do Ha beat the thug. She didn’t wish him to be looked into by cops.

Attorney Go didn’t get the useful message from Young-Hwa. He has to come to the hospital to see the thugs. He finds out that there’re many cops outside the ward. The thugs were untied. They fled. Attorney Go gets angry. He sees Chul-Hwan passed by.

Chul-Hwan leaves the hospital. He meets with the chief thug. He asks him to write a will. He laughs after he saw the will. Attorney Go meets with Min-O. He reports to him about what he saw in the hospital. Min-O realizes that Chul-Hwan was the mastermind.

He asks Young-Hwa to live with Do Ha. She’s very happy after knowing she can guard Do Ha. She agrees to it. She begins to pack her stuff. She takes out the broken amulet. She finds the broken lotus. She thinks the lotus looks like the one Do Ha gave to her in her dream.

The amulet was actually made by lotus. But it wasn’t made by the chief monk. The chief monk finds out that Hae-In is looking for the amulet. He gives him a talisman. He asks him to post it at the place where poltergeist stays so that it will help Young-Hwa.

Young-Hwa has been in Do Ha’s house. Do Ha mistakes that she’s going to watch him. He mocks her. She gets angry and she thinks he always mistakes her. It makes the one who actually cares for him feel sad. He looks at her with love. He asks her if she actually cares for him.

She’s shy to turn on the TV to cover her feelings. But she sees the news that the lotus bloomed. Do Ha remembers the promise of him and Ri-Ta. He thinks he won. Young-Hwa thinks she lost. He’s shocked after he heard what she said.

She flees. She doesn’t understand why she said such words. She goes to the kitchen to get water. She finds out that he’s missing. She goes to look for him. But she trips. He turns on the light like what he did to her before. The two have an eye contact.

Moon in the Day Episode 5 Ending Explained

Episode 5 of Moon in the Day ends with Do Ha looking at Young-Hwa who falls asleep on the couch. He doesn’t know if she actually remembered him. She wakes up in the morning. She finds out that he’s reading a dream book. He reads the content that the one who falls in love will dream the person she loves.

He thinks she dreamed him often. She’s furious to grab the book. But she trips. She tries to give him a lesson. But Yi-Seul visits Do Ha. She brings the desserts he loves to him. She asks him to get together with her. But she sees Young-Hwa in the house.

She realizes what happened. She takes Do Ha’s arm. She asks Young-Hwa to leave the house. Do Ha breaks the dessert when Young-Hwa tries to leave. He tells Yi-Seul to get lost. She doesn’t get angry. She falls for him and she decides to get him.

Yoon-Je sees the angry Yi-Seul off. He walks into the house. He finds out that Young-Hwa and Do Ha are cleaning the broken dessert. Do Ha helps Young-Hwa because he worries that her hand will be hurt. Yoon-Je understands Do Ha’s feelings.

He mentions Do Ha rejected Yi-Seul because Do Ha fell for another woman. Young-Hwa remembers Do Ha was nice to her. She thinks he fell for her. Yoon-Je takes the two to the archery range. He asks Young-Hwa about the novel she likes. He mentions there’s a man who has chased his lover.

But she tells him that she likes the sad story that the girl falls for her enemy when she wants to take revenge. Do Ha is shocked after knowing Young-Hwa’s feelings. They arrive at the archery range. Young-Hwa thinks she saw the scene in her dream.

She reveals she loved a general. Do Ha follows her. He asks her for a talk. But she tells him to focus on shooting. Yi-Seul gives the bow to Do Ha. She wants to teach him how to shoot. But he stares at Young-Hwa. He asks Yi-Seul to stay away from him. He shoots the bull’s eye.

He asks Young-Hwa if she knows his identity and she saw him in the dream. She feels wronged because she doesn’t wish to dream the place. He learns that she got her memories back. He remembers she saw him when she was a kid. But she couldn’t see him after she grew up.

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He returns home. He runs into her in the elevator. She feels uneasy. Hae-In breaks into the elevator. He posts the talisman on Do Ha. But Do Ha tears up the talisman. Hae-In is shocked to flee. He asks the chief monk about the reason. The chief monk comforts Hae-In that the talisman will work. Do Ha passes out after he returned home. He leaves Joon-O’s body. Young-Hwa sees him. She calls him lord.

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