Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 9. Woo-Joo comes to Ji-Gu’s workplace when he’s studying music. He’s startled by her. He realizes that Yoon Jun betrayed him when she stares at him. He reminds her that he gets paid for work at the place.

How Does Woo-Joo Find Out that Her Younger Brother Is Living with Dong-Jin?

Call It Love K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 9.

Woo-Joo places the cash on the table. She tells her brother that she will kill him if he flees. Woo-Joo is waiting for Ji-Gu. Ji-Gu walks into the room with a bag. She asks him for a talk. He tells her not to yell at him at his workplace.

Woo-Joo tells Ji-Gu to go home and find another school. But he claims that he won’t listen to her even if he understands what she means. He tells her that he wants to sing. He believes that he won’t take his father’s path even if he chooses to sing.

Woo-Joo is furious to lift the stuff. She tells Ji-Gu that she didn’t get angry about her father. She asks him to find a good job so that Hye-Sung won’t feel embarrassed when she gets married. She asks him if he wants to take his future fiancee to the small place.

Ji-Gu feels sad after knowing Woo-Joo’s reason. He tells her not to shoulder everything. Sun-Woo runs out of the bar. He tells Dong-Jin to confess his feelings to the girl. Dong-Jin regrets for telling his secret to Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo tells Dong-Jin that he’s very happy. He gives him a hug. He tells him to be in love before he leaves.

Woo-Joo follows Ji-Gu. He worries that she will bring trouble to his friend. She promises to stay outside. He confesses to her that he’s living with Dong-Jin. She’s furious to scold him. He explains to her that Dong-Jin kept him when he decided to leave.

Ji-Gu tells Woo-Joo that he sensed that Dong-Jin is lonely. She tells him to go home. Woo-Joo goes to see Dong-Jin. She sees him and Min-Young. Dong-Jin tells Min-Young not to drink. He thinks she punished herself enough. She hugs him from his back when he tries to leave. Woo-Joo tries to leave. But she sees Sung-Man. Sung-Man sees Min-Young hugging Dong-Jin. He thinks the two want to ruin him. He’s furious to walk to them. But Woo-Joo blocks his way.

Sung-Man tells Woo-Joo to move. But she rejects it. She tells him that he will pay for it if he dares to touch Dong-Jin. Dong-Jin returns home with Min-Young. He asks her if she has a medicine. She denies it. He tells her to wait for him in her house. He promises to bring a medicine to her.

Min-Young cleans up the house when Dong-Jin goes to take medicine. He hands over the medicine to her. He tries to leave. But she stops him and asks him to come in. Because she wants to drink tea with him. He tells her that he doesn’t have feelings for her. He thinks they can drink tea together after she recovers. He returns to his house. He closes the door. She cries.

Dong-Jin gets a message from Ji-Gu who tells him that he moved back home. Ji-Gu promises to buy Dong-Jin a good tent if he’s successful. He tells him to give his stuff to Woo-Joo. Dong-Jin calls Woo-Joo. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. He texts her and apologizes to her for not telling her brother’s case to her. He asks for a meeting up. She rejects it.

Woo-Joo fries an egg. Hye-Sung wonders why Woo-Joo does it since they have many side dishes. Yoon Jun thinks the egg is for Ji-Gu. He tells Ji-Gu to come out. Hye-Sung puts her hand on Ji-Gu’s head. She tells him to resolve his problems at home.

Hye-Sung threatens to make Ji-Gu come back if he runs away again. He gives the side dish to Woo-Joo. She tells him that she allows him to sing. She walks away. He regrets for living with Dong-Jin. Yoon Jun gets angry after knowing Ji-Gu lived with Dong-Jin.

Hye-Sung shows her dress to Yoon Jun. She asks him if she needs to get changed. He tells her that the dress is suitable for her. He tells her to make his father hate her. Sung-Man thinks Dong-Jin united Woo-Joo to deal with him. Young-Min disagrees to what Sung-Man said. He leaks that Dong-Jin didn’t like Woo-Joo.

Sung-Man thinks Woo-Joo is changed. He tells Young-Min to call Woo-Joo. He throws a fit to him when he refuses to do so. Young-Min calls Woo-Joo. She doesn’t pick up his phone. She sees Dong-Jin. He asks her if she came to take her brother’s stuff. She denies it.

Dong-Jin asks Woo-Joo when she will come to his house. He intends to bring the stuff to her. She rejects it and promises to go to his house after she’s off duty. Dong-Jin asks Yu-Ri about the project proposal in the meeting. She tells him that she will complete it within three weeks. She claims that she’s very busy.

