Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 12. Gui Yuanshan asks Lu Chen if he’s seeing Gui Xiao. Lu Chen admits it. Gui Yuanshan thinks Lu Chen isn’t match for Gui Xiao. He mentions his terrible family. Lu Chen admits what Gui Yuanshan said is the truth.

Is Gui Xiao’s Father Against Lu Chen to Get Together with Gui Xiao?

Road Home

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 12.

But Lu Chen tells Gui Yuanshan that he’s different from his father. Gui Yuanshan thinks Lu Chen cannot give Gui Xiao a good future. He tells him not to bring trouble to Gui Xiao. He thinks he should do something good for Gui Xiao if he likes him.

Gui Yuanshan reminds Lu Chen that he’s going to have a family with Gui Xiao. He asks him if he thought about the conflict of values. Lu Chen asks Gui Xiao to come out. He hands over the phone to her. He tells her that the phone came from her father. He walks away.

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Gui Yuanshan mentions Gui Xiao’s younger brother brought up Lu Chen. He’s surprised that Gui Xiao didn’t break up with Lu Chen. She explains to him that she made up with Lu Chen. He asks her if she asked Lu Chen why he left Qining.

Gui Yuanshan thinks Lu Chen saw Gui Xiao for money. He mentions Uncle Zhao’s daughter. He thinks Gui Xiao is too naive. Gui Xiao claims that the one who tangled Lu Chen was her. Gui Yuanshan tells her not to think about marrying Lu Chen. He thinks Lu Chen wants to change his life through marrying Gui Xiao.

Gui Xiao tells Gui Yuanshan that it’s her business. She hangs up and finds Lu Chen who sits on the bench when it’s snowing. She joins him and hugs him from his back. He wonders why she didn’t get into the tent. Because he finds out that her hand is frozen when he strokes her hand.

Gui Xiao claims that she didn’t get into the tent because she couldn’t find Lu Chen. She asks Lu Chen what her father said to him. He tells her that he forgot her father’s words. He lets her in his arms. She turns around and hugs him.

Lu Chen smells Gui Xiao. He tells her that he smelled the lamb smell from her body. She laughs and points out that he ate the lamb with her. Sun Hao shows up. He sees the two. He thinks Lu Chen couldn’t pass the beauty’s gate. He thinks Lu Chen wronged Gui Xiao for having a date with her near the horse. Gui Xiao laughs to hug Lu Chen.

Gui Xiao returns to the tent with Lu Chen. She thinks he’s good at tricking her. He confesses to her that he was good at using left hand. She remembers he told her that he’s going to use left hand when he played billiards with her. She mentions there was nobody defeating her with left hand. She thinks he’s a liar. She goes to the bed with him. But he tells her that he wants to have a talk with the people because he’s going to leave.

Lu Chen takes Gui Xiao to see the hero. She wonders how did the hero sacrificed himself. Sun Hao leaks that the hero passed away from the training. Lu Chen wants to go to see another hero in person. Gui Xiao hands over the flowers to him.

Lu Chen walks to the grave. He places the flowers on the grave. Sun Hao tells Gui Xiao that the hero is the previous captain. Lu Chen tries to give the money to Sun Hao. Sun Hao rejects it. He tells Lu Chen to trick it as the wedding money of him. Because he worries that he doesn’t have time to take part in his wedding.

Gui Xiao tells Lu Chen that she’s a investor. It makes him believe that they’re in different worlds. She points out that they’re in same world because he protects the nation when she earns money. The tire is broken. Lu Chen goes to change tires.

Gui Xiao wants to learn how to change tire. But Lu Chen thinks she doesn’t have to learn it. Because she has him. She asks him to kiss her. But he ignores her and takes her to lie on the snow. He sings a song for her. The driver passes by. He asks Gui Xiao if she needs his help. She rejects it and reveals she fixed her car. He tells her to leave.

Chief SWAT tells Qin Mingyu that he wants to buy Lu Chen’s girlfriend a meal. Qin Mingyu calls Lu Chen. He tells it to Lu Chen. Gui Xiao asks Lu Chen if he feels happy for coming back to Qining. He reveals he intended to live in Qining all his life if he didn’t encounter her.

Gui Xiao walks into the room. She’s surprised that Lu Chen booked a good room. He tells her that he wished her to live well. Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that Chief SWAT called him and asked for a meeting up. She asks him if it’s an official business. He refuses to leak it.

Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he will come back soon. She decides to wait for him. He strokes her hair. He leaves the room. He comes back to take the car key when she’s opening his bag. He tells her to think about what she wants to eat.

Lu Chen arrives at the SWAT Station. Qin Mingyu is waiting for Lu Chen. He tells him that they caught the car thieves. Lu Chen walks into the interrogation room. Captain Chen is interrogating the car thief. Qin Mingyu walks out of the interrogation room. He reports to Chief SWAT that Lu Chen is very calm. Chief SWAT believes that Lu Chen can handle it.

Lu Chen decides to go to defuse the bombs with Qin Mingyu. But Qin Mingyu thinks Gui Xiao will worry about Lu Chen. Lu Chen throws the key to the SWAT Gao Hai. He asks him to tell Gui Xiao to wait for him. Gui Xiao calls Lu Chen. But he turns off his phone.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 12 Ending

Episode 12 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with Gui Xiao getting a call from Xu Yao who tells her that he doesn’t dare to tell his wife’s illness to his wife. She reminds him that his wife will sense it if his mood is changed. Someone knocks at the door. Gui Xiao places the phone on the bed. She goes to open the door.

Gao Hai tells Gui Xiao that Lu Chen asked her to wait for her. He hands over the key to her. He runs away. Xu Yao believes that something bad happened to Gui Xiao. She denies it and hangs up. She calls Older Sister and asks her if she didn’t know the task before she walked out of house. Older Sister admits it. Lu Chen arrives at the mall. He wears the suit to walk into the mall. He tells Qing Mingyu to wait for his message.

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