Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 14. Won-Bo drinks with the chancellors at the restaurant. The chancellors give presents to Won-Bo. Won-Bo takes a look at Won-Oh. Won-Oh is embarrassed to tell Won-Bo that he didn’t take any present.

Does Lee Hwan Know Jae-Yi Has Feelings for Him?

Our Blooming Youth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 14.

Won-Oh explains to Won-Bo that he tried to give the porcelain to him. But the porcelain was broken by a lowly child. He adds that Lee Hwan stopped him when he intended to give the lowly child a lesson. Gap-Soo reports to Won-Bo that he shot Lee Hwan. Won-Bo laughs after he heard the good news.

Jae-Yi cries to knock at the door when Sung-On carries Lee Hwan. The doctor opens the door. He sees the blood on Lee Hwan’s hand. Sung-On reveals Lee Hwan was shot. He asks the doctor to save Lee Hwan when he shows his badge to him.

But the doctor tells Sung-On that the medicine is in his house. Sung-On goes to the doctor’s house to take medicine. He passes by the house. He finds out that the people in the family were killed. The doctor stops the bleeding for Lee Hwan. He tells Jae-Yi not to move Lee Hwan.

But Sung-On tells Jae-Yi that they have to move Lee Hwan. He reveals Man-Shik’s families were killed. He thinks the killers will look for Lee Hwan because they want to check if he’s dead or not. He asks the doctor for a place to hide.

Jae-Yi carries Lee Hwan to the house. She takes care of him. She agrees to what he said that she brought the bad luck to him. She cries and regrets for insisting on staying by his side. Sung-On brings the water to Jae-Yi. She feels guilty for getting Lee Hwan involved.

Lee Hwan puts his hand on Jae-Yi’s hand. He tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. The teachers are waiting for Lee Hwan. Won-Bo sees the teachers. He smiles to walk to them. The teacher explains to Won-Bo that they couldn’t begin the morning class because Lee Hwan didn’t come out.

The maid tells Won-Bo that Lee Hwan caught a cold last night. But he doesn’t believe what she said. He thinks Lee Hwan isn’t in East Palace. Won-Bo reports to King that Lee Hwan didn’t attend the morning class. He thinks Lee Hwan forgot his duty as a crown prince.

King breaks into Lee Hwan’s palace. Won-Bo is shocked to see Lee Hwan. Lee Hwan greets King. He thinks he came to his palace because he worried about him. Won-Bo explains to King that he said so because he worried about Lee Hwan. King scolds Won-Bo. He tells him to leave.

King finds out that Lee Hwan was hurt. Lee Hwan reports to King that the killers killed Man-Shik and his families. He thinks the killers were sent by Won-Bo. King tells Lee Hwan not to fight with Won-Bo. He thinks it’s not the right time.

Won-Bo is furious to return to his office. He wonders why the three were fine. He asks Won-Oh about the place he ran into Lee Hwan. Sung-On reports to Lee Hwan that Man-Shik sent goods to his hometown Gaeseong. He thinks his destination was Gaeseong.

Lee Hwan remembers Man-Shik was killed before he told something to him. He tells Sung-On to visit Man-Shik’s sister-in-law. He thinks the woman knows something. Sung-On remembers Jae-Yi hugged Lee Hwan. He wonders why Jae-Yi did it to Lee Hwan even if he worried about him.

Lee Hwan asks Jae-Yi if she was hurt. She denies it. But she dresses her wound after she returned to her room. She remembers he called her name. She laughs. She’s shy when she lies in the bed. Myung-Jin’s mother takes the broom to hit Myung-Jin. He has to hold the soy sauce she cares.

Myung-Jin tells her mother to forgive him if he drops the soy sauce. She agrees to it. But she hits him with the broom after he dropped the soy sauce. It makes him break the pot of the soy sauce. He reminds her that the soy sauce was passed down by the grandma’s grandma.

Myung-Jin’s mother is furious to beat Myung-Jin. She blames him for playing with a girl. She reveals the girl he’s seeing asked the chancellor’s daughter to give up the marriage. Myung-Jin is surprised that there’s a girl liking him. He laughs.

Ga-Ram asks the seller where he got the bracelet. He reveals he bought the bracelet from the street vendor. The slave hunter watches Ga-Ram. He wants to catch Ga-Ram until she meets with Jae-Yi. Ga-Ram runs into Bok-Soon. She goes to the beauty house with her.