Dong-Jin volunteers to do the proposal. Soo-Hee tells Woo-Joo to help Dong-Jin. Sun-Woo agrees to Soo-Hee’s plan. Dong-Jin walks out of the meeting room. Sun-Woo praises Soo-Hee for making Dong-Jin and Woo-Joo work together. But she tells him that she did it because Woo-Joo is very smart.

Soo-Hee tells Sun-Woo not to interfere Dong-Jin and Woo-Joo. She worries that Dong-Jin will run away if Sun-Woo pushes him. Yu-Ri is surprised that Dong-Jin is seeing Woo-Joo. She leaks that Young-Min asked her if Woo-Joo still works at the company. Sun-Woo doesn’t believe that Woo-Joo would join Young-Min.

Woo-Joo remembers Min-Young told her that she pretended to be an investor to see Sung-Man. She calls Young-Min and tells him that she knows nothing. Yoon Jun waits for Hye-Sung outside the restaurant. He tells her not to care for his parents.

Hye-Sung claims that she will show Yoon Jun the golden pass. She walks into the restaurant with him. Yoon Jun’s parents leave after they had the meal. Hye-Sung realizes that Yoon Jun’s parents passed on her. Yoon Jun takes Hye-Sung to another restaurant. He tells her that he likes to live with her. She gets a call from Su-Ho. She turns off his phone.

Woo-Joo texts Dong-Jin. She tells him that she will go to his house next time. He walks into her office. He finds out that she left. He calls her and asks her to wait for him. He joins her and asks her if she did it because of her brother.

Woo-Joo blames Dong-Jin for not giving a cold look to Min-Young who dumped her. He mentions what she told him to live comfortable. But he points out that she was the one who made him upset. He complains to her that she gave him a cold shoulder.

Dong-Jin mentions Woo-Joo kept avoiding him. He asks her if he offended her. He tells her that he wants to be her friends. She wonders why he wants to be her friends. He decides to let her brother take away his stuff. Dae-Hong visits Dong-Jin’s company.

Dong-Jin feels happy for seeing Dae-Hong. Dae-Hong leaks that he came for the alumni meeting. He thinks the businessman shouldn’t skip the social gathering. He reveals there’re many clients visiting his place. It makes Sun-Woo believe that Dae-Hong is very rich.

Dae-Hong tells Sun-Woo to inherit his company. Sun-Woo leaves the chance to Dong-Jin. Dong-Jin smiles when Dae-Hong stares at him. Woo-Joo runs into Dae-Hong. Sun-Woo invites Woo-Joo to join their gathering. But Dong-Jin is against it.

Ju-Ho breaks into Sung-Man’s office. He grabs his collar and blames him for making him lose his job. Young-Min stops Sung-Man. Ju-Ho remembers Young-Min worked for Dong-Jin. He realizes that Sung-Man hurt Dong-Jin. He tells Sung-Man that he will sue him if he doesn’t repay the money he owed to him.

Dong-Jin waits for the bus with Dae-Hong. He tells him that he ran the company well. Dae-Hong mentions the dishes they just ate. But Dong-Jin doesn’t remember it. Dae-Hong tells Dong-Jin to come to his place. Min-Young remembers Dong-Jin agreed to drink tea with her. She begins to wash the dishes.

Dong-Jin returns to his company. He sees Woo-Joo meeting with Soo-Hee. Woo-Joo tells Soo-Hee that she will leave the company after her contract ends. Soo-Hee reports it to Dong-Jin. He tells her not to care for Woo-Joo. Sung-Man is drunk to get off the cab. He picks up the brick.

Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Call It Love K-Drama ends with Min-Young throwing the trash into the trash can. She tries to leave. Sung-Man stops her. He asks her if Dong-Jin let her ruin him. He tells her that he wants to take revenge. He walks to her with the brick. Woo-Joo stops Sung-Man. She reminds him that he will be over if he throws the brick at Min-Young.

Sung-Man tells Woo-Joo that Min-Young ruined him. She mentions Dong-Jin didn’t take revenge after Sung-Man hurt him. She tells Sung-Man to drop the brick. But he hits her with the brick. Dong-Jin runs to the hospital. He walks into Woo-Joo’s ward. Min-Young tells Dong-Jin that Woo-Joo is fine. He tells her to leave. He puts his hand on Woo-Joo’s face when she falls asleep. She wakes up and holds his hand.

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