Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 9-10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 9-10. Gye-Jeol tries to confess her feelings to Kok-Du. But he kisses her. She passes out. He carries her and remembers what Ok Shin told him that he will get the eternal peach if Gye-Jeol confesses her feelings to him.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 9-10.

Kok-Du decides not to die until Gye-Jeol finds her peace. He carries her away. Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol not to dream to be a cicada when she falls asleep. But she tells him not to disturb her dream. She smiles to tell him that she woke up when he touched her face.

Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that she slept with him last night. She knows it would happen. But he tells her that the only one who slept was her. He tells her that nothing happened except the sleeping. But she knows he kissed her. He reveals she snored. He tells her to go to see a doctor. She’s furious to tell him to leave her room. But she stops him.

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Han Chul tries to open the door outside. Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du that the guy is her younger brother. Han Chul tells Gye-Jeol that he knows she’s staying with a man in her room. She lets Kok-Du hide under the cover. Han Chul breaks into the room. He takes off the cover. But he only sees some clothes.

Han Chul thinks Kok-Du ran away from the window when he focused on the cover. He praises him. He tells Gye-Jeol that it’s the first sin of her and Kok-Du. But she hits his head and tells him to leave her room. She runs to the window and takes a look at outside. She wonders how did Kok-Du escaped.

Han Chul has breakfast with Gye-Jeol. He tells her that he wishes to meet with her boyfriend. She rejects it. He doesn’t care who the man is. He tells her that he doesn’t wish the man to be Jin-Woo. He wonders why she was scared when he mentioned Jin-Woo.

Han Chul realizes that Gye-Jeol is seeing Jin-Woo. He mentions how did Jin-Woo hurt her. She wonders why he doesn’t wish her to date Jin-Woo. She thinks Jin-Woo is a handsome doctor. He tells her that Jin-Woo is a dangerous man. He mentions Jin-Woo ran away after he used her.

Gye-Jeol remembers Jin-Woo ran away after he had kissed her. She agrees to what Han Chul said. Pil-Soo gets a call from Kok-Du when he’s reading the newspapers. Kok-Du tells Pil-Soo that he’s a deity. He breaks his glasses and makes his face hurt. He tells him that he will kiss him if he dares to hurt Gye-Jeol.

Pil-Soo tells Kok-Du that he won’t hurt Gye-Jeol. Because Gye-Jeol is the only card he has. He asks Kok-Du to pretend to be strangers with him. Kok-Du laughs. He thinks Pil-Soo isn’t qualified to ask him a favor. Pil-Soo asks Kok-Du about his goal. Kok-Du tells Pil-Soo that he prepared a little present for him. Pil-Soo is confused.

Pil-Soo gets a call Secretary Nam who tells Pil-Soo that they’re in trouble. Pil-Soo arrives at the hospital. The reporters ask him about the list. The reporter tells Kokdu: Season of Deity that the worker of Pilseong Medical Center was found to be killed. The worker reveals Pilseong Medical Center manipulated medical examination records through the death note.

Han Chul reads the note after he found the worker’s dead body. The cop thinks the worker did it for protecting his children. He believes that the reporters will find the truth soon. Han Chul wonders how did the reporters knew the message. The cop points at the people who film the car. He tells him that there’re many people supporting the reporters. Gak Shin smiles when she looks at Han Chul.

Kok-Du praises Gak Shin for faking the suicide note. He wonders how did she learned the skill. She reveals she got the skill when Ok Shin asked her to fake his signature. She adds that they did it for taking back what he donated. Yi-Deun releases the paper boat to the lake. He cries when he feels guilty for the death of his friend.

Gye-Jeol joins Yi-Deun. She takes a look at the paper boats. He tells the guy to rest in peace. Ok Shin receives the packages. He thinks Kok-Du is crazy. Kok-Du tells Ok Shin that he did it to protecting Gye-Jeol. Ok Shin asks Kok-Du if Gye-Jeol agreed to live with him. He mentions the stuff are newlywed items.

Kok-Du visits Gye-Jeol with flowers. He tells her that he wishes to live with her. She thinks he’s crazy. He tells her that he worries that she will reject him. He hands over the flowers to her. She places the flowers on the table. She wonders why he said such weird words to her.

Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that he worries that she will be hurt. He mentions Pil-Soo is a dangerous person. So he wants to protect her. But she thinks he’s more dangerous than Pil-Soo. She mentions he kissed her and ran away. He’s surprised that she remembered their kisses.

Gye-Jeol asks Kok-Du why he kissed her yesterday. He tells her that he worried that she would confess her feelings to him. She mistakes that he wants to be her friend when he gets benefits from her. She’s furious to run away. She returns to the office. She tells him to leave the hospital because the hospital belongs to her.

