Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 8. Jae-Yi blames Lee Hwan when she sits on the chair. But she turns around and sees him. She’s startled and she trips. He catches her before she falls into the water.

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Our Blooming Youth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 8.

Jae-Yi explains to Lee Hwan that she just told to the lake. He thinks the lake was hurt. She apologizes to the lake. She tries to leave with the chairs. He stops her and asks her if he gave her hard time. She admits it but she points out that he trusted her.

Jae-Yi mentions Lee Hwan told his secret to her. She thinks he did that because he trusted her. But he felt betrayed when he read Shim Young’s letter. Because he thought she lied to him. She tells him to trust her for the nation.

But Lee Hwan thinks it’s just an excuse of Jae-Yi. She denies it. He admits that he was a bad person to kick her out because he knew she has no place to stay. He apologizes to her. She asks him to let her continue to stay in East Palace.

Lee Hwan remembers Sung-On told him that he wants to protect Jae-Yi because he didn’t burn their marriage contract. He tells Jae-Yi that he doesn’t want her to stay in East Palace. He mentions she blamed him so that he doesn’t want to hire her.

Lee Hwan refuses to open the library as well. Because he thinks Jae-Yi felt comfortable when she stayed at Manyeondang. He tells her to continue to stay at the place. She kicks the chair before he leaves. The old maid does Princess Hayeon’s makeup. She holds the mirror and lets her look at herself in the mirror.

Princess Hayeon complains to the old maid that the makeup is old style. She tells the young maid to do her makeup. She cheers herself up that she will be beautiful. But the old maid doesn’t believe that Princess Hayeon will reach her goal.

The chief eunuch tells Jae-Yi to carry the armors with other eunuchs. The eunuch reveals Crown Prince is going to have a fight with Sung-On. He intends to make a bet. Princess Hayeon takes a look at her new makeup. She’s happy to leave her room with the maids.

Princess Hayeon sees Sung-On. She chases him when she waves at her. But she trips and her shoe drops. The old maid picks up the shoe for Princess Hayeon. She asks her if she dressed up for Sung-On. Princess Hayeon gets angry. Jae-Yi greets Princess Hayeon when she sees her.

Princess Hayeon looks for Sung-Son on the training ground. Prince Myungan joins his older sister. Princess Hayeon sees Sung-On. She tries to run to him. But the old maid tells Princess Hayeon to keep her dignity. Princess Hayeon complains to the old maid that she stands to keep her dignity. She points at Sung-On. She reveals she wishes to run to him.

Jae-Yi sees Sung-On. She greets him. The eunuch lets Jae-Yi carry the stuff away. Lee Hwan shows up. Everyone greets Lee Hwan. Lee Hwan sees Jae-Yi. Sung-On joins Jae-Yi. He thinks she will support Lee Hwan because she works at East Palace.

Jae-Yi tells Sung-On that she doesn’t work at East Palace because Lee Hwan fired her. She reveals she made a bet on him. Lee Hwan shows up. He reminds Jae-Yi that she will lose her money. But she disagrees to what he said. Because she thinks Sung-On is going to win.

Tae-Gang worries that Lee Hwan cannot play the game after Lee Hwan got changed. But Lee Hwan tells Tae-Gang to win. He tells him that he doesn’t want to lose. The bodyguard visits the shaman in the jail. She gets on knees to him. He throws the knife to her. He tells her to complete the deity’s wish.

The shaman promises to complete the task. The bodyguard leaves. Myung-Jin meets with Monk Moojin at the restaurant. He calls him master because he taught him before. Ga-Ram shows up. She blames Myung-Jin for staying at the place. She reveals she has waited for him.

Myung-Jin introduces Ga-Ram as his student to Monk Moojin. He asks her to greet Monk Moojin. She greets Monk Moojin. She remembers she bumped him. He asks him if his fish is fine. It makes him wonder how did she become Myung-Jin’s student. She reveals she visited Myung-Jin because she knew he knows dead well. Myung-Jin laughs. He tells Monk Moojin that his student is an outstanding man.

Myung-Jin returns home. He tells Ga-Ram to go to prepare the brush for him. But she thinks she saw Monk Moojin before. She remembers she saw him meeting with Shim Young. She runs out of the house to look for Monk Moojin. But she’s told that he left.

Myung-Jin mentions he told Ga-Ram to prepare the brush and the paper. He asks her if she doesn’t want to study. She explains to him that she was looking for Monk Moojin. He tells her that Monk Moojin will come back. He sees the beauty walking to him.

Myung-Jin tells Ga-Ram not to be close to him. He smiles at the beauty when she passes by. But she ignores him and walks away. Ga-Ram thinks Myung-Jin acted cool because he had feelings for the beauty. He denies it and claims that he was born to be cool. She laughs after he left.

Jae-Yi cheers Sung-On up before he begins the game with Lee Hwan. Lee Hwan remembers Jae-Yi told him that she wishes to get together with Sung-On after she resolved her family case. Princess Hayeon sees Sung-On and Lee Hwan having a fight in the game. She mistakes that the two man did it for her. The old man disagrees to what Princess Hayeon said.

Lee Hwan wins in the end. He takes a look at Jae-Yi. He finds out that she smiled. Sung-On walks to Lee Hwan. He tells him that he wishes him to remember his sincerity. He walks to Princess Hayeon. He thinks he let her down. She denies it and thinks he was very handsome when he was on the horse.

Lee Hwan runs into Jae-Yi. He thinks she lost her salary because she supported Sung-On. He walks away. Tae-Gang tells Jae-Yi that he will remember her arrogant act. The sticks drop after Tae-Gang left. Sung-On picks up the stick for Jae-Yi. He mentions she takes Lee Hwan’s side even if Lee Hwan fired her. He reminds her that her eyes were fixed when she looked at Lee Hwan.

Ga-Ram reports to Jae-Yi that she saw Shim Young giving rice to Monk Moojin. She wants to ask Monk Moojin why Shim Young betrayed Master Min. But Jae-Yi points out that Monk Moojin will know Ga-Ram’s identity if Ga-Ram does so. She tells her to be careful.

Lee Hwan remembers Jae-Yi thought Sung-On was going to win when he reads a book. Jae-Yi remembers Sung-On told her that she kept staring at Lee Hwan. She thinks Lee Hwan was very cool. Someone shoots the letter to the tree. Bok-Soon reads the letter. She finds out that the letter told her husband to go home.

Bok-Soon conceals the letter when Man-Deok walks out of the house. She gives a task to him. The shaman is taken to the ground. Her hands are tied up. Myung-Jin walks out of the store. He runs into the beauty again. He tells Jae-Yi not to be close to him. Ga-Ram takes Jae-Yi aside. She explains to her that the beauty wants to know what kind of person Myung-Jin is.

The beauty tells Myung-Jin that she doesn’t want to get married with him. Because she heard his rumor. He takes a look at the hand he takes. He explains to her that it’s a monkey’s hand. He tries to hand over the hand to her. But she steps back. The hand drops. She tells him that she doesn’t care for the hand. She adds that he’s a least eligible man.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Jae-Yi chasing the killer. The maid trips. She tells Tae-Gang that the plum tree is on fire. Lee Hwan and Tae-Gang go to see the plum tree. The bodyguard thinks it’s a curse when he pours water to the tree.

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