Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 4. Yoo-Ra gives the room card to her sister’s fiance. She tries to flirt with him. She plans to sleep with him. But she gets scolded by him. She’s furious to return home to see her mother.

Perfect Marriage Revenge: Episode 4 Recap

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 4.

The two families have a meeting up. Jung-Hye intends to ruin the meeting up. She’s not satisfied that Do-Kook’s family arranged the meeting at a simple place. She gives Yi-Joo a hard time. She emphasizes that she’s an adopted daughter.

She thinks Yi-Joo is lack of talent. She mentions she sent her to study fine arts. But she got nothing when she’s aged. Yi-Joo is nervous. Do-Kook grabs her hand. He claims that she’s the best in his eyes. Jung-Hye decides to take action from Yi-Joo after she found out that Do-Kook is firm.

She asks her if she’s qualified to be the daughter-in-law of Taeja Group. Yi-Joo smiles to reply to Jung-Hye that she’s lack of something. She takes out the painting she painted. She gives it to Tae-Ja. Tae-Ja likes the painting very much.

She asks someone to hang it on the wall. What Yi-Joo does gives Jung-Hye a hard time. Jung-Hye is uneasy. She asks Yi-Joo for a talk. The painting was sold to another madam. She doesn’t understand why it was in Yi-Joo’s hands. It’s very simple.

Yi-Joo took back the painting after she paid the madam. She shows the signature to Jung-Hye. It’s the evidence that Jung-Hye sold fake painting. Yi-Joo tells Jung-Hye not to bring trouble. Jung-Hye is furious to slap Jae-Won. She blames him for not managing the gallery well.

She takes back all of the fakes. She ruins them. She returns home and she runs into Yoo-Ra who’s going to leave. Yoo-Ra learns that her mother didn’t ruin the marriage of Yi-Joo and Do-Kook. She’s upset to go to drink. Se-Hyeok follows Yoo-Ra to the bar.

She reveals Yi-Joo is going to get married with Do-Kook. She decides to stop the marriage. She needs Se-Hyeok’s help. Se-Hyeok hates Do-Kook because of Yi-Joo. He talks back when he works with him. He doesn’t wish him to flirt with his fiancee.

Do-Kook points out that Yi-Joo got together with him after Yi-Joo broke up with Se-Hyeok. Se-Hyeok denies the breakup of them. He believes that Yi-Joo still has feelings for him. He thinks Yi-Joo just used Do-Kook to make him jealous.

He chooses to forgive Yi-Joo even if she’s close to Do-Kook. But Do-Kook tells Se-Hyeok that he has fallen for Yi-Joo. He agrees to let Yi-Joo use him. Yi-Joo meets with Soo-Jin at the cafe. Soo-Jin wonders why Yeon-Hwa asked for meeting with Yi-Joo’s family.

Yi-Joo remembers the deal of Yeon-Hwa. Yeon-Hwa agreed to let Yi-Joo marry Do-Kook. But she asked her to let Do-Kook return to Taeja Group. Yi-Joo needs to leave Do-Kook if she cannot make it. Yi-Joo promised it. She asks Soo-Jin about Taeja Group.

Soo-Jin reveals Tae-Ja let Do-Kook be the heir. But Do-Kook opened another company because of his brother. Yi-Joo tries to move to Do-Kook’s house. But Se-Hyeok shows up. He takes her to Do-Kook’s house. He continues to keep her. He reveals Do-Kook intended to kill someone.

Se-Hyeok tells Yi-Joo that Do-Kook pushed his older brother off the boat. His older brother Jung-Wook became a disabled person. Do-Kook left the group for making up Jung-Wook. He gave the position to him. Yi-Joo is startled. Se-Hyeok catches the chance to grab her hand.

He hugs her and he asks her to get together with him. But she pushes him away and she gets into the house. Yoo-Ra shows up. She takes a photo of Se-Hyeok and Yi-Joo when Se-Hyeok hugs Yi-Joo. She thinks it’s enough to shake the relationship of Yi-Joo and Do-Kook.

Yi-Joo is upset to call Soo-Jin. She asks her if what Se-Hyeok said is true. Soo-Jin confesses that Jung-Wook claimed that Do-Kook was the one who pushed him off the boat. The family didn’t mention it since then. Woon-Jae meets with Tae-Ja after knowing his granddaughter is going to get married with her grandson.

He returns the interest to her. He begs her to help his granddaughter. He has felt guilty for his granddaughter. He wishes to help his granddaughter fulfill the wish. He gets on knees to Tae-Ja. He hugs her leg. She returns home. She decides to look into Yi-Joo.

Yi-Joo comes to the hospital to see her grandpa. He thinks he didn’t help her. He believes that he cannot to repay the debts he owed her. She doesn’t know what he means. She finds out that Jae-Won is eavesdropping. She chases him and asks him why he watched her.

He tells her that he will take her side if she defeats Jung-Hye. She thinks she can achieve her revenge plan if he helps her. She decides to let him be her friend. She goes to the cooking class to study. She talks with Jamie when she makes the cake.

Yeon-Hwa isn’t happy because the two ignored her. She thinks Yi-Joo should flatter her. She walks to her. She tries to talk with her. She sees the burned cake. She tells her to cut off the burned part. She tells her to give the cake to her son.

Perfect Marriage Revenge: Episode 4 Ending Explained

Episode 4 of Perfect Marriage Revenge ends with the madam thinking Yeon-Hwa wants to help her future daughter-in-law. Yi-Joo just takes the cake home. She runs into Do-Kook who’s hungry. He sees the cake on the table. He mistakes that it’s the art she made. But she tells him that it’s a cake.

He tries to eat the cake. But he finds out that the cake is hard like a brick. He eats the cake. It almost ruins his teeth. She sighs and she wants to cook noodles for him. But she cannot reach the noodles. He helps her take the noodles.

He cooks the noodles on his own. She asks him about the thing he did to his older brother. But he’s cold to her. She tells him that their relationship is just contract marriage. But he tells her that he wants to marry her. She’s heartless to reject him because she will have a car accident after one year.

She doesn’t have time to date him. She sighs and sees him off. She gets a call from his older brother who asks for a meeting up. She agrees to it. Do-Kook goes to the bar to drink. Yoo-Ra shows up. She places the room card on the table.

She thinks she knows him more than her older sister. She takes out the photo of Yi-Joo and Se-Hyeok. She tells him that the woman he loves often gets into his house with Se-Hyeok. But he sees her trick. He thinks she did it for defeating Yi-Joo.

He tells her not to hurt Yi-Joo. He’s not interested in playing the bad game with her. She’s in anger when she sees him off. She throws a fit to her mother after she returned home. She blames her for just using her mouth to help her.

She thinks she did nothing. Jung-Hye asks Jae-Won if he looked into the person who dislikes Do-Kook. She smiles after knowing he did it. Yi-Joo is going to meet with Jung-Wook. Jung-Wook calls Do-Kook. He reveals he’s going to tell his true face to Yi-Joo.

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Do-Kook decides to stop his lover seeing his older brother. He goes to the beach to look for Yi-Joo. The place is where his older brother turned into a disabled person. He remembers his older brother asked him to help him. He passes out in Yi-Joo’s arms.

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