Gye-Jeol complains that she fell for a man so easy when she cooks. She mentions her mother cooked when she felt sad. Gak Shin finds out that Kok-Du sent a message to Gye-Jeol and asked her if he can call her. She tells him that women hate it.

Gye-Jeol looks at the message which was sent by Kok-Du. She blames him for not calling her. She complains that the guy didn’t apologize to her for what he did. She thinks he didn’t realize his mistake. She realizes that he’s an expert.

Han Chul shows up. He thinks Gye-Jeol is going to take part in a cooking show when he sees the food she cooked. He tastes the food. She asks him to take care of Chung-Seong after he ate her food. But he tells her that the police excluded him.

Gye-Jeol thinks Han Chul is a fool who doesn’t know he will be fired. She yells at him. He gets a message from Jung-Won who asks for a meeting up. Guk-Hwa meets with Jung-Won in Jung-Won’s office. She asks her to arrange a meeting for her and Han Chul. Jung-Won agrees to it.

Guk-Hwa is happy to go to dress up herself. Jung-Won thinks Guk-Hwa is bad at choosing men. But she remembers Han Chul helped her when she was tailed by the stalker. She applies the lipstick on her lips. Chang-Soo walks into her office.

Han Chul complains that Jung-Won didn’t show up when he reaches her office. He hears her having a fight with a man. He breaks into her office and hurts Chang-Soo’s hand because he mistakes him as the stalker. Chang-Soo goes to the police station. He blames Han Chul for hurting him.

The cop explains to Chang-Soo that Han Chul thought he was a stalker. He apologizes to him when he claims that he’s a doctor. He asks him to forgive Han Chul. Chang-Soo lets Jung-Won make the decision for him. He thinks she should take the duty for his injury. He tells her to reconsider his offer. But she rejects it.

Han Chul tells Jung-Won that he’s fine. But she tells the cop to give the punishment to Han Chul. Han Chul is sent to the cell in the end. Pil-Soo calls Seok-Ho and tells him to trust him. He asks him to keep his promise. But Seok-Ho tells Pil-Soo to distract people with another case.

Episode 9 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Kyung-Seung calling Gye-Jeol and waking her up. She tells her to read the news. Gye-Jeol runs into Kok-Du’s ward. She wonders why he was hurt. She blames him for not calling her.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

The cop gets the police to take a look at the dead’s photos. He thinks it’s a punishment which came from deity. But Han Chul thinks the deity shouldn’t kill the people even if they did something bad. He goes to the hospital to see the witness Sang-Jin.

The cop leaks that Sang-Jin was a spy. He adds that the deity saved Sang-Jin before he was killed by Chief Thug. He tells Han Chul that he wants to look into Jin-Woo. But he fears Boolhwa Group. Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du that she agreed to live with him.

Kok-Du is very happy. He tries to take Gye-Jeol away. But she asks him to sign the protection contract. He reminds her that he doesn’t have too much time. He blames her for stepping back. She’s going to drop the plan. He stops her and he tells her that he’s good at making contracts.

Gye-Jeol worries that the lawyers in Boolhwa Group will help Kok-Du. She tells Kok-Du to only think up three conditions. She tells him to call her after he thinks up the conditions. She walks out of his ward. But she sees Ok Shin.

Ok Shin gives Gye-Jeol a ride. She wonders why he does it for her. She volunteers to drive the car. But he rejects it because the car is very expensive. He tells her that he doesn’t wish her to touch his stuff even if she’s going to live with them.

Gye-Jeol realizes that she should worry about her in-laws. Ok Shin wonders why she had the mind. Gak Shin shows the photo to Kok-Du after she cleaned the house. But he tells her that he doesn’t want to see Ok Shin. Ok Shin blames Kok-Du for scolding him in front of his employees. He reminds him that Gye-Jeol is going to come.

Ok Shin reveals he couldn’t sleep because of it. Kok-Du blames Ok Shin for not finding the list. Ok Shin thinks Kok-Du should tell it to him instead of scolding him in front of his employees. He promises to go to look for the list.

The employee hands over the paper to Ok Shin. He tells him that he found it from under the couch. Kok-Du takes a look at the paper. He finds out that it’s the list. He tells Gak Shin to go to meet with the reporters. He smiles because he wants to give Pil-Soo another present.

Episode 10 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Kok-Du telling the reporters that Pil-Soo is related to his mother’s death. Han Chul sneers when he watches the news. He takes a look at the eyewitness’s ward. The eyewitness wakes up.

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