The beauty gives her dresses to Bok-Soon. She asks her to take care of her dresses. Bok-Soon sees the girl being bullied on the street. Because the girl came from Byeokcheon. Bok-Soon runs out of the beauty house. She stops the girl and asks her that she wants to give sewing work to her.

The girl wonders why Bok-Soon trusts her. Ga-Ram blames the beauties for not giving the work to the girl. The girl leaks that she and her brother were kicked out from the palace. Because they came from Byeokcheon. Jae-Yi walks out of her house. She’s kidnapped by two killers.

Jae-Yi unties herself. The killer puts his sword on Jae-Yi’s neck. She asks him who told him to do so. He refuses to leak it. He asks her to tell them everything about Lee Hwan. She’s furious to defeat them. She takes off their masks. She recognizes them.

Lee Hwan is furious to throw a fit to Eunuch So after knowing he’s testing Jae-Yi. Eunuch So wonders why Lee Hwan got angry. He claims that it’s the custom of East Palace. Lee Hwan tells Eunuch So that they don’t need the custom. Eunuch So takes Lee Hwan to the house.

Eunuch So opens the door. The two eunuchs are scared to run out of the house. Jae-Yi walks out of the house. The eunuch cries to tell Lee Hwan that they failed to test Jae-Yi because Jae-Yi fought with them. Lee Hwan thinks Jae-Yi passed the loyalty test.

Jae-Yi is very happy. But the eunuch points out that Jae-Yi has a knife. Eunuch So takes a look at Jae-Yi. He wonders why she has a knife. She tries to hand over the knife to him. He scolds her. Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi to keep the knife. He reveals the knife was given by him. He tells Jae-Yi to leave with him.

The eunuch wonders why Lee Hwan came since they didn’t intend to kill Jae-Yi. He mentions Jae-Yi asked him if he was sent by Tae-Gang. Lee Hwan takes a look at the injury on Jae-Yi’s face. He applies the medicine on her face. He tells her that he worried about her. She smiles.

Jae-Yi explains to Lee Hwan that she was happy after knowing he had worried about her. But he tells her to go to see Sung-On. Sung-On sees the wedding sedan. He mistakes that it’s Jae-Yi. But he finds out that it’s his cousin So-Eun.

Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi that Sung-On will accept her if she goes to see him. It makes her believe that he wants to give up her. He denies it and tells her that he doesn’t wish her to get hurt anymore. He thinks Sung-On will find a place for Jae-Yi if he explains it to Sung-On.

Jae-Yi tears up. She tells Lee Hwan that she never regretted for being close to him. He points out that it’s good to Sung-On as well. She wipes off her tears. She refuses to go to see Sung-On. Because she thinks they’re going to find the truth. Jae-Yi confesses to Lee Hwan that she cannot go to see Sung-On because she has feelings for someone.

Lee Hwan walks on the street with Jae-Yi. He remembers she told him that she has feelings for someone. He throws a fit to her. He asks her who’s the man she likes. He thinks the man came from outside the palace. She tells him that the man she likes is a fool. He tells her not to be close to him.

Myung-Jin laughs to tell Jae-Yi that he was beaten by his mother. She wonders why he laughed. Ga-Ram reveals there’s a woman having feelings for Myung-Jin. Myung-Jin mentions he saw the woman before. Ga-Ram thinks Myung-Jin is a fool because he didn’t recognize her.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 14 Ending

Episode 14 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Man-Deok seeing Lee Hwan walking out of the house. He tells Dal-Rae that Lee Hwan was the one who gave the money to her brother Meo-Roo. Dal-Rae takes Meo-Roo to see Lee Hwan. She thanks him for helping them. Meo-Roo tells Lee Hwan that his sister isn’t hungry anymore. He reveals they’re living with Man-Deok.

Man-Deok tells Jae-Yi that they let the two kids live with them. Because they don’t have any child. Ga-Ram reports to Jae-Yi that the chancellor’s daughter had her bracelet. Gap-Soo tells Won-Bo that he found Jae-Yi’s poster from Myung-Jin’s house. He hands over the poster to him.

The slave hunter asks for seeing Won-Bo. Gap-Soo intends to drive the slave hunter away. But Won-Bo stops Gap-Soo. Because he wants to listen to what the slave hunter says. The slave hunter reports to Won-Bo that Jae-Yi is the eunuch who stays with Lee Hwan. Won-Bo laughs after knowing it.

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