Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24. Zheng Shuyi texts Shi Yan. She tells him that she cannot sleep. He tells her to get changed. He reveals he’s going to take her to watch movie. She’s happy to throw away her phone.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24 Recap

Only for Love Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24.

Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan watches the movie. Zheng Shuyi takes a photo of the tickets. She posts it on her social media. Qin Shiyue mistakes that Zheng Shuyi is watching movie with her father. She complains to her that her father never accompanied her.

She’s envy of her. She thinks her father cares for her. Zheng Shuyi is surprised that Shi Yan liked her post. Qin Shiyue worries that Zheng Shuyi is watching movie with Yu You. She decides to go to find the truth. She leaves her room. She tries to knock at the door of Yu You’s room.

But she worries that Yu You will hate her. The reception calls Yu You. She reports to him that there’s a person walking around his room. She tells him to be careful. He takes a look at outside. He finds out that the person is Qin Shiyue.

Guan Ji opens the door. He wonders why Qin Shiyue is outside his room. She tells him not to care for her. He tells her to return to her room. Because he worries that she will bring trouble. She takes a look at the suit he wears. She wonders where he’s going to go.

He tells her not to care for him. He wonders if the reception informed Yu You about Qin Shiyue’s walking around. Qin Shiyue cries because she wants to know if Yu You is watching movie with Zheng Shuyi. Guan Ji visits Bi Ruoshan. He asks her for a talk.

The hero of the movie throws a fit to his lover after he found out that his lover tricked him. Zheng Shuyi wonders if Shi Yan will do the same thing if he knows the truth. Bi Ruoshan goes to the restaurant with Guan Ji. Guan Ji thinks Bi Ruoshan has avoided him when she eats the food.

He mentions she still avoids his eyes. She takes a look at him. She’s surprised that he cares for the details. He points out that he cares for her. She laughs because she thinks is good at talking sweet. She wants to learn it from him.

He tells her that he loves her very much. But he needs some time to think about their relationship. He asks her not to avoid him. She promises not to avoid him. But she needs some time to think about their relationship as well. Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan are on the way to return to the hotel.

Zheng Shuyi asks Shi Yan if he thinks the movie was good. They walk into the lobby of the hotel. Zheng Shuyi sees Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji. She tries to shake off Shi Yan’s hand. But he holds her hand tightly. Bi Ruoshan sees Zheng Shuyi. She calls her.

Zheng Shuyi shakes off Shi Yan’s hand. She smiles to ask Bi Ruoshan about her and Guan Ji. Bi Ruoshan tells Zheng Shuyi that she just encountered Guan Ji. Zheng Shuyi claims she encountered Shi Yan as well. Shi Yan leaves with Guan Ji. Zheng Shuyi worries that Shi Yan is in anger.

Qin Shiyue lies in the bed of her room. She tells herself to be brave. She texts Yu You. She invites him to go to watch the movie with her. She introduces the movie to him. She believes that he won’t reject her. But he tells her to rest early.

Shi Yan remembers Zheng Shuyi told Bi Ruoshan that they encountered each other. He thinks she didn’t wish others to know their relationship. She texts him and blames him for telling a lie to her about the ending of the movie. He asks her why she didn’t watch the movie well.

She tells him that she was looking at him. She thinks she couldn’t watch the movie when he was on her side. She reveals she’s going to go to meet her next fate. He’s jealous. Yi Yang runs into Zheng Shuyi in the forum. He plans to tell her about the forum she missed.

But Shi Yan sends the content of the forum to Zheng Shuyi. She tells Yi Yang that her friend has sorted out the papers for her. But he persuades her to go to the forum with him. Shi Yan shows up in the forum. He tells the reporter that he has faith in Le An.

Qin Shiyu runs to Yu You after he walked out of the forum. But someone bumps her and makes her trip. Yu You catches Qin Shiyue. He lets her in his arms. He asks her if she’s fine. She invites him to go to have lunch with her. Shi Yan joins Zheng Shuyi.

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She reveals she was reviewing his speech. She thinks he was very handsome. He tries to go to have lunch with her. But Yi Yang stops Zheng Shuyi. He thinks Shi Yan is her boyfriend. He tells Shi Yan that he’s chasing Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi tells Yi Yang not to be kidding.

Only for Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24 Ending

Episode 24 of Only for Love Chinese Drama ends with Bi Ruoshan calling Zheng Shuyi. She asks her if she’s off duty. Zheng Shuyi denies it. Bi Ruoshan finds out that Zheng Shuyi isn’t happy. Zheng Shuyi mentions Shi Yan intends to have dinner with her. But she worries that he will hurt Shi Yan’s feelings.

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